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Contemporary world keeps bringing us innovations and developments and it is rather hard to keep-up with the progress. Just imagine how today world has changed just in the last 100 years in comparison with thousands of years of the human existence. The things that today are ordinary several hundreds years ago should be considered as a devils work. One of the latest trends that has dramatically changed our life and that allows everybody to enjoy an exciting satellite TV is Free-to-Air satellite receiver.

FTA technology is a modern way of free satellite televiewing that broadcasts the most interesting channels without the necessity of subscription fee. Satellite TV software and equipment could be rather sophisticated that is why you can’t do without professional FTA satellite TV support and the help of experts who will guarantee you an excellent reception and the large number of channels broadcasted around the world.

If you want to enjoy Free-to-Air channels to the fullest, there are various things you need to know. It is necessary to be aware what satellite channels you wish to view; the frequency of that free-to-air channel; symbol rate used by that FTA channel; the format of the broadcasting from FTA channel, etc. And, of course, you need the following FTA satellite devices: satellite dish (C Band or Ku Band), FTA receiver and if you want more than one satellite, you will need a rotor or antenna motor.

FTA Satellite Source provides you with the most professional FTA forums giving you access to satellite TV software, bin files, instructions, tutorials and much more to let you take all the advantages of the top-notch FTA satellite support. With our FTA satellite TV support you will be able to receive more than 4000 digital free-to-air channels from various parts of the world including Far East, Australia, India, Europe and New Zealand, not mentioning USA and Latin America.

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  1. p_doell says:

    Free to Air channels from the Philippines?
    Does anyone know if there are any free to air channels that can be received by satellite in Kansas?

  2. mbalzeshari says:

    which satellite can i get spanish television channels (free to air) in the uk ?

    is there any others with more fta channels other than hispasat? thank you susan !

  3. ajouja says:

    What satellite channels will show Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell final today (Nadal vs. Ferrer)?
    I am trying to watch Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell final, Nadal vs. Ferrer on 4 PM Barcelona time. I am living in North Africa and I want to know FTA (Free To Air) satellite channels showing the final.

    Any FTA channels on any satellite are welcome.

    I have found one.
    Satellite: HotBird 13 East
    Channel: SuperTennis
    Type: FTA
    Freq: 12245
    Polarity: Horizontal

  4. chunkymonkey63 says:

    How can I improve free to air satellite reception?
    I live in a block of flats, and we’ve just had a new aerial installed. I can pick up most free to air channels well, but I really want Scuzz TV, and it’s all pixelated.
    Is there anything I can do to improve my chances of getting a good picture?

  5. radikal_zee says:

    How can I get a satellite disc I have got from a cable channel provider to RECEIVE Free To Air channels ?

  6. FIONEX says:

    What do I need for a new Free To Air Satellite setup?
    I want to buy a FTA system for my house. I have 4 TV’s in the house. Let’s assume that only 2 TVs are on at any time and are watching different channels. However, I want all the TVs to be able to tune in to channels. What’s the minimal setup that I need?

  7. alzol says:

    Does the 13″ portable satellite dish picks up the Free To Air Channels?
    I want to know if the 13″ portable Satellite Dish picks up the free to air channels??? If yes which way do I point the Satellite Dish to get signales from Galaxy 19 ku?? I live in NYC. please tell me how to set if up using compass. Thanks

    • E. F. Hutton says:

      A dish for satellite channels, free to air or otherwise, must be of the appropriate size for the band to be received. A 13″ dish is pretty much useless for this application. It won’t have enough gain or focus.
      For Ku band from Galaxy 19 you’ll need about a 20″ minimum. A 36″ dish would offer much better performance. It must also be equipped with the appropriate LNB or LNBF. In this care you need a linear polarized lower Ku for 11.7 to 12.2 GHz. A wide-band/dual LO model would work but is more than you need and more difficult to use.
      Galaxy 19 is at 97°W. From you location it will be South West at around 40° elevation (off the top of my head). There are calculators to derive the heading and elevation, adjusted for magnetic deviation. Magnetic deviation there is around 3 or 4 degrees.

