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Google TV has hit the market and by the initial statistics it surely seems to be a successful addition to the TV market. With the introduction of Google powered TVs from numerous consumer electronics companies, TV devices consumers can choose from a variety of set top pass-through boxes; a few names are: the computer accessory giant Logitech Revue and Sony’s Blu-ray player. Sony recently released its Google software powered TV set called as Sony Internet TV NSX-32GTI and according to many reviewers and tech blogs, now this is the best set-top box in the market with larger array of features.
So here is a detailed review of Sony’s Internet TV with both the hardware and software realms explained in detail:Sony Internet TV Hardware Features
From the hardware point of view, the first glance on Sony’s internet TV will give you an impression that it is quite different from normal HDTV’s available in the market. It has a curved back of white color and a very unique out of the box stand. Despite all the hardware packed into it including a Google TV-standard 1.2 GHz Intel Processor, the TV is not at all heavy and is almost of the same standards as we come across in a 32-inch LCD that also has a CCFL backlighting. There is no considerable fan noise, and on the display side it has some pretty cool color display with an overall average performance, and its black levels are also very decent. Although, the display is mere 60 Hz as compared to others in the market that have 120 Hz display like many other modern display units, but no considerable motion blurriness is experienced. The Sony internet TV comes equipped with almost four HDMI inputs and a total of four USB ports, 2 x dedicated IR ports (IR Blaster), a high quality integrated Wi-Fi and an optical audio out.

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  1. Kenny says:

    i have new sony tv and internet how do you install java 40i tv and cricket wireless internet access.?
    to my tv

  2. Ben says:

    how do i get internet sound on sony smart tv nsx40gt1 to play on my surround sound?
    i hooked it to the audio out using rca cables and searched all the options on the tv but it only plays sound on the tv speakers

    • Pioneer says:

      To fix this problem you need to go to your TV’s menu. The menu button can be found on your remote usually somewhere in the middle around arrow buttons. Press the menu button, and scroll down the menu until you reach “audio” or “sound” setting. Under there you should find “internal speakers” feature that you should be able to turn “on” or “off”.

      Oh, and RCA is stereo only, not surround.

  3. Robert C says:

    How do I stream video from my laptop to my Sony Bravia internet TV over my network?

  4. Smokey says:

    What are the words to that song on the sony internet/tv commercial? Most of what I hear is some whispering.?
    Then I barely hear the words “impossible” and “fresh start”? I see the commercial mainly on ESPN.

  5. paco511 says:

    How do I connect Sony Braiva tv to internet wirelessly?
    We have a Sony Bravia 52 in tv and want to connect it to the web wirelessly.
    Have Dell laptop and DESKTOP pc.Laptop is Windows 7 and desktop is Vista.
    Have linksys wireless router in house.
    Just not sure how to hook it up and what equipment will need.

    • silverbullet says:

      You need to consult your TV’s manual to see if it is internet enabled. If it is, follow the setup instructions in the manual.

  6. Maximiliano says:

    how much money would they give for a sony tv at pawwn shop?
    sony led lcd internet tv 40”
    the tv is white with black it cost me $1000.00 with a $200.00 dollar insurance it has intel like the one in computer you can access internet throu the tv

    • Pearls Before Swine says:

      You can expect to be offered anywhere between 10% and 40% of the item’s “fair market value”.

      So, if the TV was $1000 new it’s “fair market value” is less now – maybe $700?

      And 10-40% of $700 is $70-$280 – so maybe what you’ll be offered will be somewhere in that range?

  7. MIKE says:

    How do i connect a keyboard to my sony bravia internet tv? or what kind of keyboard it will work ?
    where to buy it for Cheap?

  8. Bigmaca says:

    How To Set Up Sony Bravia TV With Internet?
    Recently I just bought a Sony Bravia TV and it says it is able to go on the internet, the router that I use is Belkin and everytime i put in the belkin dongle into the tv it doesnt recognize it. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Do I need a different dongle?

    Thank You

    • Stephen M says:

      >everytime i put in the belkin dongle into the tv it doesnt recognize it< What does the manual actually say about internet connectivity and are you following it's directions? It isn't at all clear what you are doing from your post. Since you are talking about internet connectivity and a "belkin dongle", this suggests to me something that you are plugging into your TVs USB port and I doubt very much that is what the owners manual tells you to do. To the best of my knowledge, the newer Sony's have a wired internet port. You then either connect this to a router via Cat 5 cable or you use a wireless adapter. The USB wireless adapters I have seen requires devices drivers to ber loaded in order to work and while you may be able to do that on a computer USB port, a TV's USB port lacks that functionality.

