Satellite Television Channels

Satellite TV for PC – Watch Live Online Satellite Television Channels On Your PC – TV For PC:
It is amazing how TV for PC has become so popular all over the world in the past few years, this is due to the fast moving pace of day to day living and technology, today almost every home has a television set reason being everybody including little children want to always stay informed and entertained while at home. Entertainment and news are the major reasons why most people are obsessed with television since everybody wants to watch their favorite movie or know how their shares are doing at the stalk market and to get latest business news.

It would be very exiting to have huge selections of high quality channels to choose from and at affordable prices, but this remains to be a big wish for most people because cable television seems to be too expensive for many to afford and the channels offered are also very limited some of which come with very poor signals leaving many with no option but to forget about cable television all together.

Now there is a solution to all this through satellite PC television which has enabled many people to get access to six thousand channels and more on their computers. This has made satellite PC television so popular all over the world since it is very affordable and it also offers high quality channels to all age groups with no limits. Many are now rejoicing with satellite PC television because they now have something they thought they would never have in this lifetime. Click here to download software.

Watch Live Online Satellite Television Channels On Your PC:

We all know the feelings we get when we miss out on our favorite programs, news or good football matches on television. It is very agonizing to know that you are missing out on all this either because your cable television has been disconnected due to lack of payments or maybe the channels you need are simply not available, you can picture your self going to bed without watching news of the day and not even knowing how your shares at the stalk market are doing just because you can not afford cable television.

All this frustrations have caused many people to spend allot of money in efforts of trying to get just a little of what they are looking for and it is only a few who end up being satisfied and many end up frustrated the reason being that most cable television companies offer a limited number of channels most of which are irrelevant to their customers either due to language barriers or those channels are just boring and all this channels have to be paid for at every end of the month.

Because of this high monthly cost many have chosen to move on with their lives without cable television and they choose to depend on the local stations in their countries most of which come with very poor signals, most are going through all this just because they do not know about satellite PC television which is very exiting and very affordable. With satellite Tv for Pc you will get access to over 12 thousand channels very easily and at the lowest price available online, this is just the solution which many have been looking for, Since it is now possible to watch live satellite television channels on your pc.

TV For PC:

Imagine watching over 12000 Free TV channels on your computer or laptop from all over the world through latest high speed data technology. All you need is a computer or laptop with a dial up or broad band Internet connection no special hardware is required because all the software needed to watch all the channels is supplied to you free of charge and it works with all windows version like windows 95, 98, me, nt, 2000 and xp including Linux, for Mac viewers not all channels may be visible without windows media. Don’t fight with your family members over the remote control again just get these 12000+ Free Television channels and more for yourself.

Its also possible for you to use a T.V converter which is sold separately that will enable you to connect easily to your T.V set and watch 12000+ channels plus on your T.V set if you desire. You do not need to buy T.V cards which only work by good luck for a short time just take this opportunity and get 12000+ channels and more that you can watch anytime and anywhere in the world where there is Internet connection at very affordable prices.
Free TV Channels available In Many Languages and from the following Countries: Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech rep, Denmark, Dominic. Rep, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan,Jordan,Kurdistan,Kuwait,Latvia,Lebanon,Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Oman, panama, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russian fed, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, south Africa, south Korea, Spain, Sir lanker, Sweden, Switzerland,Taiwan,Thailand,Turkey,United kingdom,Ukraine,U.s.a,Vatican city,Venezuela,Vietnam and many more. No monthly fees, no re-occurring membership dues, No purchasing anything after membership no gimmicks or scams no complicated downloads, no pop ups or annoying spy ware ads. No waiting for service to be activated. No more fighting over the TV with family. This is 100% legal, no – illegal satellite or TV disclaimers, no illegal software, no – illegal downloads. Don’t miss this offer you just cant get anything like this elsewhere online.

Satellite TV for PC:

Without much knowledge on Satellite TV for PC, Many people have spent a lot of money on satellite TV over the years so that they can watch specific channels they like which are either not available in their counties or on regular TV and yet many end up frustrated either due to very high monthly charges or even poor signals. Most of the satellite or cables companies offer a limited number of channels most of which most people don’t even watch either due to language barriers or those channels are just boring and many just end up forcing themselves to watch programs or stations just for the sake of it.

