Internet Tv Receiver

We are living in the age of information and internet is ultimate tool that allows people to exchange variety of information on any subject and can be shared at the worldwide level. Internet allows the people to share the information and connect to the people living in remote areas. It is not that, people can share the textual information through internet but people can also access videos, audios and any TV station at any time on the internet. With the availability of internet people can access and browse to knowledgeable information and can update them self with the latest news.

Now, you can watch any TV station in the world by tuning to Internet TV broadcasting. You can access the internet and watch your favourite TV shows live. The TV lovers can easily catch their favourite TV shows at any time on the internet. You can broadcast the video recording of your own shows on 24 hours a day. With the assistance of experts, you can broadcast your own discussion and live interview on your own TV, thus in a way you can advertise your own services to the world. Let say for instance there is a Bank TV, Sales TV, Fishing Gear TV, Fitness TV, Hobby TV etc. One can make your own internet TV and it will be centered on your function and on your theme. Moreover, on the internet, one can create their own video and video blogs and can share with the whole world. The arrival of You tube allows the people to express and share their ideas, products and services through the source of internet. Like, You tube, there are similar sites are available on the internet that allows people to express message, idea and services in the better way.

One of the leading providers of satellite services is the Belgium Satellite Services (BSS) that includes multi-media over satellite, DVB-RCS solutions, Teleport services, TV and Radio broadcast solutions, TDM/TDMA solutions. The teleport services or telecommunication port is the centralized location that provides the right to use advance bandwidth services. BSS provides teleport services leasing to their customers. BSS relies on the two state of the art teleport services; one is at Lessive and another at Liedekerke. The antenna sizes of these station is ranging from 8.1 meters to 32 meters working in KU band satellite system, Eku, DBS and C band..

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  1. FU says:

    What kind of router do I need?
    I’m getting cable internet service installed later this week and already have a Motorola sb6120 modem. For now, I’ll just need it for my laptop, but in the near future, I’d like to be able to stream Netflix movies on my tv and connect my PS3 and satellite tv receiver to the internet. There will not be any other computers connected to the network. What kind of router would work best?

    • Dez says:

      pretty much any home router that you can buy at any store that sells electronics will work, however there are a few things to take into consideration. if you want to connect wirelessly, you should obviously get a wireless router and not a wired one. as of now, there are 3 specifications of routers being sold(from slowest to fastest): 802.11g, fake 802.11n(which is just a faster version of 802.11g) and true 802.11n. if you want to be prepared for as far in the future as possible go with one that says draft n 2.0. another thing you want to look at is the wired speed. wired is much faster than wireless, so if you want to stream HD, you probably want to get a router that supports gigabit ethernet, which is 10x faster than fast ethernet. you can find routers that combine all of these things so which one you get should be based on price/speed you need.

  2. krabbott_2002 says:

    I bought direct tv service and I ordered the wrong receiver and noticed.?
    it when I came home. I called customer service and they said I cant switch it out since it has been activated. So i am thinking about buying the one i wanted off the internet and if I activate it will I be charged for both receivers or just one. The one I currently have I sell it or will I have to store it and let it collect dust.

  3. Avatar says:

    USB Internet World TV channels and Radio receiver?
    Have anyone got this device how it works?
    What kind of TV channels we can watch?they claim 5000 TV channels from around world?
    Is there any legal boundations for viewing international channel?

    • classicsat says:

      It is just a USB thumb drive with software that streams from the Internet.

      The legality of it is that some radio and TV channels do stream online for the world to watch. You do not need special hardware or software to listen/watch them.

      However, many channels do not though. If they stream at all, they use Geo-IP locking or other means to keep their stream from being viewed abroad. Others (such as most of the US channels) do not stream at all. In either of those cases, it is at least a violation of their copyright to stream outside of their markets, or to stream them at all withough obtaining the right to do so.

  4. fady says:

    can i use my laptop as a receiver for the tv?
    my receiver does’nt show all the chanel that i want,is there any way i can connect my tv to the laptop and watch all the chanel from the internet?

  5. kblethen says:

    how to setup,samsung tv,dish,ps3,xbox360,surround sound,internet wireless,and receiver?

