Satellite Direct

Watch TV Online With Satellite Direct.

The men and women of today get around, and using Satellite Direct to watch Internet Sports on TV brings quite surprising results. Unlike their parents and grandparents, who might have taken a vacation once a year and that was it, today’s generation are world travellers, whether for fun, for business, or both.

The downside to all our busy life is that, if you are a sports fan, you might have to miss a few games here and there, and that is enough to cause ulcers in even a fence sitting sports fan. But, help has arrived, in the form of Satellite Direct TV on PC software.

Until now, the entertainment medium of choice has been either cable television or a satellite dish. Now, however, the smart sports fan will turn to their PC or laptop to get their game on. With software downloaded and installed, there are no other equipment or connections needed.

With your PC and the software, the only other thing you need is a cranking internet connection. What you don’t need – or get, or miss – is a monthly programming package fee. You also won’t need to get any of those costly sports packages the other guys will sell to you in a heartbeat.

Even if you are a major sports fan, with Satellite TV on PC, you will soon find, is more than just about being able to watch every kind of sport from over seventy countries.

Once you get over the fact that you will never miss any more play-by-play action, once you realize that the term “blackout restriction” will never again apply to you, you can begin to explore all the tons of other programming choices that come standard with your software.

Currently, “tons” translates into over 3,000+ channels from around the world including sports, news, movies, business, local (regional) channels etc.

Once you sit down in front of your streaming satellite TV for PC software and really take a look at it, you will see no end of possibilities.

It is just a matter of downloading and installing and you stand on the threshold of amazing cultural experiences at the click of your mouse.

Imagine watching the news from different countries. This will give you quite a different perspective on world events than just watching it from your home country. By watching all the diverse music and entertainment programs, you can fully immerse yourself into the cultures that populate our planet.

This is like carrying all of your favorite movies and TV shows with you, everywhere you go. Carry this software in your laptop, and wherever you find a WiFi connection, you are in business. Just set up your laptop, connect to the internet, and catch up on all of your favorite programmes, or watch your home team stomp the competition, even if you are on the other side of the world and without any additional cost.

Now, that’s quite powerful stuff!


85 Responses to Satellite Direct

  1. ttimm22uscfan says:

    Can satellite from direct tv be ran with hyper optic cables within a house?
    My house is set up with Hyper-optic cables for cable but i really want satellite but I have heard a rummer that direct tv can not run a satellite with hyper optic cables.

    • classicsat says:

      I suppose you mean Fiber Optic.

      If that is the case, in theory, it could be technically possible.
      However, the cost of the equipment would make it a monetary impossibility. It simply would be cheaper to run the electrical coax needed.

  2. Elated says:

    How does FiOS tv compare with Satellite (Direct TV or Dish) and Cable?
    My new apartment’s location cannot get any Direct TV or Dish Network signal, and I have tried Time Warner cable but didn’t like it so now I am really considering FiOS…

    • TLydon007 says:

      I’m a FiOs Technician.. The only drawbacks to FiOs could be that the install may take longer than you expect and FiOs does not have the NFL Tickets package that DirectTV has.. If you’re foreign, it doesn’t have all the foreign channels that Dish makes available.

      Also, if you really enjoy Direct TV’s notorious “Searching for Signal” screen(or Dish’s equivalent) you won’t get that with FiOs.

  3. infomania says:

    Is it possible to watch your favorite TV Station with satellite direct tv for pc without any bills?
    i was surfing the net and came across an information that said i can watch my favorite stations without any monthly subscriptions.Is it possible as rightly said that i can watch my TV Stations with satellite direct tv for pc software? please i need you guy’s replies here.

  4. anthonycloud9 says:

    Can I easily replace my Direct TV satellite dish with a new one?
    I have a dual LNB Direct TV satellite dish, and I also pay extra for HD channels. Yet I did not replace the dish with a new one, and I only recieve about 8 HD channels. I am thinking about buying one online for around $30-50 and installing it myself. I was wondering if I was able to simply switch out the dish, or if I had to call up Direct TV and have them install it.

    • wires says:

      If you feel comfortable with it there’s no reason you can’t install the dish. Use the tone and bar offered from the satellite menu to peak the dish for best performance. If you don’t feel comfortable call a local dish installer that deals with Direct TV.