All this facts finally lead us to this big question, is it really possible to watch what we enjoy on Television and at a massive selection of channels at an affordable price? Yes, through internet satellite TV this is now very possible without the need to purchase satellite dishes and TV boosters not forgetting the huge monthly charges and maintenance costs.

With satellite TV for PC it is now possible for you to access over 12000+ TV channels on your computer or laptop through high speed data transfer, all channels come in high digital quality through a very secure website and It is possible to access this channels from anywhere in the world and if you are looking at the cost, then this is the best and the cheapest way to watch all the news and all your favorite programs right at the comfort of your seat. Many people have even bought multiple satellites in order to increase their choice of channels and the cost is just becomes unbearable, You don’t have to go through all this because it is now possible for you to have satellite TV on your PC easily.

It is now a proven fact that entertainment has become mandatory to every human being living in the world today, at least almost everybody owns either a television set or a radio and it has become impossible for many to do without one or both of these popular items. All this has been influenced by today’s fast growing technology because in the sixties and early seventies it was very difficult to come across something like a colored television any where but today people are watching television on their cell phones and plasma screens, how amazing.

This factors have caused many people to spend allot of money just to stay informed and entertained in this fast moving life we are currently living and It is has therefore become very important for us to be sure that we get the value of what we pay for especially when it comes to television.

Most television companies offer a specific number of channels for a certain monthly fee and this has become costly to many of their customers since many of this channels come in very poor qualities and are of no value to their clients leaving us with very good reasons to consider the value of what we get and the amount we pay and see if it is really worth it.

Today there is a solution to all this issues through the latest technology of satellite television which will enable you to watch over six thousand channels and more on your computer or laptop at a one time fee and as unbelievable as this may sound there are no hidden charges and the channels you receive are of crystal clear quality which is exactly what most people are looking for today in terms of affordability and quality. Get this service today and live to tell others about it. Get Satellite TV for PC and Watch Live Satellite Television Channels On Your PC, Download TV For PC software: Click here to download.

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86 Responses to Satellite Television Channels

  1. Anono says:

    Basic Television channels changed?
    Is channel 11 (FOX) in southern California still on basic television? I’ve tried rescanning for channels for my satellite TV option thing, but channel 11 doesn’t seem to appear anymore, why is that? Did they happen to switch to cable or something?
    haha Now I know what type of questions people wouldn’t answer on this low standard so called answer website…

  2. fifty50 says:

    Can you watch satellite television if your television only goes up to channel 69?
    My 20 year old television is dying so I bought an eight year old used television, which appears to be in perfect condition, but when I use the antenna, it only goes up to channel 69. My DirecTV runs off of channel 92.

    • R T says:

      There never was an Over The Air channel 92. The highest they ever used was channel 83. After February, the top of the band will be channel 52.

      I used to have a Magnavox TV that used “channel 92” to select the Audio / Video (A/V) inputs. Is your satellite receiver connected to the TV with the yellow/red/white connectors? If so, you need to figure out how to change your set to the A/V input.

  3. apexgroupindia says:

    “how to start a television channel in india”?
    i want to start a satellite transmitted channel in india.

    • Me in Canada eh says:

      It took a while to find this but if you contact the Film and Television Institute of India through the link below, I’m sure they can help you.

  4. Jeannie L says:

    Can regular television sets be adapted to accept HD channels?
    I have a regular television set instead of a plasma flatscreen one. Can regular television sets be adapted to accept HD channels with satellite cable? If so, how? Thanks.

  5. JB says:

    Is there any other way to receive these television channels?
    I find myself limiting my television viewing to educational channels like ID Discovery, Science, National Geographic, History, Military, and Biography. I currently receive them via a cable television company. But that is expensive considering how few channels I watch. To help reduce expenses, I’ve looked into Dish Network and DirecTV satellite services. Are there any other options available to receive these channels on my television or view these channels on the internet?

    • keiko says:

      I looked at the discovery channel and saw a link to video from various shows but the link was broken. I guess you can try each channel and see if any of those shows are rebroadcast online. Otherwise, maybe someone else can help you.

  6. inboxj says:

    Can you have a Tivo with basic television channels or is cable/satellite necessary for Tivo to function?

    • PoohBearPenguin says:

      Matt S is incorrect.