  8. polpotnoodle says:

    Freeview or free to air channels in Ireland?
    I’m very close to the NI border, would it be possible to buy a freeview box over the border and receive freeview channels in Ireland? I only live half an hour drive from the nearest NI county. If this isn’t possible what are, if any, good free to air channel receiver box sets/ satellites and what channels can the get? (I don’t need a list of all just a rough idea or a link would be great!)

    thanks xxx

    • turbo says:

      There’s a free view mini satellite receiver on sale in Aldi stores on Thu 22nd.I’ve seen these sets in operation and they are compact and easy to use.Channels include R.T.E., all the B.B.C.’s, CH4, TV3, TG4, news channels and lots more….The unit costs€89.99 and is easy to install (check it out on the Aldi home page Thursday specials).Hope this was of some help to you.

  9. radikal_zee says:

    How can I get a satellite disc I have got from a cable channel provider to broadcast Free To Air channels ?
    I want to know how to configure the disc so I can start receiving FTA channels.
    i dont want to broadcast..I want to just receive FTA channels

    • raven_21633 says:

      Even if you could convert your satellite dish to transmit, satellite dishes do not transmit “to air”, they are designed to transmit to a satellite.

      To transmit “to air” you would need either a vertically or horizonally polerized antenna connected to a transmitter.

      But before you can do any of that you will need a broadcast license from the FCC and an assigned frequency and call sign for the transmitter.

      If you want to broadcast yourself legally and not go through all the red tape, stick with YouTube.

  10. ryu_hindustani says:

    is Nfusion Solaris FTA Free to Air satellite working? Any of the channels right now?
    I was wondering if the Nfusion Solaris is working? Any of the channels working at all? If so is there any free sites that have files for it? It’s been down for 6months or so. How can I get it up and running again?

  11. d1g2g3 says:

    Free to Air receivers that “open wide” dish network satellite channels… is that true?
    The people selling the receivers say it’s Legal, and that you get all of Dish networks Channels, inluding the PPV… it just seems to me to good to be true… then why pay for the Dish network service if you can get the same programming for free?

    • Xymon says:

      Do they exist? Yes.
      Are they legal? No.
      Can you get busted? Yes.

      They work using pirated authentication cards, but since Dish is always fighting them tooth-and-nail, your ‘free’ service only works for about a week or so, and then you need a new pirated card, and so on.

  12. Doug says:

    Tell me about FTA (Free to Air) satellite tv?
    A guy I work with says he has an Nfusion FTA satellite TV box and he gets tons of channels free, plus all the dish network TV channels he used to pay for. I googled and searched for info on the Nfusion box and they all seem to say that you can get al these free channels but don’t mention anything about getting the encrypted channels. is this guy pulling my leg? How would you get the pay for channels?

    I know the box is connected through the internet and it gets updates that way. I am pretty sure the market for people who steal satellite is pretty small, and a company wouldn’t make money selling boxes that could so be easily hooked up to steal satellite….I think.

    Basically he says he signed up for Dish Network, then 3 months in he told them that he needed to cancel because he might lose his job. Rather than send someone to come in and uninstall the dish on his roof, they just send someone out to take the satellite box, in the hope that he would come back later on when things would improve. He says he just bought the Nfusion box and hooked it up and he gets free channels.

    Anyone heard of this?
    DON, I wasn’t asking how to steal anything, next time read the entire question before posting. Thanks.

  13. mike says:

    whats the best free to air satellite and are they good?
    just wondering any good satellites for HD that offer many free US and canadian channels , and did you drop your cable company for it? ,Thanks.

    • classicsat says:

      FTA is not getting pay services for free. That is piracy.

      What FTA is, is getting already unencrypted channels for free.

      It can be an alternative to the cable programming on a pay service. but it isn’t a total replacement for it. With a Ku dish, as you’d have with a typical FTA system, there are very few HD channels. There aren’t really any Canadian channels FTA.

