Directv Hd Channels

Craving to get captivated with the ultimate HD experience on DIRECTVc By subscribing to DIRECTV HD Extra Pack, you can watch your desired shows all in HD and only in HD. Opt for DIRECTV alluring packages and enhance your HD experience with 8 HD-only channels. You can enjoy hard-to-find shows and movies in astounding HD.

Grab the best shows, all in HD only with DIRECTV. Enhance your HD experience with a special group of channels that broadcast exclusively in HD, including Crime & Investigation HD, Hallmark Movie Channel, HD Net Movies, MGM HD, Palladia HD, Sony Movie Channel HD, Smithsonian HD and Universal HD. The only way to get these channels is with DIRECTV HD EXTRA Pack at just .99 per month.

The best in HD gets even better with DIRECTV. DIRECTV offers the most full-time HD channels that no other satellite or cable TV provider has ever produced and now with DIRECTV, HD is FREE. You can experience your favorite movies, shows and sports in breathtaking HD on DIRECTV at no extra charge.

DIRECTV HD Extra Pack comprises of Hallmark Movie Channel HD, HD Net Movies, MGM HD, Sony Movie Channel HD, Universal HD, Smithsonian HD, Crime & Investigation HD and PALLADIA HD.

Hallmark Movie Channel HD on DIRECTV

Hallmark Movie Channel HD on DIRECTV is available on Channel 560 that broadcasts family-friendly movies. Family-friendly movies are at the heart of the Hallmark brand. Hallmark Movie Channel offers the greatest family movies of all time 24/7, including favorite box office hits, the Hallmark Hall of Fame Collection and Hallmark Channel original movies only on DIRECTV.


DIRECTV HD Net Movies come on Channel 561 that telecasts major films, uncut and unedited. You can experience major studio theatrical releases uncut and unedited in their original aspect ratio for extraordinary clarity. Plus you can enjoy Sneak Preview that lets you watch movies before they premiere in theaters.


MGM HD on DIRECTV comes on Channel 562. Here you can get all the best movies from MGM. You can also enjoy all the best movies from MGM, hand-picked from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film library, one of the largest in the world. MGM’s film library has received 208 Academy Awards.

DIRECTV Sony Movie Channel HD

DIRECTV Sony Movie Channel HD is available on Channel 563 presenting popular and critically acclaimed films. Sony Movie Channel provides the best that cinema has to offer, a wealth of popular and critically acclaimed films, all exclusively in HD.

Universal HD on DIRECTV

Universal HD on DIRECTV comes on Channel 564 that broadcasts Blockbusters and award-winning series. You can enjoy uninterrupted blockbuster films, award-winning series including Battlestar Galactica, The District, Law & Order, SVU and Monk. You can also watch exhilarating sports like the US Open and performance arts like Cirque du Soleil.

Smithsonian HD on DIRECTV

Smithsonian HD on DIRECTV comes on Channel 565 that presents America’s cultural heritage. So you enjoy the vitality of entire America and that too with originality, only on DIRECTV HD. Stay tuned to Smithsonian HD and enjoy award-winning documentaries and innovative, groundbreaking programs that highlight America’s historical, cultural and scientific heritage.

DIRECTV Crime & Investigation HD

DIRECTV Crime & Investigation HD comes on Channel 566 where you can relish documentaries and off-net series. Through this DIRECTV Channel, you can go behind the doors of police departments, crime labs and prisons with dramatic award-winning non-fiction series and top caliber off-net series.


PALLADIA HD on DIRECTV is available on Channel 567 where you can enjoy the best music from the biggest artists. You can savor the ultimate state-of-the-art showcase for the best in music from today’s biggest artists on this DIRECTV Channel. Palladia HD is the exclusive home of 6 top music events that includes MTV’s VMA’s, VH1’s Hip Hop Honors, The CMT Music Awards and much more.

You won’t find these DIRECTV channels in standard def. They’re available only in HD. So grab hold of DIRECTV HD Extra Pack and jazz up your leisure in an unforgettable fashion.

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10 Responses to Directv Hd Channels

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do u unlock directv hd box channels ?
    My dad got pissed and I want to watch wilfred I heard it’s really funny but my dad blocked it can u help it’s my bday

  2. hohds says:

    Can i add local HD channels to my Directv lineeup (without HD reciever) using my TV HD tuner?
    I have a sony tv with HD tuner
    I can receive all local HD channels by connecting my antenna
    directly to the TV.
    My directv reciever is only DVR and cannot reciever HD channels

    My question is there any way to add these local HD channels to my directv lineup? If my TV already has the tuner can I combine signals or something so that the HD locals will show in the guide?

  3. jason g says:

    Why does Directv have so much more HD channels than Cable companies?
    I have HD with my cable company(Brighthouse) and they dont have as much HD channels as Directv, I’m just looking at some simple channels too, like Spike tv etc, which i have on regular quality. The point im trying to make is that if its on regular quality and HD quality why am i not getting it from my cable company

    • Stephen M says:

      Short of going to fiber optics, those cables in the ground have a limited bandwidth and even going to fiber is a costly change because cable companies have thousands of miles of the old cable in the ground. Just imagine the cost of and effort required to tear up streets to upgrade.

  4. jnickel222 says:

    Directv HD channels with an off-air antenna?
    With a standard directv dish and receiver, can I use and off-air antenna to pick up local HD channels?
    I have a HD TV, do I still need to get the HD receiver and the HD off-air antenna? But I can get local HD without the use of a HD Dish?

    • boone_platoon says:

      If you want to just pick up only the local channels in hi def in your area …… all you need is your HDTV and a set of rabbit ears.

  5. McLovin says:

    If I get a Directv HD reciever without the HD channels will I still be able to get 1080i picture?
    I am getting an HD Dish installed tomorrow. I am getting my parent’s HD reciever, that is not old at all, installed onto my Tv. On the front of it there is a button where it lets me choose between 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i.. Will all of my channels at least be 720p without me ordering the HD channels?

    • nobody says:

      if you call directv to activate an hd receiver, they will charge you for the hd channels, regardless, and if your tv is 1080i capable, you will get that picture quality

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