      You can use the stand-alone Tivo models with cable, satellite or TV antenna. There is also an older model of Tivo built into some satellite receivers (DirecTivo) which only work with the DirecTV service. DirecTV no longer offers these.

      If you use a cable box or a satellite receiver, you will need to do some additional configuration so that your Tivo can control your cable box or receiver and change the channel. Unfortunately this means you won’t be able to watch normal TV as the Tivo will be using it to record shows. If you change the channel, you will mess up your recording.

  7. bbwnoire71 says:

    Satellite television?
    I am interested in getting channels from Spain and France. What should I do. Does anyone know any companies that would do this.

    • trooper says:

      most satellite company’s will offer u out of country networks,but it will cost u a lot more money.just surf around 4 company’s and prices.

  8. jeryxks says:

    What is the equipment use to distribute satellite receiver channels into tv output?
    I have 2 television sets but I got only 1 receiver. Is it possible to distribute the channels from the receiver so that I can switch different programs direct from the remote control of my tv without affecting the receiver? And also the other tv set may choose which programs he likes to watch.

    • dracosvizzier says:

      In order for 2 tv’s to watch different programs from sattelite you must have 2 recievers. It is not like cable where you can use a simple splitter .

  9. 313 says:

    Can you watch American TV stations or channels on cable television and satellite television in Canada?
    I want to move to Canada.

    Can I watch BET and MTV on cable television or satellite television in Canada?

    I am an American that wants to move to Canada from the Detroit, Michigan area.

    Can I still watch my favorite American cable and satellite TV channels in Canada?

    BET and MTV are both American cable TV and satellite TV channels.

  10. u.killa says:

    How can someone make a Satellite/cable company like direct tv, comcast, dish, etc.? Own tv channel and/or show?
    I would prefer a satellite type of company.

    I know it might be far-fetched, but I at least want to know how to make and/or get my own satellite/cable company, television channel (s), and/or television show (s). And how much each would cost.

  11. troubled says:

    Satellite television changing codes daily?
    Can anybody tell me how safe it is to install a receiver which needs codes changed daily? All I want is to have Ecuadorian channels.

    I’ve got a Humax 5300 with a motorised dish (Hotbird, Hispasat and Astra) at the moment but have been told I need to upgrade the box for a Technomate so that I can access latin american channels. I’d like to know if this is a scam.

    By the way, I’m not able to see any channels in the Hispasat frequency, anyway.

    • jorgeqba says:

      The Ecuadorian channels are only available in the Hispasat Footprint for Europe and it does not apply to North America.

      As said in the other reply , you should be able to pick up FRee channels on Hispasat depending on where you live.

      Before you invest in an other satellite receiver make sure you can get Hispasat.

      Im not familiar with the Technomate , but if I were you I would register at a local forum and ask if anyone is getting those channels and find out how to set up the receiver , if you have to enter codes to get programming then it might not be worth the effort ,see if you can get a access card with a paid subscription.

  12. kingelkhunter says:

    How can I get basic television now?
    I dont have cable or Satellite or anything like that, and now because of this new deal since February, “TV going all digital” I cant just use the good ol “bunny ears” antenna. What can I get so I can still get basic television channels? And please dont tell me to get with the times, I dont want cable or Satellite. Basic tv is plenty for me.

  13. Happygoluffy says:

    Why isn’t television, all chanels satelite and cable, regularly broadcast through the internet?
    I haven’t yet found a website that allows the viewing of live television channels. Not just one or two news channels but all channels from Satellite to cable and from america to europe to asia.

    • Adrian says:

      Not everyone has broadband yet, so the market is limited to large centers only.
      Also, if they did that, a lot of the bandwidth would be used up by the video, especially HD. I don’t think most ISPs are ready for that kind of load yet – maybe in the future as more people get on fiber.

  14. kidspades725 says:

    Can I get Satellite Television in Taiwan?
    I am an American living in Taiwan, I want to watch American Television and I believe the only way to do this is through Satellite. So is there a Satellite Television company I can use in Taiwan to watch American TV channels? If their is more than one I would appreciate a list of company names, but right now I would settle with just one.