  14. Elidna says:

    Can any free to air digital satellite receiver receive free to air channels?
    Please help! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  15. Vitali G says:

    Who knows which free-to-air satellite channels show Tottenham-Chelsea FA Cup quarter final replay on 19/3/2007

  16. Bilal says:

    Satellite Channels Broadcasting English Premier League Matches Live?
    Which (free-to-air) satellite channels broadcast matches of the English Premier League live?

  17. Ralph E says:

    Any free-to-air channels that broadcast FIFA WORLD CUP?
    Satellite channels?

  18. jibreen m says:

    How to get the paid satellite channels for free by installing satellite reciever card in PC using software?
    By installing satellite reciever card in PC we can view only free to air channels. If we wish to see pay channels by installing suitable software.

  19. Mike n says:

    How can i get the Free to Air Satellite Channels through my PC with Digital Receiver?

  20. raamb75 says:

    Is there any free to air satellite channel broadcast world cup in Europe, Middle east or North Africa region?
    Or even a good link for online streaming?

    • abdulmalik a says:

      Honestly yes, and no let me explain free websites tend to be slow, bad quality, often filled with viruses and most of the time illegal, however there is a website I use I wont lie to you its not free. its much better than Sat TV and without the monthly payment. you pay a tiny $30 one time in your life and get access to 3500 HD channels Live, where you can watch sport, entertainment, news + everything you can ever want from anywhere.

      I wrote an article recently about that website and how you can Watch the World cup 2010. please check link in source

  21. rush says:

    Bought Nano 2 free to air satellite receiver, and we are having some trouble with it.?
    We have downloaded the channel list onto our usb and inserted into satellite, channel info comes up but no picture. If anyone has the same receiver or knows anything about it, we would greatly appreciate your help

  22. petulo says:

    Can you have your own satellite dish and receiver and view only Free To Air channels?

  23. major_gunner says:

    Free to air channels in East Africa?
    I live in Ethiopia (East Africa). I cannot afford DStv and I am bored with Arabsat (Badr). Are there any other free-to-air satellite services that I can receive in Ethiopia (in the Ku band, not C-band mind you…)? If so, what is their azimuth, elevation, latitude…?

    Please cite the source where you got this info so that I can get more info. Also, if you could research-and-indicate to me on how to install these satellites (I know the basics with installing Arabsat), I’ll be very grateful and you’ll be the winner.

    May the best person win.

  24. Mr. X says:

    How do I get free HD channels on my new HDTV without cable or satellite ? ?
    I just bought a brand new LCD HDTV for my room, and I don’t want to pay for satellite or cable, how can I get free over the air channels ? I heard of rabbit ears before, however I’m not sure If I can receive High Definition channels with them. How can I receive free local channels without paying for cable, digital cable or satellite ?



    • Andrew B says:

      i’m pretty sure you can get analog hd, just from an antenna. i have it on my boat. you dont get many, but on big channels like a football game or the olympics, something that is broadcasted nationwide or close to that, you’re gonna have hd channels for th at

  25. sepehr says:

    is there any free to air satellite channel which is viewing us open tennis Competition?
    is there any free to air satellite channel which is viewing us open tennis Competition? please answer!

  26. a curious party says:

    Which free to air satellite channels carry world cup games in the middle east?
    Specifically in the United Arab Emirates. I know some of the matches are shown on the Chinese CCCTV1 and CCCTV 5 channels, I was wondering if there are any other free to air channels showing the matches. Thanks a bunch.

  27. Lynne K says:

    can anyone recommend a satellite receiver for free to air channels?
    from allover the world?

  28. Nik says:

    Can i get local channels like CBS , ABC and FOX of different cities over the air (satellite) ?
    I heard i could get these basic channels from other channels over the air? If possible, are any of them HD?

    Any info on how to use sattelite to get free basic channels from different cities like: Dallas, New York, Miami that would be great

  29. krom says:

    Will I be able to watch current free to air satellite programs after analog to digital transition?
    I have an old dish and an old set top box to watch free-to-air satellite channels. What will happen to these satellite programs when TV goes all digital after 2011 in Europe? Can I still receive these channels with my old fashion satellite reciever setup?