  6. Eric says:

    Why is my picture so poor going from Netflix to Blueray to receiver to TV using HDMI cords?
    I have a Yamaha HTR-5990 receiver. Trying to hook a Samsung Blueray player
    to the receiver using HDMI wire. The HDMI output from the receiver then
    goes to my Samsung LCD 55″ flatscreen. The DVD’s play perfect going through
    my receiver but the streaming movies from Netflex have a horrible picture
    with a bunch of waves going through it. I have allready ruled out Netflix
    and my internet connection. If I hook the blueray directly to the
    flatscreen the picture is fine but this kind of defeats the purpose of
    having a receiver. Is this a compatiblity issue with the receiver and
    streaming videos and is there a conversion cable of some sort that I need to
    purchase? Thank you in advance.
    I ruled out the connection because the Netflix streaming works fine if I go from the blueray directly to the TV. The picture is clear. However if I go through the receiver first and then to the TV the picture is distorted.

  7. Brad Kroepfl says:

    Can Direct TV HDDVR USB Ports be used to connect to internet?
    I am new to direct TV and I need to connect my box to the internet. My computer and router is on the second story and opposite side of the house then my HDDVR Receiver. Can I used a USB device to connect my receiver to the internet so I can have access to on demand?
    Understood its set up for Ethernet my problem is I am in a rental and can not run the cable to the location of the receiver. Any other suggestions to get internet to this receiver?

  8. ricardo kaka says:

    Is there satellite channel receiver which I can place in my room?
    I have PC and internet connection.

    I don’t know much about dreambox.

    I want a product without tv tunner card, cable, and antena.
    Is it possible to connect satellite receiver on PC?
    I need answer of only title of this question?
    Can I place that electronic in my room?
    what is the name of that product & how much it cost?

    • shawn says:

      not with out a pc tuner card! or video capture card! i have and old hewlett packard xp media center pc and it has the hauppage tuner card in it! i have my dish network receiver hook into it and watch tv on my computer screen through windows media center. and i can also record from the satellite right to my pc hard drive as mpeg 2 then i use another program to burn it on dvd. the quality is quite nice, but being it is an older pc that my brother gave me it only captures standard def not HD but the newer ones do hd video! good luck :o)

  9. Einstein says:

    How can I watch my homes tv on another location via the internet ?
    I want to watch my homes/countrys tv channel. I have a pc at home with sattelite receiver but I am located in another country. Is it possible somehow to stream Live tv from my home country over the internet so I can watch it over here ?

  10. Stephanie S says:

    What do you think of Verizon Fios TV?
    Do you get on demand movies with the basic package? Do you have to have a DVR receiver to use on demand? Is there a good selection of free stuff to view?

    Is it reliable (all of the services – Internet, tv, and phone)? Is customer service as bad as for verizon phone service?

  11. soupman says:

    Connect tv to internet?
    i have a sony z series tv and a ps3. i know that the ps3 has a built in wireless receiver. since i can’t move my modem and the tv can’t connect wirelessly, is there a way using the ps3 to connect my tv to the internet (with a cable maybe?) anything would be helpful. thx.

  12. John M says:

    internet receiver for anlaog tv possible?

    • TV guy says:

      You can buy a digital media receiver (lINKSYS, Netgear, Archos, Popcorn, PS3, etc.). Make sure it has a SD output. You may need some s/w on your PC as well (TVersity, PlayOn, etc.).

  13. RedThread says:

    Do you still have to use a phone line to get satellite tv?
    I love my digital HD cable, but I’m pondering a move outside the city where satellite will be my only option.

    My question is this:

    Do the satellite companies still require you to have a phone line connected to your receiver?

    While I’m asking a question about satellite tv, your opinion on DISH vs DIRECTV would be appreciated. Keep in mind that getting HD channels (even local channels) is extremely critical to my decision.

    Also, I will want to get my Internet connection from whichever company I go with, too.

    So I guess there are really three questions in here:

    1. Do the satellite companies still require a phone line?
    2. Do you prefer DISH or DIRECTV, and why?
    3. What about their Internet options?

    Thanks for your answers.

    • TV guy says:

      There is no requirement, but if you use a DVR, Dish requires to pay $5/month extra if you don’t connect it to a phone line.

      You can buy a simple wireless phone line extender, about $20. It will pay-off the $5/month in no time. Or skip the PVR/DVR function.

      Dish works with Yahoo/ATT (DSL). Direct TV probably offers something similar. There is no true satellite internet since there is no uplink sat. channel. You just combine DSL and Sat service in one account.

      Call both and ask for the availability of HD local channels in your area.

  14. Cesar Sotolongo says:

    Is it possible to get a Free to Air (FTA) internet connection?
    I was wondering if there is some sort of technology such as the DVB or FTA satellite TV receiver, that would allow you to get a Free to Air internet connection and surf online for free….