  15. Please dont hack my account says:

    Are there any satellite television providers merchandising Indian television channels excluding ASIA VISION?
    The following channels are compulsory.
    Zee TV
    Star Plus
    Set Max

  16. Sketch7 says:

    How to pick up foreign television channels?
    It use to be, satellite use to let you pick up not only your local and national channels, but you could have tv channels from all over the world. They no longer do that. How can you watch foreign tv channels, or is it impossible unless you live in that country?

    • TV guy says:

      You can certainly watch foreign channels over satellite, but it is up to your satellite provider to decide what to retransmit. International channels are also extra.

  17. Jose G says:

    Is it possible to get free satellite television?
    Hey, is it possible to set up your own satellite dish and get free channels on your TV? I’m asking this because in Latin America and in Mexico, people buy their own satellite dish and set them up and they don’t have to pay a monthly fee to a cable company for ex. DishTV. Can you do that here in the U.S? What would you need to do this?

    • R T says:

      Yes there are some unscrambled signals out there. You can put up a dish and receive them free of charge.

      DishTV is a pay service. If people are getting it free, they are using stolen codes and are stealing.

  18. duaneho says:

    Satellite television on laptop?
    I’m from Singapore and I’m hoping someone out there can answer my question. I own a HP Pavilion laptop and there’s this program HP Media-smart. It says that if I buy a TV antennae in the form of a card or USB, I can watch TV on my laptop. If I eventually get the antennae, will I be able to receive channels from America like CBS/FOX on top of local channels from my country? Will the antennae be a substitute for satellite TV? Thanks!

    • Bill M says:

      I know there are adapters to watch regular TV channels on a PC. Satellite TV adapters may exist, or you could connect a satellite receiver to a TV adapter.

  19. The Determinater says:

    Can I get a DVR that will record multiple broadcast television channels?
    I need to record 2 shows that are on at the same time on broadcast television. I’m not talking about cable or satellite. I’m talking the plain and simple, rabbit ears antenna, digital broadcast television. Is there a DVR that can do this?

  20. akoni_ls says:

    Why won’t my digital television pick up more channels?
    I have a digital television that only picks up one channel. A small basic antenna was added, but does not help. Satellite service was purchased so that basic channels and then some could be watched, but I don’t really watch much television. If I can get it to work without the service that would be great! Anyone have any ideas on how to make it work before the trial period on the service is up?

    • kg7or says:

      As the other answers suggest, a better antenna is your solution. But which antenna depends heavily on where you are and what stations are on the air in your area. To help with that, go to the two web sites below for detailed answers customized to you personally. You’ll see all of your local stations, the directions they are from your home, and what antenna is recommended for you.

      Be prepared for the likelihood that you’re going to have the best success with a full size outdoor antenna, mounted on a rotor if your stations are in different directions.

  21. YP says:

    If we pay for cable/satellite television, why are there still ads?
    I mean, what do they use the money for then? I understand ads on network television because you can get that for free, but it seems greedy to force people to watch ads on channels we pay for already.

    • Rose D says:

      You’re paying the cable company to deliver the signal. The stations still have to make money by advertising. The only exception is stations that require subscriptions, like HBO or Showtime.

  22. Artiecat says:

    Does anyone have satellite and cable television service at the same residence?
    I already have satellite television service, but wish to hook up ONE TV to cable service for different channels. Will this create problems?

    • savagenarce says:

      If one TV is hooked to satellite and another to cable, no problem.

      If you want both TVs to be able to choose between watching satellite and watching cable, then you will need a simple coax switch. See the attached for an example. You will need one switch for each TV.

  23. Los Penguinsx4 says:

    can you record satellite channels onto pc using media center?
    or is it just basic television channels that are able to record. and if so anything else needed.


    • Troy L says:

      if you have a capture card with Video or S-Video input your set. simply connect the Video output of your satellite to the the video input of the capture card, and then connect the left and right from the satellite audio output to the sound cards line input (you will have to buy a cord for this). and then selected the input feature in the WMC and record. this method is for top quality sound and video.

      OR you can connect the satellite to the computer using the old method: from the tv out of the receiver to the cable in on the capture card…then in WMC select channal 3 or 4 and record. this method being the easy way, will give some what of a lesser video quality and more then likely a mono sound (not in stereo).

  24. daanish.narvel says:

    television channels?
    I live in a non cable area and want to opt for a television service, any ideas which companies provide this?? also if i have a free view box, do i need to have a satellite installed? is there a charge to view the freeview channels?


