Watch Satellite Tv Online

So you want to watch Satellite TV online?

There are many ways to watch channels on your PC but I have found a great way to watch Satellite TV online and that is through downloading software to my PC. I only did this once some time a few years ago and have not had any problems at all since.

If you choose to make use of the software (this is a fast growing trend in many households today) then this is what you will get.

Huge variety of channels. There are more channels then your Satellite and Cable channels added together! You can watch film channels, comedy channels or foreign film channels. There is a channel for everyone!

User friendly. You will be shown exactly how everything works, but you probably won’t need to know because it’s quite easy!

Price. The price is unbelievable for what you’re getting. You get thousands of channels for a one-off fee. Once the fee has been paid you never have to worry about making payments again.

Ease of use. The software is very easy to install. But switching from one channel to the next is also very simple. You are given clear instructions so if in doubt you can always refer back to this. No technical experience is needed.

No hidden costs. You do not need to buy any other equipment such as an Ariel. All you need is a good internet connection and you are good to go.

So there you have it. The five top benefits of watching TV online.

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62 Responses to Watch Satellite Tv Online

  1. Jessica Kaurel says:

    what is the best satellite direct TV program to download?
    I was surfing the net and stumbled upon the info that states that one can watch satellite TV stations online absolutely.Please i want to know if it is possible and what is the best program on this?

  2. Zach says:

    Looking for service to watch tv online?
    I’m paying $65 a month for cable tv. I’ve seen a couple sites that offer satellite tv online with 12,000 channels and thousands of movies for 12.99 a month. I can’t tell if those are worth it or not or as good as they look. What I want to be able to do is run a cable from my computer to my tv and watch tv from an online source on my tv. I want something that’s hd, doesn’t take time to load, and works well. Has anyone had any experience with any of these type of sites and knows if they work well or not? Anyone have any recommendations?
    You misunderstand me. I’m not looking for something free. I’m looking for a service that I can pay for like satellite tv on my computer. I am looking for reputable companies that offer these services for a cheaper price than cable.

    • TV guy says:

      Forget HD, unless you have fiber to your home.

      There is no free lunch and content providers are very good in securing their content, so don’t expect to get the same quality as cable or satellite for nothing.

  3. mary says:

    Do I need tv licence to watch online satellite TV?

    • creviazuk says:

      No. Absolutely NOT.

      In the UK, the TV licencing agreement is for have ‘television receiving equipment’.

      At present, ONLINE broadcasts are NOT covered by this as NO signal is received, just uploaded data.

      However, having a TV card installed in your PC is ‘television receiving equipment’.

  4. bex920 says:

    is there a web site to watch live TV and Movies like satellite or cable online, fees?

  5. Sweety says:

    Would watching satellite tv online use up much broadband?

  6. CSN says:

    Legal way to watch live tv online?
    Is there a subscription service to watch live tv online? I don’t want to deal with getting a satellite system but would be willing to purchase tv for viewing on my pc.

  7. StarGlitter says:

    Does anyone know any good live streaming online tv channels?
    Does anyone know any ONLINE satellite tv software package which offers many LIVE STREAMING ONLINE TV CHANNELS including major network channels like HBO, CNN, BBC, MTV, Channel V, Discovery Channel. National Geograhic Channel, Animal Planet, Fox, ABC, CBS, E!, Cinemax, Star TV, Star World, Discovery Travel and Living, AXN and etc? Could anyone who has bought such a package tell me if it really works and recommend any to me? I prefer a one-time payment for a lifetime rather than a monthly subscription. .I know how to watch tv series and movies online but i want to watch the channels above online. I need your help. Please do not spam here. Give a valid good answer with good links or else don’t answer at all. If you don’t know, don’t answer. Thanks a lot people!

  8. Jenifer C says:

    Has anyone had a bad experience with Satellite Direct TV?
    Just to make sure everyone is on the same page: Satellite Direct is an ONLINE LIVE TV viewing product that suppose to allow you unlimited access to 3500+ channels for one flat rate and never any monthly charges or fees. Now I’ve looked hard and long about this product. All I can find is GREAT A+++ reviews and NO one has any problems with this program. IS this the holy grail of viewing TV? It would make sense to watch tv online.. So how good is this program. I live in southwest Georgia USA and it is very difficult to get more than 3 channel on antenna (without spending $150 for an up scale antenna). I do however have DSL not the best but not the worse. Is this worth trying?

  9. Jwes Tiger says:

    watch live tv on my computer?
    I want to watch live tv on my computer. I wanna watch satellite tv online.

    I don’t have a tv, I just have a laptop. I can surf on the internet.

    What should I do? Who can help me?

    • Hilto Gates says:

      Watch live tv ? If you have a dish, satellite tv receiver, it should be very easy. But you said you didn’t have tv, just have a laptop.

      In my opinion, you should go get some SatelliteDirect software, install that software you can enjoy more channels

  10. captivesim says:

    where can i watch online satellite tv channels from the whole world?

    • baby girl says:

      There’s this thing called Sling Box and all you have to do is pay for it I don’t know how you would pay it, either monthly or what, but it is all on your computer.

  11. Andrew K says:

    Can i use old direct tv box to watch tv online?
    I used to have Direct TV, and got rid of it but they leave your satellite and box. Is there anyway i can use these to watch tv on my computer or use it to get tv in any way?