    • jaminscript says:

      Yes it’s possible, but will probably never exist.

      You’d receive the data from the satellite, but would need a method to send requests from your computer to the ISP, such as your phoneline. (This is what Satellite Broadband involves).

  15. BBG says:

    Computer has TV receiver and remote?
    I just bought a new desktop computer and it came with a TV remote and the box says it gets TV reception.

    It’s not a feature I was looking for but I’m curious how it works.

    Is it a pay service or is it free? Is it over the internet?

    Thanks in advance.

    So…my cable internet and cable TV are provided by the same company. But I’m assuming that those cables in my home are not interchangeable? (Meaning if I want cable TV on my computer I have to add an additional TV cable?)

    • Fordry says:

      no, its a normal tv tuner you could hook up to an antenna or your cable/satellite just like a regular tv. You should have a coax input on the back that you can hook up to. I would guess you have vista home premium or ultimate which means you have windows media center which is capable of utilizing the tv tuner.

      To answer your second question, the same cable going to your internet modem also carries the tv signal however, if you have digital cable (if you have a cable box that you use to change your channels) you will need to connect the computer to that in order to take advantage of your digital cable features/channels, or get another cable box specifically for your computer if you want to.

  16. Ryde_On says:

    Can I hook the computer up to the TV via the direct TV receiver to watch the Pacquiao vs Margarito fight?
    using the internet.
    If so , can you tell me whatever you know about doing it ?

  17. Jess£ :þ says:

    What us the purpose of connecting my internet to my direct TV receiver?
    what can i do with that?? because in the back of my direct TV receiver there is a port that says Ethernet.

  18. Mark says:

    Which TiVO box has a digital TV receiver in it?
    I want a DVR that has a digital receiver and can also receive a wireless internet signal (with or without an adapter) so I can pull down internet content of my choosing as well as local broadcast channels. Anyone have advice on either the TiVO box of choice or another brand for a reasonable cost?

  19. S. Haffar says:

    How may I connect to the Internet using my Satellite-TV Channel-Receiver?

    I’d like to know how an Internet connection can be established using a TV-Channel Reciever. And does it download and upload? or it only download. Please provide a detailed description of how to establish it.


    • The Deviant says:

      You can not use a standard satellite receiver for an internet connection. You would need a dedicated piece of equipment to do this.

      What you would need is something like HughesNet, or WildBlue – which are satellite internet service providers. They install a dish (that transmits and receives), as well as a piece of equipment needed to use the service.

  20. michael c says:

    How can I switch to the old yahoo mail page so my msn tv service can navigate yahoo mail?
    My webtv internet receiver does not work well with the current,newer yahoo mail page. Years ago, I had no problems using yahoo mail with webtv. I think there is a way to change to the old mail page, but I don’t know how. Can anyone help?

    • coolyahoo says:

      You’ll need to login to your mail account using a PC. When you are looking at your mail on the top you’ll see a link next to My Account that is called “Switch Back”. If you click on that and confirm then your account will move back to older mail system. After this your msn tv should work.

  21. Pat says:

    If I plug in my dsl modem to my Satellite receiver will I get a internet connection?
    I have direct tv.If I plug in my dsl modem to my receiver can I get access to the internet that way?

    • Electro-Fogey says:

      I don’t think so. You can get satellite internet using services like Wild Blue. I have a relative with both Wild Blue and DirecTV, so I doubt that DirecTV has internet connectivity.

  22. daniel says:

    led tv & internet are connected?
    I have the amplifier connected to the tv and the dvd also the dish receiver, only use the amp control and the dish control to operate the systems,need to now if the hi speed cable from the router need to be connected to the amp or the tv

  23. Arun J says:

    How to connect an AV receiver using HDMI question?
    I have a cable box, an LG TV that has internet so I can stream netflix, a blue ray player and I plan on purchasing in AV receiver with HDMI connections. I understand that I should connect all source devices (the cable box and DVD player) into the input hdmi connections on the av receiver. And then have an hdmi cable connected to the output of the receiver into the TV. But how would I get netflix from the TV to send sound back to the AV receiver?

  24. MeAMama says:

    Direct Tv satellite receiver box device code?
    I’m trying to program a new remote so that I can control a Direct Tv satellite receiver box serial # a01ca6bx141078
    Is that possible? I’ve searched the internet for device codes and haven’t found one. Any suggestions???

