Internet Tv Device

Internet TV is a growing fad in todays modern world. Well, its not that surprising since the World Wide Web has always been a good friend and partner when it comes to accessing information, communication, and entertainment. But what are the different examples of device to watch TV from internet? Read on and find out.

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First we have the PC TV tuner. A TV tuner is a device that enables you to connect an analog or digital TV signal to your computer. PC TV tuners are connected to the computer, and then the cable or antenna television source is also connected to the device just like you would connect to any typical TV. PC TV tuners work in the same way that regular TV tuners do. They receive signals from a satellite, and interpret this signal as moving pictures and sound. Then, they send this information to the computer monitor and speakers for viewers to watch.

There are different kinds of PC TV tuners. There are external TV tuners, which usually plug into a USB port on your computer. There are also internal TV tuner cards, which you must install inside your computer. In other words, PC TV tuners are available in two forms PCI cards and external USB boxes. PC TV tuners may also be classified as low-end or high-end. Low-end ones will often offload the job of interpreting the signal to your computer’s processor, slowing down your computer for other tasks. Others will reinterpret the signal themselves, leaving your computer to only stream and display the signal as an MPEG video.

Without a TV tuner, you cannot watch and record live TV in Windows Media Center. But then again, watching and recording TV in Windows Media Center for the first time will require you to physically connect a TV signal to the TV tuner on your computer. Typically, this involves connecting one end of a coaxial cable to your tuner, and the other end to your TV signal source.

Another device that you can use is the digital cable box. Cable boxes work by allowing the streaming of raw data from the box to your computers hard drive via FireWire. The main advantage of this method of getting television on to your computer is that the signal may be of the highest quality and look superb on screen and in recordings.

PC TV tuners and digital cable boxes are just two examples of device to watch TV from internet.

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86 Responses to Internet Tv Device

  1. omid_candyboy says:

    Is it possible to connect our TV to the Internet and watch satellite channels?
    I heard that there is a device like receiver but this time we do not need any dish or anything. So it’s possible to connect that device to the high speed internet and watch satellite channels on TV. So is that true? if yes do you know the name of the device?

  2. MeAMama says:

    Direct Tv satellite receiver box device code?
    I’m trying to program a new remote so that I can control a Direct Tv satellite receiver box serial # a01ca6bx141078
    Is that possible? I’ve searched the internet for device codes and haven’t found one. Any suggestions???

    I’m using an InVoca touch screen remote, have you ever used one? Are they pretty good?

  3. thaslani says:

    How can I use Internet enabled LCD TV’s for digital Signage and avoid expensive digital signage device?
    How can I use Internet enabled LCD TV’s for digital Signage and avoid expensive digital signage devices? Is there a software which I can use to broadcast messages on Internet enabled TV’s and use as Digital Signage?


  4. deepak2000 says:

    Wireless TV Streaming Device For Home Network?
    At my place I have Comcast connection which is offering both i.e. Cable and Internet. I dont have TV so as of now I’m only using Internet so I want to know if there is any device available which can be used for wireless transmission of cable into multiple laptops (just like wireless router woks for internet)

  5. sebsilversmith says:

    What piece of equipment can I get to play internet movies on my TV in the living room.?
    My TV is about 30 feet from my monitor. I hope there is a wireless device that will let me play internet movies on my TV wirelessly.

  6. wolf1ibm says:

    Internet TV – video stream question?
    I own a restaurant w/ a large HD TV screen. Occasionally, there are ball games only available thru an internet video stream. We have a company that does our electronic stuff for us and I asked him recently to set us up to be “Internet TV capable.” I need your help w/ a question he asked me by email. See below. I understand the “interface part” but what does he mean by “let him know about streaming feeds.”

    Quote: “The internet TV needs an internet interface using a device such as a computer that will pass the signal to the TV and speakers. I would look up what streaming feeds you want off the internet and let me know what they are and I will check on them.”

