Satellite Images Of Earth

Satellite Remote Sensing has been a standard first step for the mineral and petroleum exploration industry. Satellite imagery from satellite sensors such as GeoEye-1, WorldView-2, QuickBird, IKONOS, ASTER and LANDSAT 7 +ETM have benefited geologists, scientists and exploration managers in earth sciences due to the advantage of large scale mapping and the sensors containing multiple band colors which allows them to interpret wavelengths that cannot be seen by the human eye, such as near infrared, short wave infrared and thermal infrared to identify the difference in structural features of the earth’s surface.

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ikonos satellite image nevada-mining

IKONOS Satellite Image of Mining Operations in Nevada

Multispectral imaging and thematic mapping allows researchers to collect data of reflection and absorption properties of soils, rock, and vegetation. This data could be utilized to interpret actual surface lithology to identify clays, oxides and soils from satellite images.

The use of satellite imagery in mineral exploration, generally a combination of panchromatic and multispectral image data has been used in mineral and petroleum industries over the last decade. With higher resolution satellite sensors increasing over the last decade such as GeoEye-1 (0.41m) and WorldView-2 (0.46m) both providing panchromatic and multispectral full color imagery that is used to utilize enhanced spectral analysis for mapping, monitoring and analyzing landcover classification and extraction of culture data, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) classification and mapping, lithological classification, change detection, environmental monitoring, development, land-use planning, visualization and simulation environments such as digital elevation models (DEMs) and 3d terrain modeling.

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76 Responses to Satellite Images Of Earth

  1. raysheauk says:

    What is the best way to view satellite images with Google earth.?
    The options are Open GL or Direct X what are the advantages of each.I have set my resolution to large 1024×1024 but I want to view the best images I can display.

    • sahil says:

      see Direct X is a program which is used to open games the best way to view satellite images with Google earth is GL

  2. Leon H says:

    How often are the images on google earth updated?
    I’m trying to find out whether construction has been started on a place in my home town where I no longer live, and I’m wondering if the satellite images on Google Earth are a continuous stream of new images, or, if not (as I suspect they aren’t), how often is the image of each place updated?

    • Mel says:

      Google says that they’re all “less than three years old”. I can date a few places in the US based on construction, and they all seem to be right around three years old. I’m sure there are areas that are quite new, but I don’t know where they are off hand. They just sent a new satellite up, so new pictures are on their way.

  3. luke w says:

    Where can I get a live satellite image of the Earth that shows me where daytime is currently?

  4. midgets_scare_me says:

    Can I show a map instead of images in Google Earth?
    Does anyone know if it is possible to show a map – like the one in Google Maps, instead of satellite images in Google Earth?

    I realize that I can just use Google Maps, but I want to use Google Earth. So please no answers that say, “Just use Google Maps.”

    • wiiρlυѕ says:

      There is indeed a reason why they named it Google Earth. You can only use Maps, even if you don’t want anyone to say it.

  5. Penny F says:

    What are your thoughts on the impact of humans on our planet after seeing the satellite images of Earth?

    • Socrates {CM} says:

      what impact?
      its not like theres huge clouds of smog, and fire everywhere
      humans hardly did anything detrimerital to the earth
      oh and, the person above me is an idiot
      we’re parasites as much as dogs, or cows
      humans are natural

  6. MissSukie says:

    What is the best Interactive satellite imaging of the earth, close ups and all?
    like when you want to look at a continent the closer to a city then even closer to a house or something…. Ive tried a few and when you get to close it has no photos. Help please. Thank you!

  7. mayur s says:

    How can we watch live satellite images of earth?

    • Andrew S says:

      In general, you can’t. Satellites don’t take live images of Earth on a continually updated basis. They tend to take snapshots periodically. Even then there is nothing to say those images are available – many observation satellites fulfill specialised roles, possibly classified, and releasing those images to all and sundry may well be counterproductive.

      This needn’t be military: consider an oil company looking for probable locations of new oil reserves. They will have invested a lot of money in that satellite and do not wish to alert the competition to any new finds before they can secure the rights to them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is there any site or software from where i can see live satellite images of earth?