  5. Mike B says:

    Workshop/Woodworking Channel on Satellite Direct TV?
    My Grandpa is over and he likes to watch the workshop/ woodworking programs where people put things together (bench, cabinet, bed frame etc.) and go through the steps with you. Anybody know of any channels that host something like these programs?

  6. phil says:

    What is the best device to find satellite position for direct tv?
    I have the birdog to fine tune in the satellites, but is there a device that I could use to determine if they can or can’t get satellite signal, say if trees coud be an issue this device would be able to tell for a fact if I can be able to put it there or not, im pretty sure there is but I don’t know the name of it, could someone help me out

  7. barb marbley says:

    is using a direct tv satellite to broadcast fta channels illegal?
    im using an old direct tv satellite that we had for a couple years now and we dont even have the service anymore but the satellite is still using it with a fta program (free to air) such as for example coolsat, pansat, or viewsat, illegal?

  8. Julie R says:

    How do I program my LG Plasma Tv remote to run my Direct TV Satellite?
    I saw no codes in my manuel for direct tv – I think that this tv remote should also run my satellite – does anyone know the codes?

    • Albert F says:

      Well you don’t, you program the Direct TV remote to operate your TV. You can call tech support or use the website.

  9. trevor c says:

    Do i have to get a converter box with Direct TV satellite?
    Do i have to get a converter box with Direct TV satellite. I have a older TV, but there is completely nothing wrong with it and I do not have the money to get a new one. I have read the government postings and still dont quite understand whats going on.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Stuck in the Middle Ages says:

      If you get your signals via satellite, you will not need a converter box. Converter boxes are needed for people with older TVs who use rabbit ears and similar antennae for over-the-air analog free broadcast TV.

      If you have cable, satellite, or fiber optics pay TV, you will still have a working TV after the change.

      I’ve added below the government’s FAQ page about the conversion to all-digital signals.

  10. Rita(nickname) says:

    Satellite or Direct TV with no credit checks or money down?
    I want to get satellite or direct tv but I don’t have the best of credit and I can’t affort to put down a chunk of money down. I do Live in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. So i would need something around here. Thank you for your time..

    • skunk says:

      I just signed my son up for satellite today.
      All you need is a credit card,they wont take any money from your account. It is for the equipment,if you leave and don`t tell them and somebody takes it,then you will pay.
      Hey good luck to you. PS We live in Calif.

  11. Who Knows says:

    How do i report someone who is stealing Direct TV Satellite?
    My neighbor is stealing Direct TV & i want to report him. Is there a link or number to do that

  12. DW504 says:

    Is Satellite Direct any good or is it a scam?
    I came across a site for Satellite Direct which lets you watch satellite tv on your pc for a one time fee of $49.95. It pretty much says that you have to download and enjoy but is it too good to be true. I live in a rental property thay doesnt allow dish’s but I still want the channels I like. Anybody had an experience with Satellite Direct?

    • Bobby Tangeray says:

      Scam, you should go with cable tv and internet. TV providers have to pay for those stations and they aren’t a la carte.

      The satellite direct can only legally be free to air channels.

  13. bj129yah says:

    How much will it cost to launch a satellite system for direct TV-radio broadcasting over entire US territory?
    I am contemplating a venture into the direct radio-TV broadcasting service into homes in the US via satellites. I need the estimate to determine how much money I have to raise.

    • jseah114 says:

      My guess is that it could be anywhere from several billion dollars to tens of billions or possible hundreds of billions. You would need to purchase satellites, and then have someone launch them into space (either paying NASA or the Japanese or the ESA). You then need to build a complete control center here on the planet to control all of those satellites and monitor them 24/7. Then you have to secure licensing agreements with all of the various companies providing broadcasts (i.e HBO, Showtime, Discovery Channel, etc.).

      Why else do you think satellite radio like XM and Sirius are still operating in the red?

  14. Bison says:

    Can Dish or Direct Satellite be connected to Cat 5 cable instead of traditional coax?

    • wires says:

      No. Coax is an unbalanced, 75 ohm, shielded cable. Cat 5 is a balanced, around 500 ohm, unshielded cable. They are for entirely different purposes.

  15. pops says:

    What is involved to hook up a home Direct TV satellite system on an RV?
    Our black box is a Hughes Network ” Silver Edition” and the tv is a standard one. Will coaxial cable satisfactory work to carry Satellite communication to the tv? Is there a special dish that must be compatible with the Direct TV system? We have seen the dish mounted to a tripod. How difficult is it to tune the dish to the required satellite direction?