    • paul w says:

      are u in the UK ?

      or the USA ?

      In the UK freeview does wot it says on the tin – Free.

      Digi boxes less then £20 now !!

  25. vamshi says:

    How the television channels are aired, if thru satellite do they pay anything to the satellite owners.?

  26. shyonee says:

    what is the impact of the satellite channel television programmes on the Indian urban women?
    the impact might be at different levels , like, fashion , language,lifestyle, home decor,etc

    • Jumping Sun says:

      Like everyone – whether child, urban man, rural man, -satellite has both positive and negative effects on Indian urban women.

  27. Laurisa says:

    Why can’t you pick up free television with a big satellite dish anymore?
    When I was a kid my grandparents had one of those giant satellite dishes and they would pick up channels from all over the world with it. They didn’t pay for a subscription or anything. Can you still do this (I don’t think you can) and if you can’t then why not?

    • Kirby says:

      You can’t do this anymore because you get different channels depending on what service you pay, and some channels
      Require a remote control. (e.g. Red and blue button on remote)

  28. k1dd101 says:

    As of today, how many television channels are there around the world?
    sum of broadcast, cable, and satellite. If you have the answer, make sure to tell the source of it. since i’ll be using it in research paper.

  29. jo says:

    Is it possible to receive a PAY CHANNEL (television satellite signal) with a dish & receiver on free of cost?

  30. Anonymous says:

    How can I improve my television reception quality?
    So I’m having trouble with what I believe is my satellite-box-thingy… On most television channels, the reception is not constant. The program will flicker on and off throughout the program and commercials. Some channels do not have this program, while others do. Our other two satellite-boxes in the house work perfectly fine, while this problem has been occurring since the new year. I have a fairly old Star Choice box, if that helps.

    What can I do to improve/fix my reception quality?

    • Mr Twobit says:

      Check connections, check signal cable for wear or damage, look for devices that may be too close to cable and are interfering.

  31. GRAHAM C says:

    i have a satellite dish installed but nothing else. what do i need to receive television channels?

  32. sporty says:

    Self-Installed Satellite Dish? Advantages and how do I know if it is good Quality?
    I’m situated in Ireland.
    My signal for my television is a bit fuzzy and I’m wondering if I got a satellite dish instead would this improve it? I only have the normal terrestrial television channels and I’m also wondering if you get these channels with a satellite dish.
    I’m only interested in the once off pay satellite dishes.
    Also, How would I know if the satellite dish is good quality? What size, etc..

  33. grapow says:

    Can anyone recommend a Television (NOT SATELLITE) engineer near Denia, Spain?
    Having moved here from the UK bringing our UK (Panasonic) Television with us, we find that Spanish terrestrial channels are unusable because of a difference in audio frequencies used.

    • Jerry says:

      There is more than one standard for PAL transmission

      PAL – Standard B/G is used in Spain
      PAL – Standard I in the UK

      Pal-B, G, H, I and D as far as the actual video is concerned, are all the same format. That is: they are all PAL. There is no difference…. All use the 625/50 line/field rate….. scan at 15,625 h-lines/sec and use a 4.433618 color subcarrier frequency & PAL color processing. The only difference is in how the signal is modulated by the TV Station transmitter for broadcast. Thus the B, G, H, I & D variants, designate the broadcast frequency carriers used, as opposed to any variation of the video format itself…

      PAL-I for example, has been allocated a wider transmitter bandwidth than PAL-B, necessitating that the sound carrier resides 6Mhz above the picture instead of 5.5 MHz above the picture carrier.

      Thus a PAL-I TV (the United Kingdom for example) will receive no sound if taken to Spain (PAL-B) if all the TV’s tuner is able to decode is PAL-I. This may be your case. (Fortunately, most European tuners support most of the broadcast variations ).

      Not sure much can be done if the TV’s tuner does not support the difference in audio frequency of the broadcast transmission. Check to see if there is a menu or a switch to change the PAL standard.

  34. Phil P says:

    Can i place a satellite dish inside a ground floor flat, ?
    Facing a double glazed window. And be able to pick up signals. For, Free to air satellite television channels. Thanks

    • R T says:

      As long as the dish has an unobstructed view of the satellite, it will work. Remember that “in the general area” is not good enough. It needs a direct line of siight view of the satellite.