  9. Ginger says:

    Are their any satellite images of any space shuttles actually leaving earth?
    You always see these images from cameras strapped to the shuttles…or images from ground earth….I have never seen any actual footage from space showing any of these shuttles leaving or entering the planet. Are their any? and which site shows them?

    • M M says:

      The problem with imaging the shuttle from space is that the shuttle is relatively small and fast. Below is a link to a satellite based image of Atlantis launching.

  10. Thomas M says:

    What website offers the most up to date,free satellite images of planet Earth???
    Thanks for your answer…Tom Science 4

  11. SoD Sasquatch says:

    When are the GPS/Google Earth satellite images going to be updated?
    I’m a pizza delivery driver for Pizza Hut and I have been finding it very annooying that I have to keep adding in streets to my map at work. We have a large printed off map that is divided into sections and we have drawn lines and whatnot with the street names. I also have a TomTom GPS system that doesn’t know anymore than that map. I know that the pictures of the earth must have either been taken in 2005 or updated then because that’s when Google Earth, my GPS, and the Pizza Hut map was constructed. I was just wandering if anyone knew when they are going to update it again? Maybe every 5 years or something?

    • spud says:

      I have just answered a similar question as we also have not been put on their map and I have lived in my home with three hundred other park residents for 5 years. I had heard it was every 5 years so whats taking them so long? perhaps they need a Sat Nav or Tom Tom

  12. L says:

    how does a satellite take images for google earth such as street view? and how can it possibly take every sing?
    le* picture of the earth? just how??

    • Tech head says:

      The satellite spins around the earth taking pictures but you cant get that good detail
      They will use a plane that takes pictures.
      And then
      The car with cameras mounted on top for Street View.

      Satellite, Plane and car that is what they use.

  13. Christopher says:

    where can i download program to watch satellite live images?
    where can i download program to watch satellite live images.
    i want to see earth satellite images live where can i download the program to do this or whats the name of the program.

  14. roaddogg1469_37825 says:

    Are there any web sites that allow you to see live satellite images of any place on earth?
    I am looking for a web site that allows you to pin point any where on earth. I have downloaded World Wind from NASA, but it isn’t exactly what I’m looking for. To be more exact, I’m looking for something like Tommy Lee Jones used in Men In Black (when he looked up his lady friend), but it doesn’t have to be that detailed. Does anything like that exist?

  15. R H says:

    live images of earth?
    which web site can I get that shows live satellite images of England at the moment I am watching

    • wilde_space says:

      Nothing like that available to the general public. The only live footage of earth from space I saw, was when there was a live broadcast of a space shuttle mission a few years ago. But they were filming from the shuttle, not satellite.

  16. Kim Nguyen says:

    what are some advantages of using satellite images to study Earth’s atmosphere?
    This is a question for my science class

  17. Helion says:

    How often are Google Earth Satellite images updated?
    I was looking at satellite images of my city (Toronto, Ont.) and noticed
    that the images are out of date by as much as two years. How often does
    Google update the images?
    Additional question:
    Why are most rural imagery lower resolution then city. There is also a big difference in image quality between some
    European (German) cities and Toronto. In this day and age one would
    expect very high quality of all areas of the globe.

    • nimatehrani says:

      That’s because Germany cities are urbanized enough to make Googlers update their satellite images or take it on high level. Canada (no offence!) is a rural place so they do not think of need to update such frequently.
      Example, Tehran images are updated monthly but when I looked for a city in Mazandaran province of Iran, I see it’s of a number of seasons ago.
      Don’t worry.

  18. earlshop says:

    free satellite images of different areas on earth?
    i want to find different places in the united states by satellite images. such as geographical images of the land

  19. 【ツ】ρεαcε! says:

    is there a site for live satellite images of locations on earth?
    like a webcam?

  20. amitpop22 says:

    is there any wallpaper of Earth that changes as the time goes on? Like a satellite image?
    I am looking for a free wallpaper program that displays a satellite image of Earth and changes depending on the time or weather. i heard there was something like this but i can’t find it.

    thank you.

