I Want To Watch Tv Online For Free

If you want to download free online movies and watch them, then go to the internet and look for those websites that do not only let you stream movies but let you save them to your desktop as well. You can do it too, since it only takes a few steps and is relatively easy.

Once you log on to the internet, everything else can be done through search and click with your mouse. Primarily you might need to download certain types of software that will allow you to download online videos that are available for streaming on the internet.

It is very important to note that streaming videos online is different from when you download them, so do not be confused. When you stream videos you merely watch them on the internet through your online internet browser. Once you log out of the internet you can’ watch them anymore until you log back in. On the other hand, when you download the video, you save the video as a media file into your computer’s hard drive, allowing you to watch these videos offline and as if they were just a media file. This is why you want to download movies and watch them offline instead.

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57 Responses to I Want To Watch Tv Online For Free

  1. AskAbby says:

    What are some good websites to watch TV online for free?
    Okay so I want to watch Glee online, and I’ve been to a couple websites but like 5 minutes into the show they tell me to take an IQ quiz and all that sh*t. I was wondering if any of you have websites that you can watch TV for free without doing any stupid quizzes and stuff.
    I’ve watched some shows before on a Chinese website with my brother, but I don’t remember what it was.
    Again, I don’t want any stupid quizzes or popups while i’m watching the show.
    I’ve tried Hulu but it doesnt have ALL the episodes, starting from season 1 episode 1.
    Okay, thanks!
    10 points for the website thats the most efficient!

  2. Rhoda M says:

    how to watch free tv online?
    how can i watch tv shows (camp rock) for free online? and i want the full movie

  3. Hershel. L says:

    where can you watch tv online for free?
    i want to watch family guy online, but all the recommended websites never have many episodes or you have to download something or it doesn’t work. i want something a bit like youtube.

  4. Jennifer says:

    where can I watch tv episodes online for free?
    I really want to watch my favorite tv shows but my tv doesn’t work so please help!

  5. j says:

    free download software to watch tv online?
    i want to know what software can i download for free to watch tv online. i want to watch on FOX tonight the show called America’s Most Wanted or where can i watch i free. THANKS

  6. Jim says:

    Where can I watch tv shows online for free?
    I want to watch battlestar galactica season 2 online for free. Preferably streaming. Every site I’ve tried doesn’t work. I would like to watch full episodes.

    Does anyone know of any site where I could watch this?

  7. cool person says:

    is it possible to watch tv online for free?
    i really want to watch full episodes of glee and grey’s anatomy. is it possible to watch these shows and others for free online? and if so, where?

  8. nchelem w says:

    where to watch tv series ONLINE for FREE?
    i want to watch it for FREE and also includes these:-
    a) no need to register/sign up
    b) no fee
    c) must be accessible outside US too
    d) dont want megavideo…never work!
    e) no need to download
    f) no need to install anything/additional plugin etc.
    g) well…in other words “online” and “free” and “easy”

  9. Boy Favorites says:

    Where can I watch tv shows free online without having to download anything.?
    I want to watch tv shows on my computer, but cant pay for it. Where can I watch them for free without having to subscribe or download anything?

  10. Shawn Balboa says:

    What is a good website to watch tv series online for free?
    Guys I want to know a website where I can watch tv series like Gossip Girl and How i met your mother for free. You know any?

  11. Mystery Girl says:

    i want to watch tv shows online for free but……….?
    Surf the channel doesnt let me watch it because its out of the U.S got any idea how to fix it or any websites that i can watch it for free

  12. My Subaru and Me says:

    Where can I watch free TV online?
    I don’t have Showtime, HBO, or cable for that matter. But I do have internet, so I want to know where I can watch FREE TV ONLINE!

  13. BaljitS says:

    Where can i watch tv online for free?
    i use mozzila firefox and i downloaded the addon: tv fox and also tvtoolbar they both work but its not live so where can i watch without paying and if i have to download something i want something that u can assure me with that wont give me a virus. Please and thank you
    i want the shows to be happening live as it would be on tv i know about hulu and all the other stuff

  14. Maria1016 says:

    Where can I find free online TV shows to watch in Australia?
    I want to watch TV shows like gossip girl, vampire diaries and castle online for free but I can’t find any websites for it.

  15. Yeshwanth says:

    Is there any way I can watch tv for free online ?
    I wanted to watch tv when I feel bored in office hours or in my spare time.I was wondering whether I can watch my favorite channels online in my mozilla browser..

  16. JEREMY J says:

    What is the best website to watch tv online for free that has us channels?
    i don’t mind download software but i want all or most channels for the us

  17. Justin says:

    Where to watch TV online for free?
    I missed my favorite show and want to know where to watch it.

  18. Cause I'm A Gypsy says:

    Where can I find these TV shows to watch online free?
    Jimmy Neutron (full length)
    The fairly odd parents (full length)

    except for turbonick and any place that links to turbonick, because turbonick gives only clips, and I want to watch full episodes!

  19. rose says:

    Is there any websites that i can watch tv series online for free?
    Any websites where I can watch television series like Bones or CSI for free? I prefer watching online only. I don’t want to download them. Thank you.

  20. Crystal says:

    Where can I watch tv online for free?
    Someone told me I could watch tv online, do anyone know any websites where I can do that at? I have cable but I stay in a university apartment and they dont have the channel I want to watch.
    I mean live tv.
    I mean live tv.

  21. Anthony says:

    How to watch live tv online?
    So i don’t have cable at the moment, and the new jersey shore comes on tonight, and i know i can wait till tomorrow for it to go on the MTV website but i don’t feel like it. Is there any possible way to stream live TV on my computer for free? And i don’t only want to watch Jersey Shore but all TV.