      The glass will reduce (attenuate) the signal some, though. You will get better results mounting it outside.

  35. LasVegasMomma says:

    How can we get television reception without cable or satellite?
    We have been Directv subscribers for years. We love Directv. However, we cannot afford to continue with the Directv service at the present time. We have tried 2 different RCA indoor antennas with no luck. The sales people keep saying we just need to spend more money. Is there anyway to get local channels without spending hundreds of dollars? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  36. fifty50 says:

    How will I get more channels when the country switches to HD?
    I’m getting rid of my satellite television tomorrow and I was just wondering how I will get more channels when the country switches to HD? Are there really stations just waiting for all of us to go HD? Or is there just more space for more stations so sometime down the road we will get more stations?

    I have been watching the ads for HD and they promise more stations, but that’s kind of vague and no one has actually discussed how many more or which station is showing up.

  37. royal says:

    satellite television in Egypt, what English spoken channels can I receive?
    I will be spending a lot of time in Hurghada in my own villa, what can I do to watch things like Sky documantary channels, can I pick them up there, also there is a communal system but I assume that it will be Egyptian programmes

    • Rodi= Yasseen's mum ♥ says:

      there is a free channels spoken english on the nile sat like NILE TV ,

      and there is movies channel that offers american movies, like MBC 2,MBC Action, Dubai ONE, Fox Movies.. and they are all free on the Nile sta too..

      and many other channels but you have to buy their decoder first, like showtime company, it has many interesting channels like movies, series, animal planet and discovery channel ALL 100% spoken english.. just give them a call !

      enjoy your stay =)

  38. doublewidemama says:

    How is it that I can have satellite television with hundreds of channels and nothing good to watch?
    Am I overly picky, or does tv just really suck….?

    • tech_fanatic says:

      I feel the same way. It seems like there is rarely anything good on. Not to mention the fact you find a TV series you like and then the majority of the shows are re-runs. Between sports, holidays and just plain time off, it seems as though there are hardly ever any new shows on.

  39. Sceamloud says:

    looking to get a malaysian channel on satellite television. Where do I get it?
    I have DirecTv and have look into Dish network and neither carries a channel of this nature. Any help with a satellite provider would help greatly

  40. Frank the Tank says:

    My television turns colors when i change channels?
    I have satellite cable and when I change channels my television will turn black and white for a couple seconds then back to color. Do you know what might be wrong? I have surround sound plugged in, dvd player, and an xbox 360.

  41. Steve says:

    Is there any genuine satellite dish I can get from the Internet to receive hundreds of tv channels worldwide?
    Subscribing to Cable TV services has become more expensive in my country in Singapore! It costs about US$50 a month for the full package! No kidding!
    Therefore, I decide it was not worth paying for it anymore and decide to install a satellite dish instead in order to watch hundreds of tv channels worldwide.
    I saw several satellite dishes on sale from ebay but I’m not sure if it will work if I purchase a satellite dish from ebay! I’m afraid it will not allow me to receive hundreds of channels worldwide and just act like an ordinary local antenna!
    Is there any genuine satellite dish I can get from the Internet to receive hundreds of tv channels worldwide? I don’t really mind about the price if I’m able to watch Satellite TV for life after a one-time payment!
    I was not looking for any Satellite PC software! I just want it live on my television!
    Your recommendations are greatly appreciated!

  42. fiftyfifty_kay says:

    Is it possible to watch cable or satellite television stations online?
    I joined the Air Force in March and have finally arrived to my technical training in the Presidio of Monterey in California. I am planning to buy a laptop computer with wireless internet in the near future and I was wondering if there was a program or service online that allows you to watch cable or satellite television stations (such as TBS, Fox News Channel, and Comedy Central, just to name a few) online, without having to buy cable. I can’t get cable in my dorm and I am looking for a completely legal, paid service to watch these channels on my computer.
    I joined the Air Force in March and have finally arrived to my technical training in the Presidio of Monterey in California. I am planning to buy a laptop computer with wireless internet in the near future and I was wondering if there was a program or service online that allows you to watch cable or satellite television stations (such as TBS, Fox News Channel, and Comedy Central, just to name a few) online, without having to buy cable. I can’t get cable in my dorm and I am looking for a completely legal, paid service to watch these channels on my computer.