  21. The rock says:

    Satellite images are based on?
    a. standard photographic film which is recovered after the satellite is returned to Earth.

    b. holographic images created using laser-generated interference patterns.

    c. digital data that is stored electronically and then transmitted to Earth by radio waves.

    d. all of the above.

    • Sciencenut says:

      The question is difficult, because the time frame is not specified. If all of history is included, then the correct answer is D. In the earliest days of spy satellites, the exposed film was jettisoned from the orbiting satellite and recovered on earth and then developed and processed in the usual manner. However, electronic digital pictures soon usurped this primitive technology. Digital photography is one of the many technologies that has come directly from the Space Program.

  22. the_reverend2u2 says:

    Where can i get REALTIME Streetlevel Satellite Images. I am willing to pay 4 it.?
    Want to view realtime images of places in the US. Not GOOGLE EARTH old images taken 1 time per 10 years. Want REAL TIME as they are happening images. I am willing to pay to access this type of service if i need to.

    • RationalThinker says:

      You probably only have that kind of access if you work for the NSA and are tracking domestic terrorism. Otherwise you might as well launch your own satellite.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Besides satellite images,how do you prove that the Earth is round?
    The satellite seems something improbable to me.So they have built a camera so strong that can record a piece of space and send it back to Earth.On Earth,the satellite seems possible,the invention,but not in outer space if there really is outer space,i have my doubts about it as well.But the main thing is that satellite images are not a convincing argument that there is an outer space or that the Earth is round,so how else are you going to convince me that the Earth is round and there is an outer space,if you have not been to the outer space to se it for yourself?I ask only for i have not seen the outer space.Thank you,sorry if it seems a dumb question!

  24. A.M. says:

    When would remote sensing (satellite image of the Earth’s surface) not be helpful to locate mineral resources?

    • angelseternity says:

      It is helpful to a degree, scientists use remote sensing to begin looking for possible oil and gas reservoirs and other minerals, however it has it’s limitations. A geologist must actually go to the locations and look at the rock types and physical structures in the area to really be able to determine if it holds any value.

  25. Justin says:

    Is there a site that gives live satellite images of the Earth?
    I currently use Google Earth wich is okay to use, but I am wondering if anyone knows of a better site or source to use. I want as updated pictures as I can get. Live pictures would be best.

    • swamp elf says:

      You might contact a major newspaper. after the huric. in New Orleans, I think they had live satil. pics. So maybe they or a weather station could help you. Boy if you find one come back and let us know.

  26. bugalug_hills says:

    How often does Google Earth update it’s satellite images?
    I’ve just ‘googled earth’ my place and all it consists of is a grassed paddock!! The picture had been taken years ago.

  27. Mathew says:

    I need to know the web site which can provide me with satellite image of my specidied area.?
    The web site may ask for the specific location of which I want the satellite image. The image should be as latest as possible. Google Earth image is older than what I need.

  28. Oni V says:

    when is google earth going to update satellite images of the whole Globe?

    • JComputer says:

      They are constantly updating their Satellite images. They come from many sources (listed at any given time in grey near the bottom of the image). At any given time, in general, an image on Google Earth is probably somewhere between 1 day and 1 year old.

  29. Daniel says:

    Where can I get current satellite images like google earth?
    Google earth shows imagery date as April 6, 2004. Where can I get current satellite images of my place in NW Arkansas? Is there anything like google earth with newer images? I read people use google earth to look for crashed air planes, but how would that work if the images are so old? Yes, i do live out in the country.

  30. Anna1223 says:

    Is there anywhere to see a real time satellite image of Earth?
    In particular of the UK?

    • Nitz B says:

      Unless you work for some government or satellite monitoring agency, I think not. I recall someone telling me long ago (someone who worked with satellites) that all satellite images released to the public had to be at least X (like 2-4) years old. It was curious because I used to look at my high school on google earth and notice that a building which had been erected that same year didn’t show up on google earth until a few years later–yet some satellite images on the program were fairly up-to-date. I’m US east coast if that helps.

  31. Stacey S. says:

    Is there a place to go to see aerial shots or satellite images of places on earth?
    Like, recent images of days, or the day, .. and not google earth or whatever its called, its showing an old image of the world, like, 3-4 yrs ago(unless im at the wrong place).. for free also..
    thts a stupid site (tht google c**p), cuz i know for a fact there those images are like, from 4 or more years ago.