  30. damnitgivemesomenick says:

    is there a way to get smartcard satellite channels free to air?
    i heard there are people who can enter some codes or do something with the receiver/decoder to get the smartcard enabled channel as free to air without the need of a smartcard.

    Any ideas?
    Any websites?

  31. go4vjphysio says:

    Where can i buy a cheap satellite reciever to view european and russian free to air channels??

  32. Paul T says:

    free to air satellite – can I get NFL games from other cities?
    I’ve heard of free-to-air satellites that you can install and get channels from other cities for free. Is there any way you can get NFL games from other cities by getting CBS, FOX channels from other cities? If this is possible, do you know of any website that teaches you how to set this up?

  33. Butrusman says:

    I heard a rumour about this and was wondering if it was true. Over here in the UK and Europe infact we have loads of Satellite channels that broadcast free to air meaning you don’t need a card or subscription to view them, but I heard in the USA you don’t have any channels that broadcast for free you need either a sub from dish or direct TV

  34. Kachero says:

    Can a digital satellite receiver be tweaked to receive free to air channels? What do I need to do?

    • classicsat says:

      If you mean a pay receiver, practically no. The software would need re-written (a daunting task, since the hardware is closed), and the tuners might not be even be cabpable of lower or oddball symbol rates FTA sometimes uses. With real FTA receivers so cheap, there is no incentive or value in re-writing a pay receiver for FTA,

  35. mado says:

    we have a free to air satellite receiver does anyone know how to set it up how to unlock the channels?
    i have a free to air satellite receiver viewsat 2000 , have it set up but cannot unlock channels could someone help with better instructions
    please need more information for help with our reciver please someone out there could hel its to unlock channels please will be3 very happy that money did not go to waste

  36. krishna says:

    Is there any satellite receiver available that can receive free to air channels from all over the world?
    Is there any satellite receiver available in India that can receive free to air channels from all over the world

  37. agapetomania says:

    How do I set Up a Free To Air Satellite?
    I bought a starsat reciever and i sent it home to my fater in san jose, ca . when i used it here the vendor set it up for me. my dad is having difficulties with it. can you tell me the direction and the elevation to aim the dish for the best set of channels? and the programming codes or settingg for the reciever to the satellite? the olompi is ku band. can you also explain the difference between the different bands of olompis.

  38. ssskhld says:

    any sites about free to air channels, and satellites?

  39. sasikumar_sooriyan says:

    How can i get the Free to Air Satellite Channels through my PC without Digital Receiver?
    Is there any PC card like TV Tuner Card which has the functionality of Satellite Receiver?

  40. Anonymous says:

    How to set up Free to Air Satellite TV channel from Australia; Melbourne for not for profit organization?
    How to set up Free to Air Satellite TV channel from Australia; Melbourne

    We are not for profit organization with no money. But we need to setup our Free to Air Satellite TV channel from Australia; Melbourne on the satellite Optus D2 or any other satellite has Australia in its blueprint.

    We have no problem with TV contents, because we can download it from our friends TV station for free using FTP over the internet.

    What we have to do
    1-Download the TV contents
    2-Edit and add Voice Over in English
    3-Broadcast again.

    What we like to get
    •Accept Advertising and show it on our TV
    •Be able to schedule the ads
    •Accept SMS messages and show it as scrolling text on the screen

    What we have
    Fast PC
    Internet Broadband
    Adobe Premiere Pro
    Adobe Sound Booth
    Adobe After-effects
    Adobe Photo shop

    HD consumer camcorder
    Mic and Tripod

    We need information about
    The minimum cost for the software and hardware to accept SMS, phone call and TV Ads
    Send the contents to Uplinke Company. How to send it is it by Broadband?
    Government License cost (Australia)
    Uplink cost and equipment
    Any other requirement we have to comply with it.
    Uplink companies’ website

    Please answer us with details including names and website

    Thank you,
    Thank you for your answer.
    But what is the obtain rights to programming?
    some of the material which is we are going to use already broadcast in Australia on OptusD2 satellite.
    Could you please tell me which guide line I have to comply with for the Australian Market.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you.