  9. hey says:

    How to set up internet on my Sony TV?
    My new TV is capable of a wireless internet. My computers all use a DSL router, so I figured I could just plug in a wireless card into the USB of my TV. But it didn’t work. I know I sound silly and that more things are needed than just a wireless card, but how do I get internet on my TV?


  10. Nitesh says:

    Help on Internet TV on Sony EX700?
    I have bsnl Broadband connection and would like to know the settings/how to configure the internet tv options on the above tv
    P S Using wired connection

  11. PJ says:

    How can I see a Youtube livestream in my Sony Internet TV?
    When I search an find a youtube channel I can only play stored videos, but I cannot play the live stream the channel is having. For instance, currently youtube/copaamerica channel is streaming soccer matches live but I can not see that in my tv, only previously stored videos.

    • Dave Austin says:

      I will suggest you to upgrade it with an app which allows to watch youtube and many more sites.
      It is preloaded in my LG Smart HDTV though.
      That is why I love it.

  12. Whymelord says:

    What is the song from the sony internet tv commercial?

  13. Thrillerhead Al-jassar says:

    What is the best TV Sony Bravia 3D or Samsung Series 8 internet built in 3D?
    I want it with full HD LED TV

    • Ticket Monster says:

      I have always been one for Sony TVs. However the Samsungs currently have one of the highest ratings in LED LCD TVS. I agree with the previous user that Sony generally has a sharper picture and more natural colors. However Samsung is known for having a high contrast ratio and extremely bright colors. I currently own a Sony LCD and have always loved it. I am about to purchase a new LED LCD TV and from all my shopping around, best bang for the buck in the new generation of TVs seems to be Samsung in my opinion. The best way to find out is go look for yourself and see what picture and features look better to you. Good luck. Oh and make sure you get at least a 240 mhz. It makes a huge difference for picture quality and refresh rate.

  14. GEOFF says:

    How do I connect a Sony Bravia internet TV to my BT Total Broadband Hub?
    Do I need a Sony dongle?
    Can it be a wireless connection?
    Is there any set up procedures that I can follow easily?

    • Jim says:

      You need a wireless adapter for your TV. I think it needs to be the one Sony provides though because I think you plug the wireless dongle into the ethernet port rather than a USB port. I think they’re about £40 :s

      I connect mine with an ethernet cable though as it’s faster.

  15. midi_james says:

    when i switch television over to internet tv why wont it work on surround sound only the tv speakers?
    I have A sony tv and surround system but when I switch the tv over to internet tv the sound will only run through tv speakers not surround system how can i run the internet tv through surround sound thanks

    • silverbullet says:

      Your question isn’t very clear. What are you switching FROM? What are you using for surround sound? How are you connecting to the internet? Is the TV internet enabled? Are you connecting via an internet enabled bluray player?

      Assuming that you have a surround sound amplifier and your TV is internet aware, you have to provide a path for the audio from your TV to your amplifier. What kind of path depends on the specific TV and the specific amplifier.

      Typically flat screen TV’s have a digital audio output, and most surround sound amplifiers have digital audio inputs. Connect the two with the appropriate cable and you’re good to go, although you’ll still have to READ THE USER MANUAL for the surround sound system to figure out which sequence of buttons enable sound from the digital input. I know how to do it on my Onkyo receiver, but I’m sure its different for yours.

  16. Brendan says:

    What’s the song from the Sony Internet tv comercial?

  17. michelle says:

    can you use a wireless keyboard for a sony internet tv?
    we just got a sony internet tv on black friday..and we wanted to know if you can use any wireless keyboard for the tv or do you need to use a specific keyboard? thanks

  18. captainmonkey77 says:

    How do I connect my Sony TV to the Internet wirelessly?
    Is the only way using a Sony dongle? Can’t I scan for my home network and connect to it?
    It’s a Bravia KDL32EX403U LCD HD 1080p Television, 32 inch with Built-in Freeview HD. Yes I have a wireless router.

    • ddominic says:

      It depends on the model of your Sony TV. Need more information about the model of your television. Most television have apps for your television. You would need a wireless router with your internet.