    • mahoneycuttnc2002 says:

      Some things to answer:

      1. Where is southwest? Get a compass.
      2. How will you mount the dish? Tripod? Mount on the RV? It needs to be secure, but should disassemble quickly.
      3. Make the cable run between your dish and TV is the only challenge, since you can’t always guarantee where south will be when you park your RV.

      Once you’ve done it once or twice, it should go up quickly when you reach your site.

      Mike Honeycutt

  16. Ky says:

    how can i connect my sony dvd recorder to my direct tv satellite reciever?
    i wanna hook it up on my direct tv reciever so i can record what’s on tv. i wanna know how..please help.

    • Heinz M says:

      First, this only works if the program is not copy protected!
      If the satellite receiver has a S-video output and the dvd recorder has a S-video input, connect these 2 together with a S-video cable. If not, you’ll have to use the ‘composite video’ connectors (yellow) on both units.
      Finally you’ll have to connect the audio out of the receiver to the audio in on the recorder. Make sure you connect right to right (red) and left to left (white).
      A DVR (like TiVo) does that for you more easily. I have a TiVo that came with 40 hours of recording time, and I upgraded it to 212 Hours (from a 40GB HDD to two 120GB HDDs).
      Now I keep movies I can’t get on DVD yet, on there. Already have about 70 movies that way
      Good luck.

  17. John says:

    Does anyone know if satellite direct is a good way to get online TV?
    I would like to get TV stations on my computer
    What is the best company to subscribe to?

    I saw an advertisement for ‘Satellite Direct’ and don’t know if it is an legitimate company

    • TV guy says:

      Most of these packages are considered a scam.

      You can get all of their (worthless) ‘channels” by simply googling them yourself.

  18. Bowser / Roxie says:

    Is satellite direct TV magazine the only Guide for DirecTV channels?
    They’ve changed their magazine format and I find it harder to read.

  19. Herman says:

    can i watch tv using old direct tv box and satellite without paying monthly?
    i used to have direct tv and i cancelled. and i would like to know can i use the box and satellite to watch tv online or over my tv. please help. no spammers. best answer gets 10 points!

    • Stephen M says:

      >can i watch tv using old direct tv box and satellite without paying monthly< No you can't. A receiver only gets a signal once it is enabled which occurs after an account is established. There is no way to bypass it.

  20. Mad Mike says:

    Can I use a Direct TV satellite dish to get broadcast digital television?
    I have a Direct TV satellite dish on my roof but no longer use their service. Will it work for as a regular TV antenna for the DTV in 2009 with a converter box?

  21. tiff-so-fierce says:

    Does the tivo dual turner work with Direct tv satellite?
    I have tivo but my dual turner is not working and I have Direct tv satellite.
    How can I record 2 shows at once, or record a show while watching live tv on the other turner. I read the instructions book already and followed the directions but it is not working.

  22. Alexandria S says:

    My direct tv satellite receiver stopped working-best place to get a new one?
    Recently one of my two Direct tv satellite receivers stopped working. Where’s the best/CHEAPEST place to get a new one?

    • kalavera says:

      best buy or circuit city have them and probably other electronic stores
      they’re about 70 bucks for a basic one without dvr capabilities

  23. kool says:

    What to do now with direct tv satellite dish?
    Our landlord took down our satellite dish because he hired people to fix the roof of the garage. If I call direct tv to come and set it up again at different part of apartment will they charge us again?
    BTW: Have protection plan for direct tv.

  24. adamthecartoon says:

    what are the coordinates for a direct tv satellite?
    my father and i think that when the winds were blowing VERY hard, it might have turned our Satellite, all answers will be greatly appreciated.

  25. Bob says:

    Direct TV, can you get the internet through the satellite dish?
    I live out where there is no cable or DSL hard wired into the ground like most neighborhoods. Although I do have direct TV (satellite dish) and am able to get reception. The kind with 500 channels or whatever. Would I be able to get internet through the satellite dish? Or does the internet have to be hardwired to my property?

    • classicsat says:

      You cannot with the dish you receive TV with. You need a separate dish, wiring, boxes, and service for satellite internet.