    • classicsat says:

      You need to obtain rights to programming. It is not as simple as downloading them from someplace.

      Becasuse you want to run advertising, you may need to run it as a commercial concern.

      SMS and ads are likely pretty cheap, compared to the costs to deal with regulators, and obtaining uplink time and resources.

      All-in-all, you need to hire a consultant to find out all you need to do to get a signal out of your facility and up on satellite, licenses and such, the basic studio equipment to run your sort of station. hire the right personnel, and obtain rights to “broadcast” the programming you intend to.

  41. moonfeel says:

    What’s the balance of Mandarin & Cantonese language programming on free-to-air PCNE Chinese satellite channel?
    Can any regular viewers of the PCNE channel (available in Europe via Sky digital, 28.5E) tell me whats the balance in approximate percentage terms of the amount of programming it provides in Mandarin and Cantonese?

    I’m more interested in Cantonese programming and news, i.e. do they have regular news reports/programs in Cantonese on this channel?

    Does programming in Mandarin have subtitles?

    Thank you.

  42. Raingod says:

    Which free english TV channels are there on hotbird satellite?
    I have been told that there is a list of free to air channels for hotbird in Europe. I am currently living in Germany.

    Could any tell which english channels are available free of cost? (Specially entertainment/movie /sports channels.

    Thanks !!!

  43. WADE says:

    Is a free to air satellite receiver worth buying if you live in the USA?
    Are the channels you get worth watching? I have looked over the list online and it looks like a lot of public access.

    • jorgeqba says:

      It really depends on the person , I do enjoy the channels available on True FTA.

      It’s not just TV stations but Radio stations too.

      On any given day I might blindscan a particular satellite and find that a sports affiliate is broadcasting a professional sports game or a interesting News feed, I also like watching syndicated TV shows from Networks around the U.S. , I have seen movies before they are on DVD , if you know where to look and read up on true FTA from the correct forums you can get alot of info.

      Some channels are permanent others may show up once in a while so scan often.

      Get yourself a good blindscanning receiver, many receivers make false claims that they have blindscan , I personally like Coolsat 5000 and 6000 models which can be found cheap on ebay $35-$60 if you’re patient.

      Don’t forget , you need a pretty good view of the Southern Sky to maximize your viewing pleasure , I have over 30 satellites programmed in my receiver and I motorized my dish to go to all of them , some have a few channels and others can have from 30 to several hundred.

  44. Virgonians C says:

    Can anyone give me a way on accessing Cignal Satellite TV with free-to-air satellite receiver in the Phils.?
    I just bought a free to air satellite receiver. I am just bored of having Agila 2, which is a property of Dream Satellite TV Inc., which has few channels, as my prime feeder. I just discovered Cignal Satellite TV. Can anyone give me the details of Cignal’s Satellite TV’s satellite which, I can receive on and access their additional channels?

    Thank you in advance.

  45. ET 02001900 says:

    Do I need an HD satellite receiver to get HD channels over free to air if I already own a full HD LCD TV?

    This guy here does not understand. Someone else please answer. SOmeone who knows the difference between digital vs. analogue and high def…

    • jlfonz says:

      You can have a full HD tv and not recieve the off air channels. As long as it has a built in digital tuner you are ok. All you need is a set of rabbit ears or less depending on where you are. If you live in an urban area I’ve seen a paper clip work OK — might not be consisitant but might get signal for you quickly. I fix tv’s all day long and I use a piece of solder for an antenna for customers all the time that have an HD tv and are watching analog cable through an RF connection (channel 3 or 4) the worst possible way of getting a signal as possible. I hook their cable box up through composite (yellow red white) and auto program the solder for an antenna and show them the difference.

  46. Charlie says:

    Is the Versus Channel Available on Free to Air Satellite?
    I live in Canada and would like to be able to watch Professional Bull Riding. Does anyone who owns a FTA satellite know if the Versus channel (formerly OLN) is available? Thank you.

  47. wannabe magician says:

    What free-to-air Arabic satellite TV channels can be received in Toronto Canada??

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