  19. Jkstr says:

    Do I need to have the Sony LocationFree Base Station connected to internet & a TV signal at the same time?
    Like, I get Mediacom Cable. Do I need to have the Sony Location Free Base Station hooked up to the wireless router via Ethernet Cable at the same time as I hook it up to the TV Cable Signal? Basically my TV and computer and wireless router are in different rooms so I want to know if I can use the Base station.

    • stratsandlespauls says:

      The Base station needs to be connected to the router AND whatever you want to “sling” or view over the internet/network,
      Be it a VCR, DVD, Cablebox, what ever signal you want to view needs to be plugged in to the base station.
      So yes at the same time both need to be connected.

  20. siickwithit says:

    How can i hook up my sony bravia tv to the internet?

  21. M and K says:

    Why is Netflix so much better on my Vizio tv with internet then my Sony tv with internet?

    • TV guy says:

      What is the native resolution of each TV? (it will show better on a 720p TV, less scaling)
      What is their size? (it will show better on a smaller TV)
      Wired or wireless? (wired is better)
      One at a time or both simultaneously?

  22. alexp says:

    What video formats does the new Sony Google TV Bluray player support?
    The Sony just came out with the new Google Tv bluray player for preorder, but I wanted to know the differences between this product and the Logitech’s Google TV. Does the Sony Internet Bluray player support all the video format files that the Logitech supports?

    • SimplyGoogleTV says:

      Based on the descriptions on their product pages, the Revue supports more formats. Here is what the Revue lists:
      MP3 – MPEG-1 Layer 3
      MP4 – AAC
      M4A – AAC
      OGG – Vorbis (Only when a USB device is connected to Revue)
      Video (Currently in Beta)

      MKV – H.264/AVC
      FLV – H.264/AVC, H.263
      MTS/MT2S/TS – H.264/AVC
      AVI – H.264/AVC, DivX MPEG4, XVid MPEG4


      Here is what the Sony Blu-ray lists:
      H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
      MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer ?)
      Dolby Digital
      Dolby Digital Plus
      Dolby TrueHD

  23. jon says:
    can’t find site

  24. fcavenaghi999 says:

    How does wi-fi on Sony Tv work?
    I want to buy a new tv with wi-fi ready but can i watch content from sites like veetle or Ustream? I don’t care for Internet tv but does sony have a limit on what u can view? I checked their website but all i saw was just Youtube videos and other stuff from major websites and i’m interested in watching live sports from other websites.

    • Skwisgaar says:

      With internet TV, you are at the mercy of the manufacturers apps. If you want to watch videos from different websites, you should get a computer to hook up to your tv and a wireless mouse and keyboard for browsing theinternet.

  25. ADude says:

    Apple TV vs Sony Internet TV Blu-Ray Player?
    I am trying to decide between the new Apple TV and the Sony Internet TV Blu-Ray Player. I think that the Sony Internet TV is the better way to go but I just want some advice. Also, do you think that AT&T U-verse will partner with Google TV? Money is not a problem, so the $99 and $399 difference is OK as long as the device is worth it.

  26. KERSTIN K says:

    How do I connect my Sony Bravia TV to the Internet?
    I am trying to connect my Sony Bravia TV to the Internet. I have 1 BT Powerline Adaptor connected to the BT Home Hub via Ethernet Cable, 1 BT Powerline Adaptor connected to the BT Vision Box via Ethernet Cable and that works fine and another BT Powerline Adaptor Connected via Ethernet to the TV. When setting up the Network on the Sony TV it says Cable Connection ok but Local Access and Internet Acces Not OK?

    • AVDADDY says:

      Pull out your TV’s manual. I’m pretty sure that you either have to use wireless or an ethernet cable connected directly to an ethernet switch or hub. Consult your TV’s manual.

  27. ohai says:

    How do I find the MAC address for my Sony Internet TV?
    It’s a NSX-46GT1 if that helps.

    • Dan Justdan says:

      It is probably written on the back of the TV but if not

      You could look at the DHCP leases on the router to see if it is shown there.

      If you know its IP address you could ping it and then run arp -a to get it.

  28. 2009ityme says:

    hi i have a sony bravia internet tv and an ethernet cable. can i connect through my sony bravia tv with this?

    • Stephen M says:

      Oh come on… what do you think “internet TV means”?

      If you have any doubt, can you look on the back of the TV for the ethernet connection or perhaps even read the manual.

      I’m not sure exactly what price point an internet connection appears in the product line, though I am pretty sure there are low end models that don’t have an internet connection. Of course, you did not tell us the model number or how old this TV is, so I just having to shoot in the dark as to what you really have.