  26. Ashley says:

    Can you hook up more than 1 receiver to a single direct tv satellite dish?
    I live in 3 story apartment complex and there are about 5 or 6 Direct tv dishes on the side of the building. So my question is can more than one receiver be hooked up to a single dish? Like if i were to ask a neighbor to use their dish would it work?

    Thanks, I will look into that. I will be getting a subscription, I’m not tryin to get free satellite 🙂

    • stratsandlespauls says:

      Yes, look into a DP34 or DP44 switch.
      These are designed to let multiple receivers run from a single dish, although you will still need a subscription.

  27. Timmy C says:

    How to Make my direct TV satellite work as a regular antenna for a D-TV converter box ?
    Okay so i have only 1 direct TV receiver box and its located in my living room and my direct TV account is active. I was wondering if it was possible to use the direct TV satellite to serve as a regular antenna to send signal to a digital converter box for my television in my bedroom ?

    • Nomadd says:

      No. The Direct TV antenna is made for about 14 Gigahertz. Your TV stations are less that 1 gigahertz. A coat hanger would work better.

  28. ironpony521 says:

    Can a Direct tv satellite dish be used as an antenna?
    I subscribe to Direct tv for my summer cottage and in the warmer months I watch Direct tv broadcasts but I shut it off in the late fall. I still visit a few times between fall and spring and I would like to know if that dish can be used as an antenna for digital signal tv.

    • R T says:

      Actually it is an antenna – for satellites. It will not work for over the air TV, though. That’s a completely different animal.

  29. Burrito says:

    does anyone have any real insight on the satellite direct tv over the internet program?
    I’ve been looking to see live tv shows on the internet and I came upon something called satellite direct “watch over 3,500 channels on your computer”. Does any one have this? Do you recommend it? Is it worth the $50? What is it like? Is it the real deal?

  30. belize91 says:

    I am thinking of satellite television using Direct or Dish Network to dump Comcast what do you think?
    I remember backyard earth stations when I was a kid, but that seems to be a thing of the past. Is there any pro or con between Direct and Dish? Are they reliable? What about them for Internet conntion vs cable? The reson I am dropping Comcast is they are forcing me to go to digital and raising my bill from 11.95 to 49.95 a month for the better quality. I am happy with the analog signal

    • PopsGifts says:

      Have DirectTV, had for 4 years now…

      Originally promised $59/mo for basic+ HBO,Starz
      First bill was $124 because they automatically (???) charge customers for the NFL football package ($49)…took 3 weeks to get that credited back.

      When the rain/snow is landing hard, the signal goes out…when the wind is blowing, the signal goes out…and when the clouds are thick or a storm is passing…You guessed it.

      Recently upgraded (last year) to all premiums except Cinmx, and agreed to $79/mo…and to date not a single bill has been under $100.

      You and I are on opposite planes at the moment; I’ve been considering swapping Direct for Comcast based on a few promos they’re running at the moment…
      Last offer was for HBO+Starz for $30/mo, or basic+HiSpeed for $40/mo.

      DirectTV offers hi-speed thru Hughsnet at $60/mo…do a Yahoo for Hughsnet for current pricing offers…at last check there was a fat down-payment (modem and special dish) to get started, and I didn’t think the investment was worthwhile…especially if service is out 30-50 times a year for bad weather.

      If you’ve got an HD TV, or even a flat-screen, you won’t believe the clarity of the picture with the digital signal…it’s the main reason we stayed with Direct…Trading up from analog cable, the difference in quality was amazing.

  31. ねこ says:

    Do you all find it weird when survivor that show is from direct satellite What it mean by that?
    If it direct satellite how come they know what happen for the upcoming episode?

    • loves christmas lights says:

      Unless a show is said to be live, it is filmed, edited, and shown, the season finally could be live, or an episode if they list it that way. But when you watch a show, and you see scenes from different rooms or locations, it has been edited, and then show at the appropriate time. Survivor has never said live, I do think maybe the finals of some shows are live, I dont remember which one. Even though its a reality show, that means, people are not rehearsed and do not repeast scripts, but they still shoot lots of footage to make the show interesting.

  32. Aravind says:

    How can i get a direct satellite internet?
    i’m living in a place which is far away from town.So broad band internet is not avaialble and i also not interested in using dialup internet-very slow

    • Colin H says:

      You can, it is very expensive though and data rates are slower than BB. Do you have mobile telephone coverage where you are as a GPRS/EDGE card may do the trick.