    I’m using an InVoca touch screen remote, have you ever used one? Are they pretty good?

  25. ask says:

    Dish network receiver hooked up to gaming adapter?
    Can you use a regular gaming adapter to connect the Receiver to the internet via ethernet cable to the gaming adapter then wireless to your router? I do not have a phone line and would like to do this to order movies directly from my tv instead of calling or using my computer?
    how do you hook it iup?

  26. xxg says:

    Problem connecting satellite receiver to lcd tv?
    I have a JVC lt-26EX19B TV, and strangely I can’t find it’s manual anywhere on the internet, anyway I don’t know how to connect my satellite receiver, I have red, white and yellow cables and I don’t know where to put them on the tv, I tried putting them in video-1 and video-2 and they both didn’t work, both the TV and the receiver are brand new!

    • M M T says:

      Are you tuning the TV to the required channel and changing channels through the satellite receiver and not the TV? With Dish, the TV is tuned to channel 03 and then the signal comes through. Unless it’s a dual tuner receiver, then TV1 is on 03 and TV2 is on 73 or 83, I forget! LOL

      Are you using an HD receiver or a standard def receiver? If it’s an HD, the best way (best picture quality and easiest) is to use and HDMI cable. You don’t need an expensive one for broadcast TV, a respectible one is good enough. Don’t buy the cheapest one you can find either. That’s connected HMDI out on the receiver and HDMI in on the TV.

      If you’re using Standard Def receivers, they usually work just on TV but I have seen some that need the assignment of video one or two. Make sure you’re cabling from a video out to a video in on the TV. They are usually marked with little signs on the unit.

      I tried looking up your model and came up with nothing so I can’t help you there. But be sure you have the TV correctly tuned to the channel for the receiver. I have had more than one person bang their heads against the wall for hours and that was the issue.

  27. santo says:

    I had cable tv and internet,but the guy cut off the cable. What exactly did he do?
    I had the comcast triple play and decided to cut off the cable and keep the phone and the internet. I noticed that when they disconnected the cable from the digital receiver, the basic cable was still connected in both rooms. We called the cable company to check the internet becuase we had a problem, then we noticed he disconnected the basic cable. I still get digital channels through my tv and get about 3 cable channels in HD. I also get a whole bunch of fuzzy cable channels.

  28. cycl_oops says:

    Expressvu offers satellite tv & internet with the purchase of a “splitter”?
    Is free-to-air satellite internet available? If so, can both tv & internet be received with one receiver? or will the use of a “splitter” be required?

  29. unbelied says:

    How do I connect a Media Center PC, 7.1 Receiver, and HD TV?
    The PC has SPDIF optical audio out and DVI video out. It also has Firewire, USBs, and 5.1 speaker out (for small pc speakers). I am going to use it as my DVD, CD, MP3, and Internet radio player. The 7.1 Reciever has several HDMI (with passthrough) and digital audio in. The TV has several HDMI, component and composite inputs.

  30. rjm133 says:

    What is the Network port on back of at&t’s TV receiver ?
    I just got AT&T cable installed in my house and I noticed that theirs a Network port on back of TV Reciever. I read the manual and all it says is ETHERNET 10/100Base-T RJ-45 Port for IP video output. Does this mean that it outputs internet? Im wondering because im getting a 360 soon and I dont want to connect 360 to laptop for internet but to the box if i can.

    • classicsat says:

      It is just an alternative to get its IP conenction. You can run ethernet or coax in your home for the IPTV service AT&T uses.

  31. mirzai_m says:

    Stuck with HDMI 1.3 TV (no ARC) and 1.4 receiver, what to do?
    So I bought an LG 52LD550 and come to find out it’s HDMI 1.3 and, more importantly, does not support ARC.

    I am going to use the NetCast feature by hooking the screen up with a patch cable. The question is: to get the sound from the TV to the receiver is my only option to use an optical cable? Is this going to limit the quality of the sound if I watch Netflix movies or listen to Pandora or are the high-end features of HDMI 1.4 applicable only to Blu-Ray? Can I run the sound from internet>tv>receiver with an HDMI cable?

    • agb90spruce says:

      You don’t say where you are connecting to the Internet (but it sounds like to the TV). However, HDMI only provides any real benefit for HD audio like DTS MasterHD .. and they are only available on Blu-ray. Optical is an extra cable, but it won’t compromise quality of the compressed audio available over from Netflix or Pandora.