    • Stephen P says:

      He has to know what kind of streaming signals he has to deal with.

      So tell him where you are planning to stream the video from. For example, if you were watching the ball game on a computer, what URL or software do you use?

      Of course, he could just put something together that would work with most video feeds, but he has no way of knowing if you are planning to throw some odd ball signals at it or use some web site that requires special software.

      Also keep in mind that just because you can display the ball game in your restaurant, you may not have the legal right to do so.

  7. Rick in MD says:

    How can I watch Internet TV on my standard home TV?
    There’s a lot of information out there about going from one’s TV to one’s computer, but I want to do the reverse—I want to access TV shows on my computer (e.g., from Hulu, Veoh, Fanpop, etc.) and watch them on my regular TV. And I’d like to do it wirelessly. Is there a device or software that makes this possible? Thanks!

    • bill b says:

      You must have a video card or usb device that has TV OUT. If you look at the back of your system where the video card is located, you can see if there is more than 1 hookup. It will be an s-video socket. Some of these cards are called VIVO cards(video in/video out)
      The link below will show you some of these cards for cheap!

  8. leesmith2 says:

    What product(s) offer remote TV viewing using the Internet–like the Slingbox but on a TV–not a computer?
    Please consider the following diagram:

    TV Signal -> Devices(s)* -> DSL -> Internet -> DSL -> Device(s)* -> TV

    What might the transmit and receive Device(s)* be and upon which technology might they operate (i.e., S-Video in, ethernet out, etc.)? And lastly, what are the bandwidth requirements be given various resolutions?


    • djc998 says:

      The only other product like the Sling Box is the Location Free TV by Sony. It is about $100 more. But then if you have a PSP you can watch TV on your PSP.

  9. SOL says:

    How can I watch internet tv (like hulu, megavideo, etc) on my television without connecting my tv to my pc?
    Is there another device I can buy to connect to the internet? I have a blueray player that connects with netflix but I would like connect to the internet without having to plug in my pc everytime.

    • Joshua D says:

      You could hook up a PS3 or XBox 360, but that’s as good as connecting your PC to your TV. There’s no way you can do it without comparable equipment to your PC. It’s actually really easy to hook a computer up to a TV, so long as it has a VGA input or some other comparable input.

  10. heypal says:

    What is the best device to get internet on TV?
    I know theres a whole bunch of devices out there. I’ve researched numerous ones. I’m most interested in the Logitech Revue because of the keyboard and web browser capability. But its pretty pricey at $217 on sale and there’s lots of negative feedback. The downside to Roku is no Youtube which makes it off my list. I’m very much leaning towards the new LG SMART TV UPGRADER since it does have the web browser and all the main apps I would need. But I just wish it would have some sort of compatible full qwerty keyboard.
    NEEDS — Youtube, Netflix, Web Browser, and compatible keyboard
    I’m looking to order this by tomorrow. HELP PLEASE!!

    • DON says:

      I’m pretty happy with the capabilities of my Western Digital TV Live media player. It can play content in a wide variety of formats from local drives plugged into either one of its USB ports and it also has network capabilities if you want to tie it into your home computer network and/or internet. If you want encrypted internet content from subscription providers such as Netflix, the TV Live Plus version has the decoding chip. Pricing is in the $100 range.

      The (free) WD community forums let you ask questions about either device and share information with other owners and uses. I’ve posted the link below.


  11. JW says:

    Why should I buy a Muzee internet ratio and TV dongle?
    Yesterday I saw a Muzee internet radio and TV dongle available for sale.

    What is the value of having this device? My first thought was that is was nice that I could record stuff, but most networks have shows archives anyway.