  33. xaznjazonx says:

    Is there any way to have direct tv satellite without putting holes/mounting with screws for the satellite?
    We want direct tv, but my parents are scared it’ll ruin the roof if we ever decide to switch and take the satellite down since there will be holes from the screws. Is there any way to avoid the holes on the roof if we get the satellite dish? Thanks

  34. duchiapple says:

    which is better cable service for television the dish satellite or the direct tv satellite?
    I have satellite dishes on the outside of my building that tenants have left and was wondering what is the better cable dish or direct tv?

    • tlbs101 says:

      I have Dish. I used to have cable. I like Dish much better than cable (for lower cost and more programming). Dish does lose signal during really bad rainstorms, but in the desert (where I live) those are few-and-far-between.

      As for Dish vs. Direct TV … there are a few things on DTV that Dish doesn’t have that I might like, but it’s like, “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”, more than anything else. I think the basic costs are about the same.

      I just had a problem with my Dish receiver last week after 3 years of use and they replaced it at no cost (not even shipping). The replacement came in 2 days and I was ‘up-and-running’ in less than 1/2 hour.


  35. jackmcmalley says:

    Use a Direct TV satellite receiver box as a digital converter?
    I have a Direct TV satellite receiver box, but my account is on hold. Is there a way to use the Direct TV box as a digital converter so I can watch local channels?

    • Barry in Seneca says:

      In a word… NO. Sorry.

      The DirecTV receiver inputs satellite signals of a much higher frequency and different encoding than broadcast DTV. All components are large scale integration ICs with a dedicated application and nothing that can be changed.

      Dig deep and pull out the $50 or so to buy an “off-the-air” digital converter box.

  36. hillaryc59bc says:

    Does Direct tv satellite give problems with reception during heavy rain or snow?
    I’ve had Direct Tv for almost 7 months. This past week we’ve had rain and the satellite goes out on a few stations. Comes back. Today, we had to reset everything during a heavy rainfall. Is this a common thing to happen to Satellite tv?? Should I call the company up and ask for credit on the days we had problems?

    • Dan S says:

      Yes, heavy rain and snow can interfere with the TV satellite signal.

      Driving rain can also move your dish slightly making your reception degrade or even requiring a reset. To avoid this either tighten the clamps holding it in place or add weight to the stand alone bucket that supports the dish.

      You can call the company for a service call and have them tighten the connections for you.

  37. ckngbbbls says:

    Does anyone on YA have or had Satellite Direct TV for PC?
    I found it on the internet and apparently you pay a one time fee(about $50) and for ever after you get about 3000 channels from all over the world to watch on your PC.
    Sounds too good to be true so i was wondering if anyone on here had tried it or knew of anyone who had tried it?
    All the reviews I read on line were somehow attached to the company that sells it and that makes me a bit leary. Any thoughts?

    • Fraggle says:

      It’s a scam. Software like this just aggregates feeds that are free to anyone. You’ll get 3000 channels, but they’ll all be public access channels in Malaysia and similar offerings.

  38. Blue Elf says:

    Does anyone know if Satellite Direct is a scam? (I am not asking about Direct TV which is a legit company.)?
    Satellite Direct offers satellite TV on your computer. It isn’t the dish type service for the home.


  39. Obumneke says:

    How can u bcome a member in Satellite Direct TV?
    do u need to buy the software or register?

  40. josh b says:

    Please tell me about TV with satellite Direct?
    I am trying to buy their services but am skeptical about what they claim about their software. Please let me know if you know anything about satellite direct or may be even better if you already have it.

  41. jgspahn says:

    How do i self aim my direct tv satellite?
    I self installed a direct tv satellite out at my cabin where i will be rehabing after my double knee replacement. I have between 100 and 90 on all even satellites EXCEPT number 4. I cannot get anything but 0% on any of the odd transponders. Can anyone help, my surgery gets closer everyday :/

    • Fydollaho says:

      repeat the satellite set up though the main menu..especially if your in a different region for the dns channels

  42. Luke Was Here says:

    How do I hook my media center edition pc into my satellite (direct tv) for recording?
    Please give a full walkthrough if possible.

