Cable Tv On The Internet

Who ever thought that cable tv on the internet would one day become a realityc

I can remember when cable tv first came out, I was about 12 years old and I thought it was the coolest thing. Being limited to just three tv channels before cable tv, now with cable, we had well over 30 channels to choose from. And that opened up a whole new world that I didn’t know even existed.

As the years went by, cable tv made improvements every now and then to where you got more channels. But you were also limited to one cable company which pretty much put everyone at there mercy. If they raised your monthly bill or took away one of your favorite channels that’s just the way it was and you couldn’t do anything about it. And cable tv didn’t stretch out to the people in far away remote areas.
Then along came satellite where now we were no longer limited to just one provider. Now with both satellite and cable tv available to us, we had a choice on which tv provider that we wanted to use and people in remote areas now had access to the service they couldn’t get with cable. And that also made the cable company a little more flexible because now they had competition.

But even with satellite and cable there were still limitations. To watch the programs that you wanted, you had to be at home. And with satellite, if there was bad weather in your area, chances are you lost the signal and that usually happened during the best part of a movie. But now you can get cable tv on the internet. Internet cable now allows you to watch all your favorite programs on your pc anytime and from anywhere in the world.

You can get this new software that allows you to watch cable tv on the internet at a very affordable one time price and there are no monthly fees. All you need is your pc to get internet cable. Now if your on a airplane, train, coffee shop, in your car or anywhere for that matter, as long as you have your pc with you, internet cable will always be available so that you can watch your favorite programs. No more having to watch the same boring channel the coffee shop has on their tv.

We all like to watch tv and we are all looking for ways to save money as well in these trying times. Now you can have cable tv on the internet and eliminate your monthly satellite or cable bill. All you need is a pc.

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5 Responses to Cable Tv On The Internet

  1. Michael N says:

    Will a 2-way video splitter work with my cable tv and internet at the same time?
    I use my plasma 42 inch for watching tv (cable) as well as a playing xbox360 games online. So I find myself constantly switching the wall connection between the tv cable and the internet cable. Would a good quality 2-way video splitter enable my cable tv to stay on the same time my internet connection is active?

    • Durai says:

      that is how my home is wired, the cable guy ran the line to the house, installed a splitter, one line feeds all the tv’s and the other goes to the internet cable box behind the computer.

  2. staepuff says:

    Best Cable TV/Internet company?! not too expansive?
    I am a college student who is planning on moving into an apartment with 3 other students. we are looking for the cheapest and the best internet offered. not too much concern on the cable tv but we do want more than basic channels.

    • DeadSurvivor says:

      We have Bright House Networks, they are a pretty decent company in regards to customer service (well, with my area in Tampa) …

      Verizon Fios TV / Broadband, from what I’ve heard, is decent. I’d get pricing from DBS (Satellite Co’s – DTV and Dish Network), Cable Co, and Verizon. Call each and see what type of promotional pricing they’ll give you then go with the lowest price.

      On the Internet connection, RoadRunner is decent and I haven’t had much downtime. If you can, try to go for a Triple-Play Bundle, which includes cable phone, internet connection, and digital cable television, usually for around $99, depending on how much competition you have in your new apartment for these services.

  3. Dan V says:

    Is what cable tv companies tell you about having to have tv to get internet true?
    Hello, I moved to a small town where there are limited options for internet. I was very surprised to find out when I went to get internet, that they claim I would HAVE to have some type of cable TV signal on the line or else, the internet signal wouldn’t work. They forced me to buy the most basic of cable TV and then charged an additional “line conditioning fee” because I only have entry level cable TV. All in all, I now pay about $70 a month for 11 Mb internet with 12 channels of TV that I never watch. Everywhere else they have stopped with the whole “you have to have this to get that” mindset. Could someone who works with cable tv/internet tell me, is there any truth that in order for a cable internet signal to get to me, I have to have cable TV signal on the line and then they have to “condition” it to make it work?

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