    • ♔Ḡḁréntĥ is away... says:

      Because it Provide 20,000 radio stations & 5,000 web TV channels for free

      • Worldwide radio and TV stations categorized into countries, genres and languages.
      • Provides over 20,000 radio stations,classified in 56 genres and 210 countries.
      Includes 5000 web TV stations worldwide, sorted in 17 types of programs, 210 countries and 59 languages.
      • User friendly interface, allows enjoying your favorite radio station & TV program with a mouse click.
      • Collection of Favorites and History stations. Immediate access to My Favorite stations on any PC without any registration.
      • Web 2.0 Dynamic voting system, recommend best station all up to you.
      • Automatically updates program & new stations onsite.
      • Supports 16 languages user interface.
      • Record audio in WMA format to your hard drive. / Record video in WMV format to your hard drive.
      • Stream quality indicator to monitor in real time Internet stream stability.
      • Customized your logo & banner in commercial area for market campaign.

  12. amy says:

    do you need to buy a device from netflix to stream movies to your tv instantly?
    netflix says you can stream movies and tv instantly to your tv, but how? do you have to buy something that lets you wach tv and movies or do you hook your computer up to the tv? please answer if you
    can plus do you need high speed internet to wach tv or movies from netflix on your computer ? please answer thanks 😀

  13. wolf1ibm says:

    Internet TV – Video Streaming question?
    I own a restaurant w/ a large HD TV screen. Occasionally, there are ball games only available thru an internet video stream. We have a company that does our electronic stuff for us and I asked him recently to set us up to be “Internet TV capable.” I need your help w/ a question he asked me by email. See below. I understand the “interface part” but what does he mean by “let him know about streaming feeds.”

    Quote: “The internet TV needs an internet interface using a device such as a computer that will pass the signal to the TV and speakers. I would look up what streaming feeds you want off the internet and let me know what they are and I will check on them.”

  14. chukquestions says:

    How do I turn a non-internet ready tv into an internet ready tv?
    I need a device that works off my home wireless network and inputs into my non-internet ready tv through a coax,hdmi, or digital port (not ethernet). Can’t find anything in best buy . . .

    • TV guy says:

      They are called digital media receivers:

      PS3, Xbox360, Linksys DMRs, Roku Box, Google TV, Archos, PopCorn, and many others.

  15. celene i says:

    Which device allows a computer user to access the internet through the TV?
    Choose from web browser, web cellular phone, web designer, or web TV.

  16. lilroba1 says:

    Internet on my tv, what device should i buy?
    Hi, i want to buy a device that lets me watch videos like youtube, and surf the web. Do you know of any type of device that well let me do that. with out hooking my computer up to it. and maybe it could have wi-fi?
    well thanks.

    • Madden says:

      you can use a laptop. if you have a new tv most likely it will have a little port where you plug your laptop into it. and then you can get a cord to fit it. and u connect the cord between the lap top and tv.

  17. coolaid says:

    Which device your prefer to use: internet, tv, cellphone or videogames?
    i really preffer internet and videogames

  18. Seattle Rocker Girl says:

    Is there any device besides a laptop that is wireless has internet, tv, games??
    I don’t want to get a laptop but if there is something else on market that you know of that has these abilities…I’d be SOOOO glad!

  19. nolamae2 says:

    What is the device called that I plug into my tv (that has internet) that lets me watch whats on the puter?
    Some guy at sasktel told me I could buy a thing that plugs into the TV, I don’t know if it downloads from the computer or not but I can then watch movies that are running on the computer

  20. Red Dragon says:

    How to watch TV Channels over internet, without having any devices connected to the computer?

  21. Mre Man says:

    Is there a device to watch TV through the Internet without a computer?
    I am trying to lower my cable bill. I don’t watch much TV so I was wondering if I could cancel my cable and just have the Internet. Then buy a device which connects from my router to a TV or Monitor. This device would act like a TV Tuner with the capabilities of showing the TV much like the cable box. My question is: Does anyone know of a device which will have this capability of showing TV without the need of a computer? If not, what websites are recommended for streaming video from the Internet?