      However, I can tell you for sure that a Sony internet TV means one of two possible things. The most likely is it has an ethernet connection there. The only possibility is it has what is called a DMEX connection. I forget what that stands for, but you can search for it on Amazon and get one for a good price there. It is basically a little module that plugs into the DMEX connection on the back of the TV and then you plug your ethernet cable into the module.

  29. kelly says:

    i’ve just bought a sony bravia tv. (internet tv ready)?
    but it requires a wireless dongle to acces the tv internet.
    which dongle would you guys recommend.
    my provider is BT with the wireless home hub (laptop has signal all over the house including garden)

  30. Sonny says:

    Any way to turn a Sony Internet tv 32″ in game mode?
    Title says it all cuz it keeps lagging on me so I wonder if there’s a game mode to fix that

    • aims448 says:

      Good question, I have the Sony 46″ Internet TV with google and when I play my ps3 it looks great and yes I can see a little bit of judder when I am playing MLB 11 because the TV is 60HZ. I am not home now but as soon as I get home tomorrow I will look through the menu and update this answer when I find out:)

  31. dirtrider says:

    Sony TV Full HD 1080 or Internet Ready? Which would you pick.?
    Ok im looking at a sony bravia 32 inch lcd tv. theres one thats full hd 1080p for $500 and one thats 720p for 470. the price difference isnt really a concern for me. but, the 720p is Internet Ready. Which one would you pick? What exactly can you do on a Internet Ready TV? Can you browse the web like a normal computer? or is it just like those digital frames that connect to facebook and show your pictures? anyway, what do you suggest? The Full HD 1080p or the 720p internet ready tv? thanks

    • kg7or says:

      720p is thoroughly adequate on a 32 inch screen. If the same TV had a 1080p display and was equal in all other respects, you would be hard pressed to see any difference. The difference becomes apparent on larger screens.

      I would want to carefully examine all of the specs on the two TVs, because there are probably additional differences, like the refresh rate and the response time. I’d be particularly interested in the refresh rate to ensure that the set I buy is at least 120 hz.

  32. nfletcher says:

    Possibly Mark Weitzman. He does some of Sony ads but unsure if he does this one.

  33. Blah says:

    can you access internet in Bravia Sony TV?
    I’ve got internet set up in my Sony TV and all the widgets work properly( youtube and stuff). But is it not possible to access Internet like on laptop by entering website links?

  34. Anthony says:

    yeah. you can do basically anything on one.

  35. T says:

    Which company makes the hard drive for the Sony internet TV?
    Also looking for the maker of the wireless cup build into the tv?

  36. Ashwath says:

    Is the Sony Google TV good for gaming and light internet usage?
    We need another flat screen for our game room. We were considering the Sony Google TV because we like Google and Sony products. Our only purposes would playing video games and some light internet usage. TV service will most likely not be added to this TV. Would the Sony Google TV be viable?

  37. Skillz708 says:

    Will Sony make a Google TV unit without a Bluray?
    I already have a Vizo 37′ HDTV, and I already have a PS3. So I have no need for a Sony internet tv or a bluray. I dont want to pay more than I have to, to get google tv.

    • SimplyGoogleTV says:

      You are in luck, there is a stand-alone Google TV box by Logitech called Revue. Connect it between your cable or satellite box and your existing HDTV and you get all the Google TV goodness. It is available on Amazon, through Best Buy, or through Logitech’s website for $299, and is currently the cheapest way to get Google TV.

  38. sarcastro1976 says:

    I have a Sony Bravia tv-the non-internet kind-and want to use it with the internet.?
    I know I need some sort of internet-enabled device. Aside from game consoles and blu-ray players and home theaters, do I have other (simpler, cheaper) options to hook the TV directly to the internet (no PC or HDMI needed)?

    • Howard says:

      I just bought one yesterday. 😀 Mines the EX5 version.

      Unfortunately the answer is no. You need a computer as the TV is just not configured to be used as a computer.

      If you have a newer laptop 2009 and onward, the PC comes with a HDMI port. Plug one end of the cable into the laptop and the other into one of the ports on the TV. Then hit input, select the correct HDMI port and hit enter. Whatever is on your computer is now on your TV.

      An alternative is to just use the processor from a desktop. Get an adapter and do the same thing. You won’t need a computer monitor for this because the processor is supplying the image.