  32. stasha says:

    is there a site to watch live satellite images of earth weather from space?

  33. binit_12 says:

    How can i view live satellite images?
    Is there any site where i can enter the place name and see the place clearly and live from satellite. Please don’t tell me about Google Earth , because the images were taken 2 or 3 years ago. I want to see live image of a place(I want to see live image of ROMANIAN BORDER). Please give me any link.

  34. ƑǏǑƝƝŨĂŁĄ says:

    Current thermal satellite images of planet earth?
    Where can you see this online? NOT Google Earth, but another site or program?

  35. January 20th, 2009 says:

    Why is the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign removed from Google Earth Satellite Imaging?
    I was trying to locate an apartment in the Urbana-Champaign area, and I’ve found that the entire campus has been blurred out on the map. Does anybody know why?

  36. uthmanadeola says:

    which websites can i see satellite images of the earth from?

  37. antonio andolini says:

    Where to find enhanced image of Earth someone made 5 yrs ago using satellite images & whatnot?
    Remember when someone did that? It was, like, the most perfect picture of Earth, ever.
    The water was clear & greenish on the coasts,….the skies were clear,…& the colors were rich.

    Anybody have any idea what I’m talking about?

  38. deemitry says:

    What’s a good program that has new satellite images of earth?
    anything besides google earth

  39. Craig Y says:

    where can I find detailed interactive satellite images of earth?

    I have already used Google Earth and the image doesn’t get detailed enough.

  40. partypao says:

    Where can i find access to live satellite images of the earth?
    i know of one, but its black and white, and updates are every 3 hours. plus the satellite view is pretty far to:
    Hey thanks for the links guys!!

  41. Dragon says:

    How old are the satellite images of Google Earth?
    Does anyone use Google Earth? I just downloaded and am wondering how old the pictures are. I saw my old high school and definitely know the pictures of my school are 3.5 years at their oldest (from the renovation of and addition of huge buildings), but I looked at pictures of my house and I can definitely tell its older than 3.5 years. So how old are the newest pictures and is it possible to see live streaming satellite photos?

  42. drilsgt_98 says:

    Is there a website to view satellite images of earth live or close to real time?

    • soltar1976 says:

      Below is a really good site. You can view the earth from the sun’s perspective, the Moon’s etc. There are other sites as well.

  43. Earthquake Engineer says:

    An earth imaging program more current than Google Earth?
    I need to get the general layout of some structures for a project that I am working on, and the satellite images from Google Earth would be perfect. The only problem is that the images provided by Google Earth are way outdated, and the structures I’m looking for weren’t even constructed in their image! Is there a website or program that gives images similar to Google Earth, but that are more up to date?


  44. January 20th, 2009 says:

    How much data is contained in Google Earth?
    How much space does the entire collection of Google Earth satellite images take up? and Google Street View?

  45. bleuflamenco says:

    Why are satellite images of Jerusalem on Google Earth so low-res and crappy?
    I would think that a place that figures so prominently in the two biggest religions in the world would merit better coverage…

  46. rajvir s says:

    is it any website where i can see latest earth picture through satellite images?
    i want to see latest earth picture through satellite images of india

  47. resolution says:

    Looking for satellite images of Finland, but better than Google Earth.?
    Google Earth only has limited quality images for the area of Finland I am interested in. Any idea where I can get better quality images like that shown for major cities?

  48. rdmbuilder says:

    how can i download updated satellite images of countries from the internet? google earth is so outdated.?
    i need a software/subscription where i can download real time satellite images of different countries, my boss is willing to pay.

  49. Georgia on line says:

    Where can I see live satellite wiev of earth on line?
    Please share if is there are any sites where live earth images can be seen.

    • campbelp2002 says:

      No, there are no live satellite views of Earth anywhere, even at the CIA. The satellites are constantly moving and no place is constantly under a satellite. And all on line sites are libraries of data than can be quite old, years old in many cases. Many of the images are not even taken from satellites, they are taken from airplanes.

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