    • Spock (rhp) says:

      ok — here’s my understanding of it

      netflix and hulu, in the United States, both offer direct downloads over the Internet of past tv shows. you don’t get today’s shows — there’s a delay of some time [hours? days?] that I don’t know. Both offer movies as well on demand. Don’t know which has superior selection. Both are $8 a month.

      you need a wifi router and broadband ISP for either. I think “G” class is enough but am not certain.

      The computer has to be used to set up your account, but need not be used thereafter.

      Either/both need some sort of box to interface between the wifi and the tv. This is builtin to the newer Blu-Ray players, some gaming devices [Wii, maybe others], some newer model tvs, and the Roku box, plus a variety of other similar devices. I do not know if an HDMI ready tv can be used with an HDMI output video card in a computer [I’d assume so, and I’ve been wrong before] to do the same thing.

  22. adele s says:

    How and what device do I need to stream videos wireless from my PC to TV?
    I want to stream videos from my PC and internet but wireless to my tv which is in another room. I am not sure where to start as to what device I will need or what set up?

    • stereodesigner says:

      i do mine through my xbox 360… using windows media center…..
      you could buy a hdtv streamer that will send it to your tv

  23. YachtsOnTheReg says:

    My samsung blu-ray player wont connect to the intervet via the Internet@TV option.?
    I have gone through every setup option multiple times, it says I am connected to the internet, but whenever I go to the Internet@TV option all it says is that I must connect my device to the internet in order to use Internet@TV. The tech support guy said I may need to plug it in with a wire instead of wireless. I did that and still no luck. Is there maybe a small setting or some sort of registration thing I must do?

    • Robert W says:

      Your blu ray needs memory in order to access the internet. You get memory with a usb flash card. It’s in your instruction manual in the section for setting up the network.

      Have you tried anything like netflix or pandora? Sometimes the wireless doesn’t work well plus your broadband speed has to be at least 2 gps to work. 5 gps is better.

  24. goyamartinez says:

    what device can i use to improve my cable viewing i have a hd tv and i whatch trough my internet service?
    the picture is fussy

    • TV guy says:

      TV through the Internet? Then you watch it at a much lower resolution and heavily compressed. It will always be fuzzy unless you watch on a small window on your PC.

      Here is what you need for HD-quality TV
      a) HD Source (free of-the air or HD cable or satellite)
      b) HD set-top box
      c) HD TV connected to HD set-top via component or HDMI

  25. Jeff M says:

    Where can I buy a TV-internet swing box online?
    A swing box is an electronic “device” which allows you to hook up TV cable at one location and broadcast it over the net to another computer at a remote location. I teach English in Korea and miss the Canadian TV…so I need to hook one up.

  26. Justin C says:

    I’ve seen a device called a ‘TV messenger’ on the internet, but I can’t find an online shop that sells it?
    It displays the caller display on the TV. Does anyone know where I can buy one, or a similar product?

    Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention that I’m in the UK. It’s my mistake.

  27. theroostersname says:

    Should I purchase an Apple TV or Google TV device even though the Wii already has internet and Netflix?
    The Nintendo Wii already has all the same features and I already own one. So is there any point for me to buy an Apple TV or Google TV?
    I don’t really care much for Apple but I was just wondering if there is point in getting one since my wii can do all of the stuff the Apple and Google devices can.

  28. Navi says:

    I have a TV Device that pulls 58 MBPS it run’s 24/7. Can you explain how much internet that uses a month?
    I need to know how much GB’s that might pull a month. Please help! (I WILL CHOOSE BEST ANSWER)

  29. Rae says:

    can my insignia tv pick up an internet signal?
    I would like to use my portable wifi device with my insignia tv
    Since my TV was purchased second hand i do not have a manual but the model number is NS LTDVD 26-09.
    As far as I know it does not have an ethernet connection.

    • Stephen M says:

      How new of a TV is it? What is it’s exact model number? Does it have an ethernet connection?

      You bought the TV so I would assume you have the manual, even if you don’t want to read it.