    • jjki_11738 says:

      First describe what connectors you have on your PC, and what you have on your satellite box. email me at jjki_11738.

  43. classicsat says:

    It is a scam. They don’t list what specific channels they offer, because they do have major channels you may want (at least legally), and the channels they do have are probably ones yo don’t want, and can likely get for free on your own.

    Given the shady nature of the venture, I wouldn’t give a CC number to them.

  44. Jessica Kaurel says:

    what is the best satellite direct TV program to download?
    I was surfing the net and stumbled upon the info that states that one can watch satellite TV stations online absolutely.Please i want to know if it is possible and what is the best program on this?

  45. Paul says:

    Can you connect to dish network or direct tv satellite in Germany?
    I am military in ramstein germany i have a satellite dish and was wondering if i could get the either the direct tv or dish network satellite? If i can i was going to order the whole thing from the US cause satellite here sucks. I dont wanna pay 100 euro a month for 10 english channels 🙁 I’d rather haft to DVR all my shows then pay for crap that will be playing at a convenient time to me.

    • antalison22 says:

      If you can get hold of a sky dish and box readily available now second hand you should be able to pick freeview channels up in Germany as the Sat’s are all above you, we are ex military who caravan a lot in france and have no trouble picking sky up. directions for tuning are found on the web

  46. Jessica Kaurel says:

    Satellite Direct TV Download Review – Watch Over 3,500 Channels Right On Your PC Anywhere You Are I?
    is it possible to watch over 3,500 channels right on the PC without incurring monthly.Can this be better than cable TV?

    • Christopher Bradley says:

      It would depend on whether a satellite internet company offers that or not. But satellite is definitely a handy way to get online and watch all kinds of video, because you can connect from anywhere. This article has some good info about satellite internet, and I’m pretty sure there’s a link where you can review all the satellite internet companies in your area to see what they offer.

  47. boyahhh :) says:

    My direct tv satellite says searching for signal?
    I just rearranged my bedroom, and I moved my t.v and satellite to the other side. When i was done i connected everything like normal, and turned my t.v on and it says “searching for satellite signal (771)” All of the other televisions in my house are working perfectly fine including the HD satellite downstairs. I know everything is plugged in correctly. Please help!

  48. Justine J says:

    How to use Satellite Direct?
    I recently downloaded satellite direct so I can watch streaming tv on my laptop. It said there was over 3500 channels so i figured there would be something i could watch. Now that I have it I have no idea how to find channels that actually show tv. Last night I was trying to find the nfl game and all i could get was old news and radar pictures could somebody tell me how to effectively use satellite direct.

    • Gary Mattes says:

      Hi There!

      I just bought the same software a couple of days ago for my laptop as well. All I can say is, you know the old saying? If it is too good to be true it probably is.

      This product is a very simple front end to a lot of so called HD (not!) television channels that could be obtained for free if you scour the web yourself. They must have some central server that gathers up all this stuff and streams it to their suckers, I mean customers.

      I tried many, many channels of their so called 3500 channels. Looked there was a couple of 100 channels, maybe. Nothing but rubbish. Very little worth watching at all. lots of old news, lame web cams, advertising, weather channels, government/political stuff and foreign content that I would have no hope of understanding anyways. Would you believe a show about goat herders in Uzbekistan?? Please don’t get me wrong I have nothing against goat herders in Uzbekistan! I just don’t think that it makes for a great nights TV for an English speaking gent like me! But I digress!

      If you can’t connect to a particular channel (which is often!) their viewing window comes up with this Truveo garbage web page which another piece of software junk I have to load for my Internet Explorer. I use Firefox only! Then Truveo advertises many, many shows (some good shows I might add) that have to be viewed from the Hulu website. Huh! I thought Satellite Direct was supposed to provide this content. Any real quality content, ESPN, Showtime, HBO is not even available through their product. Read the Terms of Service page.

      Yes, this product is an unmitigated pile garbage and soon as I can I am going to try to get my money back. If I can.

      Hope this helps!

  49. Gabe K says:

    Can I watch the NFL LIVE on Satellite Direct online? Is it worth the 49.99?
    I want to watch live football this season and the team I like is far away from where I live. Can I catch all the games online with Satellite Direct?

  50. Bowser / Roxie says:

    Is satellite direct the only Guide for DirecTV channels?
    They have changed their monthly magazine and I find it now harder to read.

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