  32. omid_candyboy says:

    Is it possible to connect our TV to the Internet and watch satellite channels?
    I heard that there is a device like receiver but this time we do not need any dish or anything. So it’s possible to connect that device to the high speed internet and watch satellite channels on TV. So is that true? if yes do you know the name of the device?

  33. Kmiec1 says:

    How can I get TV in my daughter’s room? She has a laptop and a television in her room.?
    We have wireless internet through ATT and Dish Network for satellite tv. We have 2 receivers servicing 4 televisions, one is a 522 DVR. Her laptop is connected to the internet.

  34. JordTeic says:

    Best cable TV and Internet in Houston?
    I want cable TV (not digital) and cable internet, but it seems like it costs nearly $100 for any package that includes both, plus another $100 for installation. Some places have decent sales, but the prices only last for a few months. I’m looking for long-term good prices. I have a cable modem so that should save me some cash.

    I don’t want satellite because I hate the whole thing about having separate receivers for each TV (or be forced to watch the same thing on every TV).

    Is there any internet and TV cable provider in Houston that has decent prices and low (or no) connection fee??

  35. gnisis15 says:

    By using an S-video cable

  36. Mark Vujcevic says:

    What do I need to be able to access the internet from my bluray player and my HDdirecttv receiver?
    I currently have a 30 foot ethernet cable running from my basement to my bluray player. I’d like to be able to connect my direct tv receiver too without running another cable. I would be alternating the access – do I need a switch, a splitter, or something different?

    • Lance says:

      What I would do is get a wireless n transmitter and dual access point receiver that way you don’t have to be switching back and forth and then run short runs to the receiver and the blu ray long runs of Ethernet cable will degrade the signal and then if you split it it is only going to degrade it even more…

  37. God of the Godless says:

    Cable TV + internet out of the same outlet?
    Question about Cable TV and internet here:

    I want to change my cable service setup a little bit soon. Right now the cable modem for high-speed internet has it’s own cable outlet. I want to, however, move the modem and my router to another room. In said room there is only one cable outlet and it is being occupied by my cable receiver/TV setup. So here are the questions:

    Can I buy a coax splitter to have both cable internet and television in that room without loosing internet speed or TV signal quality?

    If so, what type of/what are the specs of the type of coax splitter that I should buy?

    I have Time Warner Cable if it makes a difference.


    • Cable Guy says:

      Buy installing a splitter you lose 3.5 dB per leg on the output side of the splitter. Why is this important? Because you may be near the threshold of the QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) used by the cable provider to supply the digital services on their network. A “small” drop like this could be quite costly as the tunable frequency that the high speed internet carrier resides on will lose signal faster then the lower signals associated with standard definition TV. Try installing it yourself but if you have problems then a call to Time Warner will be warranted and you could save yourself the money of buying a amp that the company may charge you for because it does not support reverse path signals. Typically they will do this for a small fee, sometimes wave it if the service technician and you are cool with each other.

      Experience with this type of issue –
      7 Years Cable Television Engineer Nationally Certified

  38. Thomas says:

    I want to connect my tv, my cable box and my surround receiver to the internet. do i need a router or switch?

    • rlanconjr says:

      You would need a router. Hopefully you have your modem (cable or dsl) close to your tv. If so you can run everything through your router to the internet as long as your cable box and receiver have network connections or wifi.

  39. sk says:

    I have Comcast internet service. I added a splitter and connected a coaxial cable with a (comcast box, my friend’s) and I got the cable TV connection. I think it is a basic package.
    But when I remove the comcast receiver box, and connect the cable directly to the TV then I do not get the connection.
    Does anyone here experienced the similar situation, and knows any way around this. I would appreciate. One of my friend was able to get the connection without the receiver and only pay for the internet.

    • Philippe10 says:

      Ask your friend. I’m not sure as I have both cable and internet through them. Without using the box, I only get like 25 channels.

  40. Moe 76 says:

    How can i get TV channels using my DSL internet line?
    I heard that i can link my satellite receiver to my DSL line and i can receive internet TV channels? any body has experience with that? i am doing this as i am working abroad and i need to see more channels that the normal satellite receiver does not cover ..

  41. TV guy says:

    Check if ATT U-Verse or Verizon Fios are available in your neighborhood.
    Both are IPTV services and may have foreign channels as well.

    By the way, you may still be able to get Indian channels by Satelllite. The channels don’t come from India, but they are re-broadcast by local transmitters.