  30. RamzaMech says:

    What are good non computer devices for watching Internet TV on a TV like YouTube and Hulu?
    I heard some negative reviews of Apple TV, but a device like that is what I am looking for. What are the state of Internet TV devices for the TV?

  31. wodasha says:

    Are there any devices that connect to the internet through my tv ?
    But without having to have cable. I’m asking this because I want to watch videos off of the web without cable is this possible. Someone already told me about logitech revue and that has google tv. Are there any other devices that connect to the web just to have the internet on my tv ?

    • classicsat says:

      There are plenty, Apple TV, Roku, any of the game consoles (Xbox360 and PS3 best), or a set-top PC.

      The Logitech Revue doesn’t need cable, but works best with it.

  32. j- dogg says:

    What device is better Apple Tv or VUDU – 1080p HD Internet Movie Player?
    What device is better Apple Tv or VUDU – 1080p HD Internet Movie Player

  33. wodasha says:

    Do I have to have cable to get Google TV or a similar device ?
    I’m asking this because I just want to use Google TV or a similar device to watch videos off of the internet on my TV. Do I have to have cable in order for the device to work ?

    • SimplyGoogleTV says:

      If you want to watch broadcast television you’ll need some sort of set-top box, cable or satellite usually provide these. If you only want to watch internet based video, then the Logitech Revue would work fine for this without a set-top box.

  34. venom9176 says:

    Do people use the Xbox 360 or PS3 to browse the Internet on their TV screens? Is it a good experience?
    Both devices have Internet browsers, right? Are they useful? Do people use them? Would people use them to, say, watch videos from YouTube? What about longer videos?

  35. sarcastro1976 says:

    I have a Sony Bravia tv-the non-internet kind-and want to use it with the internet.?
    I know I need some sort of internet-enabled device. Aside from game consoles and blu-ray players and home theaters, do I have other (simpler, cheaper) options to hook the TV directly to the internet (no PC or HDMI needed)?

    • Howard says:

      I just bought one yesterday. 😀 Mines the EX5 version.

      Unfortunately the answer is no. You need a computer as the TV is just not configured to be used as a computer.

      If you have a newer laptop 2009 and onward, the PC comes with a HDMI port. Plug one end of the cable into the laptop and the other into one of the ports on the TV. Then hit input, select the correct HDMI port and hit enter. Whatever is on your computer is now on your TV.

      An alternative is to just use the processor from a desktop. Get an adapter and do the same thing. You won’t need a computer monitor for this because the processor is supplying the image.

  36. segayo says:

    I need a standalone device that connect to Internet and watch YOUTUBE in my TV using a remote control.?
    Its called WEB TV player? Not a IPTV but almost the same.

  37. CragarT says:

    internet devices for TV?
    What are the latest devices to connect TV to internet, independent of my computers. I remember seeing a Yahoo article on this.

    • ToLegitamateToCease says:

      slingbox, boxee, TiVo premiere, Apple TV, Google TV, xbox, PS3, many blu-ray players, HTPC’s.

      Thats most of them.

  38. person says:

    Best device to play internet on tv?
    We want to be able to get tv episodes from the internet (Hulu and netflix)to our lcd tv. What’s the best device in terms of price and efficiency? We don’t want a bunch of bells and whistles, just something basic and dependable. We are looking into purchasing a Roku. Can anyone give us some pros and cons and things to look for? Also, is it worth buying this kind of item used on ebay as opposed to Best Buy?
    only interested in serious answers.

    • classicsat says:

      For the class of devices and their sale price, it is probably bettter to buy new, however being solid state devices, little can go wrong.

      If Roku supports Hulu Plus, it might be a good bet.

      Of course, the best device is a PC (which you can get for a few hundred, second a PS3.)