  39. James says:

    Sony Internet tv or ps3?
    I have just bought a sony Bravia internet tv and I need to buy a dongle to connect to the Internet. Problem is it’s around £70. I have a ps3 connected to the tv and to the Internet. Does anyone know what the features are for the Internet tv and whether it does anything that I cannot already get on my ps3?

  40. fweb66 says:

    Can I use a standard USB wireless (wifi) adapter for a Sony Internet TV ?
    Instead of buying an expensive Sony proprietary dongle I would like to use a standard USB to wifi adapter … any experiences out there ?


    • Stephen M says:

      It will not work.

      The USB adapters you are speaking of will work in a PC because they will give you a disk to load which will load a USB device driver which facilitates the USB port taking on the new functionality of a wireless port. You don’t have the option of loading software onto your TV to change how its pieces operate.

  41. rhodewarriorlm says:

    Sony Bravia TV Internet Link Bolt On- Is It Any Good?
    I saw that my Sony Bravia flat screen TV sells and add on internet link that is supposed to allow you to browse the web from your TV. It sells I think for $250 or something– seems like a lot. Is it worth it? I also have a playstation and a Wii attached. Does it give me any additional benefit or since I have these gaming stations attached is it repetitive? What exactly does the internet link bolt on allow? My thanks.

    • thecoolerstinger says:

      You are gonna need to ask sony about that because i cant directly answer that question. If they say it allows you to browse the internet on your tv, i mean sony doesnt usually go around lying.

      But i can answer the playstation and wii part of the question. It would operate completely independent of both of those devices. They each have internal wireless adapters built in that will connect to your router, or ethernet ports to connect wired.

      If that internet link has an ethernet out to send internet it might work. In either case it would still be connecting to your router. It would be better to connect the wii or playstation directly to the router than to connect them to the link device then the router.

  42. Just Sayin says:

    Sony Bravia Internet TV question: Home Network?
    All the music files on my desktop show up on the Bravia TV menu, but none of the video material shows up. i have set up the desired folders for sharing. I have added “test” videos to the windows media player library. I still cannot get the videos to show up in the bravia video menu. It just says there are no files to view. so how do i get my videos to show up in the menu?
    im using windows xp.

  43. SUPERGEK says:

    Help me in connecting my Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop to Sony KLV-32V550A Bravia TV for surfing the internet .?
    Laptop has a 15 Pin VGA port {output] for Video.Laptop does not have HDMI Output port.
    I do not know how to connect the laptop for music output thru TV.
    The New Sony KLV-32V550 TV is a HDMI and Full HD TV with PC input and lots of other input connections which i dont understand.

  44. Evan says:

    Sony Internet TV powered by Google?
    I am thinking of buying the new Sony Internet TV with Google TV. I was wondering if anyone has it or is pretty familiar with it and can give me some info on it? Is it worth it? Would it be better to get it over a larger plasma for the same price? etc.

  45. doug says:

    Does any one know the name of the song from the new sony internet tv commercial?
    the one with the big tv billboard in the city where people are using it to go online and stuff

    the song has lyrics of a new way a new start a new day a fresh fresh start.

  46. Just Sayin says:

    sony internet tv wont play youtube videos?
    i have a sony bravia internet capable tv. at first, it worked great, but now im having trouble viewing youtube videos. there’s a connection failure or something. other internet services (e.g. netflix) work fine…just youtube is screwed up. anyone have any ideas?

  47. Daisy says:

    Sony internet google tv ,:D?
    I just got it i dont have internet bt im planning on gettn a usb internet thing from t-mobile or virgin mobile in pre paid . Any advise? Would it still work the same? Any 1 used this?

  48. midi_james says:

    How do I hook up my surround sound speakers to sony internet tv?
    my surround wont come on when I am on internet tv I want youtube on surround sound anyone know how thanks
    I have Sony home theater receiver with an HDMI but when I switch the telly to internet video it will only run through tv speakers if i switch theater on the remote you still have internet video on tv speakers and still hear sky tv through theater I have plugged A sony BR100 wifi dongle into usb socket in the television to get internet video on my sony BRAVA telly works fine apart from getting it through surround sound can you help thanks

  49. 82brighteyes says:

    I’m interested in the sony Bravia W series TV. How will I connect to the internet without Ethernet connection?
    We have wireless internet downstairs, but as the tv will be upstairs I will not be able to connect an Ethernet connection. Is there any way around this?

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