    I am not looking for a free service. That would be illegal. I want a service or program that I have to pay for, just like I would if I was getting regular cable or satellite.

    • gnr_tj says:

      well if u buy a laptop with a tv tuner built in, then yes it is possible to watch the broadcast things like nbc,abc,etc….but even if ur laptop has the ability to watch television. cable tv and satelite are paid services. u cant watch cable tv or satelite without paying for it. there are some programs that offer some cable and satelite channels for free but nothing in the way of movies or what not. more like teasers like the weather channel or something. but to get something like hbo or whatever you’ld have to pay for it.

  43. RALPH M says:

    How do I hookup my satellite to my television so that I can utilize the television’s PIP feature?
    I know you need 2 sources for the picture-in-picture (PIP) to work. I have an outside antenna also. I can use the PIP with the antenna and the satellite, but the antenna only shows local channels. I want to be able to use the PIP to show all the satellite channels. The current hookup is (a) outside antenna coax into a splitter with one coax output directly to the television and the other coax output into the satellite receiver, which is necessary so that the satellite receiver can display some of the off-air channels that transmit in high definition; and (b) the satelitte coax directly into the satellite receiver and then out to a VHS/DVD recorder/player.

    • John K says:

      There are two ways of doing this, but before you spend money on this make sure your TV can have an input on the PIP mode otherwise it’s not worth it. 1) You have to get another receiver and hook one up to the ant.(coax) and the other box hook up to an input on your TV. 2) For only one box you would have to get a dual tuner DVR box that is made to hook up 2 TVs. Hook TV1 through the coax and TV2 through an input. If you’re going record you can only watch that station until your scheduled recording stops on one of the tuners of the DVR box.

  44. DAVID says:

    How can your record on a VCR from a Digital TV the Digital channels?
    We recently purchased an impressive 26″ wide-screen Bush HD-ready TV ( Model: IDLCD26TV05HD).

    We have managed to connect it to our DVD, VCR video and satellite box for Sky. Everything is working fine and we can tape record programmes on all our analogue (terrestial) and satellite (sky) channels

    BUT how can we record video tapes on this digital television from the digital channel? There is no separate digi-box. The digital channels are in-built into the TV. We have scart leads connecting each of these items but just cannot locate the digital channels on our video set up ? I have even tried addition jack connections but this did not work either.

    Can anyone advice me how we can tape the digital channels on to our VCR?


    Dave P

    • TV guy says:

      Check if your TV has a video out port (most likely composite – yellow RCA connector). If it has, connect that output to your VCR’s input

  45. gchuva says:

    Is there anyway to get US satellite television service in Asia?
    I live in Asia and would like to get US channels on my television? Is there a way to do that via satellite?

    • robert KS LEE. says:

      i don’t know now,maybe one day v can get its service in asia if demanding is far there’s only astro service in asia.

  46. mbalzeshari says:

    which satellite can i get spanish television channels (free to air) in the uk ?

    is there any others with more fta channels other than hispasat? thank you susan !

  47. ROSHAN RAI says:

    I am really keen to know about how to start the new television channel through satellite?
    Dear sir,
    It is really a serious question i am asking through your site that, I am running a cable television in my region and its been now five years of doing so.Now actully my network is very vast and every body is asking me to go with this new venture because, i have all the aspects like we are telecasting the local news every day and all the local flavoured programs are also shown.
    but despite these still the question lies that though i am capable of investing capital as much if it requires but really do not know that how start this big business with having bleak knowledge at all. So, kindly guide me into this at the earliest.

    • dinu_pawar says:

      u need a footage rights 4 running a
      24 hr channel few months
      get register as pvt company &
      pay fee for satellite trasponder
      get advertizement for revenue

  48. Millard Fillmore (Lazy Libertarian) says:

    Is There Anyway To Get Television Channels In My Dor Room?
    So I am completely uninformed about television technology but basically…

    I live in a dorm room with no cable plug in and that doesn’t allow Satellite installations. Is there anyway to get any channels on my tv? If so, how?

  49. Fire-up the Truth Directly says:

    Looking for a genuine source to buy digital satellite television software?
    My friends have told me of digital satellite tv software with more than 5000 channels and I am interested.Does anyone know of the best supplier that offers 5000-10000channels?I am not looking for free versions as i am interested to spend.

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