  39. robbiea110 says:

    Possible Setup: Streaming movies and other media straight to TV without Internet (Stored on Device Hard Drive?
    I would like to be able to back up DVD’s onto some kind of device (Something like AppleTV) where the movies would be stored on the device on its hard drive. I could back up the movies on my computer and the device would send it right to my TV via HDMI without any internet. I would also like to have a nice interface if possible, not just a file browser. I do have a mac (Have Vista bootcamp but prefer not to use it on that)

    Does anyone know a way to set this up/if it is possible? Price range is about $350 for the device and I have an HDTV

  40. Eric P says:

    Is there a device that will wirelessly transmit internet video to my tv?
    I want to play streaming video from the internet (Hulu, Youtube, NBC, ABC, etc.). Is there a device that will do this without having to sign up for a service?

  41. tntsimmons604 says:

    Can I get a device to surf the internet on my new HDTV without hooking it up to my primary computer?
    I got a new HDTV and would like to browse the internet on it with a wireless mouse and keyboard, however I don’t really want to move my computer from my office out to the living room and don’t really want to mess with a really long cable. Anyway, I wondered if there is a device that I can connect to my net work, whether wired or wireless that will allow me to browse the internet on my tv, while leaving my computers alone. I know there was “web tv” several years ago, I don’t want another subscription fee, just to browse the internet on my tv.

  42. tracyhide says:

    What would be considered an “Internet connected Netflix ready device”?
    I’m looking into signing up for Netflix and the information says that you can view instantly about 12000 titles on your computer or on your tv via an “Internet connected Netflix ready device”.

    Does anybody know what that might be? Are they available for purchase somewhere?
    Thanks in advance.

  43. Wil says:

    Is there any way to watch satellite tv on your pc WITHOUT an internet connection?
    Like maybe some sort of card or usb device? But NO INTERNET CONNECTION.

    • DaveP_27 says:

      to the best of my knowledge no. Not unless your satellite tv provider has some form of receiver that is for TV only and goes to your computer.

  44. Avatar says:

    USB Internet World TV channels and Radio receiver?
    Have anyone got this device how it works?
    What kind of TV channels we can watch?they claim 5000 TV channels from around world?
    Is there any legal boundations for viewing international channel?

    • classicsat says:

      It is just a USB thumb drive with software that streams from the Internet.

      The legality of it is that some radio and TV channels do stream online for the world to watch. You do not need special hardware or software to listen/watch them.

      However, many channels do not though. If they stream at all, they use Geo-IP locking or other means to keep their stream from being viewed abroad. Others (such as most of the US channels) do not stream at all. In either of those cases, it is at least a violation of their copyright to stream outside of their markets, or to stream them at all withough obtaining the right to do so.

  45. thecalling2000 says:

    what is the best internet-connected device that can be hooked up to the TV?
    ex. video player, game box, watch internet TV and subcribed movies

    • Sullivan says:

      A computer. Plays videos, plays games, lets you watch internet TV and subscribed movies too. Also works as a PVR if you still have an antenna or cable.

  46. Chris M says:

    Looking for a device that can seperate different signals to my TV?
    For instance, if I wanted to watch a TV show or a DVD at the same time as I surf the web on my 32 inch TV – is there a device that will allow me to create two different ‘boxes’ on the same screen. Perhaps the DVD image is on the top section and the Internet ‘box’ is on the bottom section of the TV?

    • wires says:

      There are, or were, televisions that offered PIP or picture in picture where you could have a small window in the main picture of another channel. There isn’t any device that you can add on after-market that can do this.

  47. xtraudinair says:

    How Can I watch tv on the internet?
    Let me clarify.
    I have a tv, with no cable, but I have internet.
    I want a device/service that lets me use the television
    I dont want to watch tv on my labtop.

  48. DD says:

    I need an internet adapter to connect to my TV, help?
    So basically, I want a device that I can connect to my TV that will enable me to go on the internet. A bit like a PS3/Nintendo Wii allows you to go on the internet. But I just watch a specific device that enables me to just go on the internet. Are there any devices that can do this?

    • Kenneth says:

      Since you need an internet connection to go on the internet, you might try asking your internet service provider if they have a suggestion for something other than a computer. Good luck on that.

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