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Can I Watch TV Channels on My Computer?

Author: Tony Smith

“Can I watch TV Channels on my computer” is something that a lot of PC owners are asking them self.  Well, the answer to that question is yes.  However, you may not know which programs or stations you can watch.

So, what I’m going to do is share with you some TV channels you can watch on your computer.  That way, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite shows and programs.

The TV programs that you can watch are:

1.  Sports.  If you enjoy watching sports, you’re going to love being able to do it on your computer.  The best thing about being able to watch it on your pc is the fact that you can get the sports channels that your cable company doesn’t carry.

2.  TV Shows.  If you have a favorite soap opera or show that you like watching, you can view it from your computer.  This is great for anyone that loves watching their daily shows.  Which is something wanted to do who asked, “can I watch TV channels on my computer”.

3.  Movies.  Watching your favorite movies is another great thing that you can do on your computer.  You can watch your favorite movie channel on your pc, which is cool if you don’t feel like renting any movies.

4.  Shopping channels.  If you like to buy from shopping channels or infomercials, then you’ll love doing it from your computer.  There are a lot of shopping TV channels that you can view from your computer.

These are some of the TV Channels you can watch.  Actually, there are thousands of TV stations and channels that you can watch on your pc.  So, now that you know the answer to your question, “can I watch TV channels on my computer”, go watch your favorite shows.  You’ll love being able to do it.

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To watch thousands of TV channels and programs on your PC, click on the link below:

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9 Responses to My Web Tv

  1. Ginger C says:

    How can I watch Web Tv for free? I have paid 40$ for a useless software.?
    I recently paid 40$ for a useless software that promised hundreds of tv programs on my computer. But all the channels are in different languages that I don’t understand. Can anyone recommend free web tv?

  2. Lenka says:

    How does web TV work on mobile phone? Does it run through the internet?
    I really fancy N8 phone that came out last week. I would love to watch tv on it but dont really get how it works. My friend got it on orange and she says she cant really watch it, it doesnt work. She can use up to 500MB a month. Is this why? Is it too low for this service? Or how else can u watch it on the bus and such. Thanks guys:) I am not really tech type:) Do you recommend any other network?

    • litteboots says:

      If you are within a wi-fi zone the Nokia N8 can use its wireless functionality for data, then you wont hit any limits. But if you are browsing the internet and using data outside of a wi-fi zone then you use the mobile networks signal for your data transfer and you will have 500mb a month allowance.

      500mb a month is suitable for most people but there are other tariffs available with different networks which give you a higher limit if you will be using the internet and downloading a lot. If you are in the UK and worried about exceeding your 500MB data allowance then T-mobile offers 1GB packages and Orange 750MB.

      Whatever you do, keep an eye on your data allowance as mobile phone companies can charge a lot if you exceed your limit.

      The below link shows you a comparison of how much data is included with various tariffs.

      Good luck with choosing a suitable tariff!

  3. sivle68006 says:

    My elderly parents have a Web TV internet connection and they get between 45 and 75 pieces of spam mail per da?
    Can someone give me some advice as to how to prevent spam emails on Web TV?

    • conehead says:

      It appears that webtv has a spam blocker that sends spam to a junk mail folder. If they’re getting spam and it’s going there, then that’s as it should be.

      If, however, they’re getting spam that goes to their inbox, I think it’s time to contact webtv tech support. Maybe there’s another option they can give your parents, like a whitelist-only filter (only known addresses get in).

      I think you have to talk to the source.

  4. lolitagirl says:

    How does Web TV /MSNTV works, do you have to pay internet service monthly?
    I know it can use dial-up, but dial-up is too slow. Do you have to have cable services, because I don’t have cable. I use a digital antenna to watch my TV channels. This TV is the new HDTV however, so it doesn’t need a digital converter box.

    • leo561 says:

      yea you can use dial up or some other type of internet service which does cost If you don’t have Internet access at home and you want easy and convenient e-mail and Internet access on your TV, all you need to do is purchase an MSN TV 2 Internet & Media Player, and then connect it to your television and either your phone line or your broadband outlet.

      Dial-up Access Plan*$21.95/month

      Broadband Service with your ISP*$9.95/month
      ISP fees not included which means you will need to spend about a 20-40$ for broadband internet and a 10 extra for this msn tv package

      In 2001 WebTV Networks sold their subscriber base to Microsoft and ceased to exist. At its peak, there were more than 1 million subscribers

  5. lavender says:

    My friend just bought a web tv, will I be able to communicate with them from my PC?
    can a person communicate from a PC with someone using a web tv? if so how do you contact or chat with it?

    • John Mahowald says:

      That would have email and instant messaging on it. You can contact them with that. Probably via Windows Live messenger or MSN or whatever it’s called, and their email address. Or they could use the web browser and visit whatever sites they want.

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