  42. Mohammad Fadin says:

    TV Receiver without Satellite Dish?
    Guys, I’m livin in a campus at my university and I really want to watch tv.

    I’m looking for a tv Receiver that uses internet without satellite dish required.

    The receiver should work internationally not only in USA.

    Please guide me

  43. tstep_1868 says:

    How can I hook up two duel cat 5 cables to one Internet port?
    I have a TV that connects up to the internet, and a satelite receiver that also connects to the interent. I thought I could find a two port switch or cat 5 splitter, but can’t seem to find anything that isn’t over $30. Does anyone know of an inexpensive way to do this?

  44. Abz M says:

    How can i watch tv on my laptop using receivers?
    can i use receivers for free channels or something to watch normal tv on laptop. I have windows 7 pc and i want to buy a receiver which can be used to watch free to air channels on my laptop. Does it work or what are the options. Do i need internet for it or how it works. Can you suggest me any brands or models of receivers you might know. I am in Australia.

    • rofl4123 says:

      To watch live TV on your laptop, what you would do is buy a TV tuner. You can get a standard USB TV tuner or an Expresscard/PCMIA tuner. The USB option is much easier to take out and put in but it sticks out, so thats why some opt for the more built in card slot option. Your laptop would either have an Expresscard54, Expresscard34, or PCMIA card slot on the side. If the plastic piece in the slot is a large rectangle, then its PCMIA, if its a narrow rectangle then its Expresscard34, if it’s a large rectangle that narrows into a skinny one, then its Expresscard54. An Expresscard34 card will work in a 54 slot, just not the other way around. Anyway, look at all your options and prices. The USB stick-style will definately be the cheapest but the card-style are a little more robust and out of the way. For both, you have to connect the supplied antenna.

  45. Lovely3800 says:

    Is it possible to have Comcast High Speed internet in same house with Direct TV? Same room?
    I closed on my house last week and had scheduled my comcast services to be tranferred to the new address on wednesday. However i still didnt have service as of Friday, so i called comcast and found out someone messed up and never put the transfer order in and after arguing, ect, the soonest they could come do it was June 1st because of Memorial Day Weekend. After some thought with my past issues with Comcast I decided this was the last straw and now want to discontinue my services with them. I have now contracted Direct Tv and will be having that installed on June 1st. But after looking at high speed internet options, the best option remains comcast. Is having comcast internet ran into the home and direct tv wired in 4 rooms possible? Is it possible to have them in the same room? (Cable modem and Direct TV receiver?)

  46. Where's MY Siesta says:

    Does ATT U-Verse work with older TV’s?
    I’m about to move and Im thinking of switching to U-Verse. I understand how it works after viewing the website and watching a few videos but the one thing I don’t understand it would work with older TV’s with only one receiver. So does that mean you need a receiver for every non-internet TV?

    • kg7or says:

      Yes, U-Verse works with any TV. Each receiver or DVR has the full range of output connections for any old or new set.

      U-Verse is an Internet Protocol (IP) system, totally unlike conventional cable, so you cannot receive anything without a U-Verse receiver or DVR. So any TV in the house needs to be connected to one or the other. It won’t work connected directly to the Internet nor directly to the AT&T cable.

  47. Apple iMan says:

    My HD receiver tells me that its in SD?
    I bought an HD digital tv receiver but recently i have noticed that in the corner it says SD a week after i was looking around the internet and discovered that SD means Standard Definition. Even the HD demo channel says its in SD.Why is it doing this and can i fix it.


    • TV guy says:

      Not sure what you bought or even if you have HD programming.

      Just make sure you connect it to the TV via component or HDMI cables and that you set it up to output in 720p or 1080i mode.

  48. Limeson says:

    How does a PC digital TV receiver work?
    I don’t have any need for a TV because I use my computer mainly, however with the new 15 free-to-air channels they’re bringing into Australia I figure I may as well give myself the option.
    I’ve seen a few of these USB-receivers on eBay for a reasonable price. I’m just wondering how it works? Does the receiver actually pick up the signal like an aerial or does it work through the internet? Cheers.

  49. Anonymous says:

    How can I connect Windows media player 11 to my HD TV. I have a digital media receiver in the home network.?
    I have a deigial media receiver (wireless) connected to home wireless network and the HDTV. I am able to share media files to it and watch videos on HDTV that are stored in my PC’s hard disk without the help of Windows media player 11. I want to watch internet streaming media thru the windows media player 11. But my media receiver does not detect window media player 11. Need help here. Anybody please help.

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