  22. Mikaela says:

    Where can i watch tv shows online for free?
    i just want to watch some old shows like gilmore girls but…..i want a website that will not give my computer a virus, is totally free, no signing up, and no downloading ANYTHING, and isnt megavideo because then i can only watch one episode and then i have to wait an hour before watching another one. Thanks in advance.

  23. Inaam says:

    i want to watch tv for free online?
    how could watch tv channels online

  24. ***Kayla*** says:

    Where can I Watch free tv online?
    I want to watch Kendra online but I cant find no place to watch it for free! I want it free and no surveys!

  25. Nadine A says:

    Where can I watch the gossip girl TV series online free?
    I want to watch gossip girl because it is what everyone is talking about these days! I’m don’t live in the US so many websites are unavailable to me. Can you guys please give me a website that is good and free for watching gossip girl online?

  26. Asshu says:

    How can i watch online tv for free?
    I want to watch online Indian TV channels for free of cost. Is this possible? If yes, somebody, please tell me the procedure.

  27. Blade V says:

    how can i watch cable tv for free online?
    i want free cable tv to watch on my computer, is it possible to do it without any device?? like a site or anything..and i want like real cable, not a week later then real tv.

  28. marnie. says:

    Where can I watch TV shows for free online?
    Where can I watch TV series online for free.

    A lot of websites say watch it for free but they also have a signing up fee of like 30 dollars.
    I don’t want that. I just want to watch for FREE.

    Anyone have any websites…. 😀

  29. Alex says:

    Does anybody kno a good site to watch tv online for free?
    i started watching a show called Dexter and i want to know a website that will let me watch it free besides megavideo im trying to catch up to the recent episeodes but megavideo wont let me get through one episode please help
    Hulu only has the first episode of season 5 im in season 3 hulu doesnt help

  30. matinzahir says:

    I want to watch tv shows online for free?
    There is a show called House M.D and I’m addicted to watch it, but I want to see it from season 1-5 online can someone give me websites where you can watch House M.D. for free online

  31. mentalboy6 says:

    is thier any way to watch tv online for free?
    so i want to watch like tv online normal tv from like sky and stuff not recorded like whats on tv aswell is htere any way i can for free if that makes no sense #

    is their any way i can watch sky tv for free?

  32. Roxtin Anst says:

    Where can I watch TV shows online for free?
    Hey, im want to know a good site for watch tv shows online for free? Like true blood, lost, 24, etc…

  33. BillyBob says:

    Where can I watch live TV online for free with no strings attached?
    I dont have cable and I dont want to pay for it.

  34. Hilary Y says:

    Where Can I Watch TV Online For Free?
    I want to watch TV on my computer but everything Ive found is in a different language.

  35. Luvelyluvluv says:

    Is there a way to watch Tv online for free or relatively cheap in Canada?
    I am thinking about cutting off my cable to save myself some $$$ but I dont want to miss out on Big Brother this summer. It’s the only thing I would miss not having cable because I am more than fine buying Tv series’ to watch. Any suggestions?

  36. Faisal Rasool says:

    IS there a way I can Watch Online TV Free?
    I mean Totally Free I dont want to pay any thing & dont even want to provide my Credit Card Information for Verification

  37. teeinks says:

    Looking for a website where I can watch TV online free in Canada..?
    I basically don’t have cable and want to watch One tree Hill and Gossip girl online
    Hulu doesnt work in canada

  38. Guts says:

    Is there a way to watch TV online for free?
    I want to watch SNL tonight but don’t have access to a tv. Is there a way to stream NBC?

  39. Alison C says:

    Where can I watch free Italian TV shows online?
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew a website(s) where I could watch TV shows in Italian online? Preferably sitcom shows, not just news reports…?

    I study Italian at university, but I want to improve my conversational/everyday Italian knowledge! A friend of mine really improved his English comprehension that way, so I thought it could work for me too.

    Many thanks, grazie mille!

    • Happy Go Lucky says:

      Not only Italian but you can watch more than three thousand international channels online with the satellite tv software.

  40. Connor * says:

    I want to watch tv for free online, if you know any websites that let you please answer?

  41. Esoccer17 says:

    How can I watch tv Shows online free?
    I want to watch the office and glee online without signing up for anything or paying anything. Is there a website or something?

  42. Andy says:

    where can i watch tv online for free?
    i want to watch tv online for free

  43. Samantha says:

    Looking for somewhere to watch tv episodes online for free with no downloading?
    Im looking for somewhere to watch tv online for free with no downloading needed. i used to have a website that was great for it but it is no longer available. im mostly wanting it for my dad to watch Heroes season 3 so he can be caught up when season 4 starts.
    No Downloading Please. Also im Canadian so anything that is US only i cant use

  44. CoolSugarBoy says:

    Can some one help me in getting a software to watch live tv online for free. Mostly indian channels. Thanks?
    I have a broadband connection and want to watch live tv for free. Websites giving live streaming or good but just wanted to check if any software does something better. I prefer mostly indian news channels

  45. aquarius7air says:

    where can i watch live tv online for free?
    I want to know where to watch tv for free or at least the tyra show online free.

  46. Nikki says:

    Does anyone know where you can watch tv episodes online for free?
    Without having to download them, just stream them and without having to sign up to any site or pay money?

    I promise to give best answer 10 points!

    The main show I want to watch is The L Word, so if anyone knows that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  47. Skye says:

    Where can I watch LIVE TV Online for Free?
    I was just wondering where I can watch Live TV Shows Online, as they are premiering on Television at that exact same moment… but Just Online.

    I have used Justin TV (ABC is now offline there) and am currently using Goal Fanzine but the connection.sucks. I don’t want to hear about downloading software or anything like that. Im just like every other American I want it for free. So Help? Please?

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