  12. Joe Blow says:

    does satellite tv/pc software really work?
    I am looking to watch all the regular channels online in good high def. Not the free stuff like justin tv. Thats bad quality and never a guarantee. Im hearing mixed reviews on this. Also, anyone have any suggestions to watch tv online from home in all HD?

  13. dickinvag says:

    Is there a way to get free Satellite tv online?
    i just want sport and music channels so i can watch ufc and mtv.

    • Gordon says:

      There are several ways to watch TV on line. But it won’t be the TV that you find on cable or satellite. For music videos check out Joost. For live TV try JLC’s Internet TV viewer. Both of these are free.

  14. kripy7 says:

    how to watch tv in my new satellite toshiba?
    HI i would like to watch online chanels but i dont understand (were to look 4 this chanels)(how to activate or use the satellite)(and if i wireless conection is to slow 4 this).

  15. say troll? says:

    Why when I watch Thai TV don’t see farangs unless it’s news about foreign events or diplomats visit Thailand?
    I am in the US right now but able to watch Thai TV via satellite, online, and online via youtube and I notice that on the shows and commercials and movies I haven’t seen any farang characters and only farang I have seen were mostly related to news and foreign events.

    • IceCube says:

      1. They’re Thai TVs.
      2. Thai reporters often don’t speak good English and they don’t like to interview farangs to show they can’t really communicate in English.
      3. It’s Thailand.
      4. Farangs often not get caught in the way of the news in Thai TV.
      5. There are fewer farangs in Thailand than Thais.
      6. Farangs don’t make news.
      7. Sometimes Farangs make news but usually bad news.
      8. Watch Farang TV for Farang characters, I mean like CBS, Fox, whatever local news you’ve got.
      9. Farangs often don’t look good on Thai TV cameras.
      10. Farangs are camera shy, except the Australian who join the red shirts.
      11. Don’t you think farangs don’t like to be called farangs.

  16. lala(: says:

    can you watch satellite tv/cable tv online?
    I want to watch satellite tv or cable tv.. without downloading anything. is it possible to watch free live tv from your computer? and where? if u can..

  17. Sharon H says:

    where is an online place to watch TV? Not some no name virus laden place, My satellite is out?
    I am looking for a ligitimate site where I can watch TV on my laptop…not a recap, but as its playing. My satellite is out for a few days, and I really miss my TV (NBC, CBS and ABC especially) Any help would be appreciated.
    Television in the US

    • :) says:

      What I did when I was waiting for them to install my dish after I moved was go to the NBC, ABC and CBS sites themselves. NBC especially has full length episodes of a lot of their shows. I watched the whole season of Heroes and Last Comic Standing there.

      Just checked, apparently they took Heroes down, but Raines and Studio 60 are decent shows.

  18. Confused says:

    How can you watch satellite TV online and I’m willing to pay for it?
    How can you watch satellite TV online and I’m willing to pay for it because I travel all the time. I have directv at home, but what about when I travel for business. Comcast is not in my area at home, so the option to switch is not feasible. With Comcast, you can actually watch Internet TV on your laptop if you have the service at home. What a great service they are providing to their customers.


  19. Muda Luda says:

    How can I watch tv online? Is it possible to watch satellite on pc? Any software needed? Tv on PC?
    I have a brand new computer monitor that’s over 30 inches. I want to be able to watch tv on my new pc. Is it possible to watch satellite on my pc? Is there any software needed to watch tv on pc? What about the equipment needed?

  20. J K says:

    Where can i find online a place to watch satellite tv. so i can access nba games?

  21. JP says:

    Is there a software to watch US Satellite Television online?
    I want to watch G4TV… It features my favorite shows like AOTS, X-Play, etc… But my cable TV at home doesn’t feature any G4 shows so I was wondering if there’s a way to watch it on my computer… And I don’t want just the podcasts.. They’re too short…

  22. hotsizzle says:

    i have a toshiba satellite 2595 it’s pretty old what type of memory can i get to watch tv online?

    • joeizbored says:

      Memory? I would think you need a TV Tuner card, if it even fits on that laptop. Whatever software comes with the TV Tuner card, will tell you the minumum amount of memory required to run it.

  23. Stealth_Assasination says:

    is there is a good site that provide online tv shows to watch live via satellite??

  24. ny1 says:

    Is there an online satellite tv provider?
    I Want to watch tv in my laptop, is there anything like that?

  25. Muda Luda says:

    How can you watch tv online? satellite tv on pc? best tv deal?
    I want to be able to watch tv online from my computer, could you possible get satellite tv on pc?

  26. ~ErIn~ says:

    any one know where i can watch tv show online for free?
    My parents got rid of our satellite so now i have place to watch good tv does anyone know where i can watch tv shows online for free!!

  27. Herman says:

    can i watch tv using old direct tv box and satellite without paying monthly?
    i used to have direct tv and i cancelled. and i would like to know can i use the box and satellite to watch tv online or over my tv. please help. no spammers. best answer gets 10 points!

    • Stephen M says:

      >can i watch tv using old direct tv box and satellite without paying monthly< No you can't. A receiver only gets a signal once it is enabled which occurs after an account is established. There is no way to bypass it.

  28. aLeX says:

    Where can i watch live satellite tv online for free?
    For example ESPN , Cartoon Network , Disney XD
    Please tell me some links Thanks

  29. JimSerteikoln JimSerteikoln says:

    Where Can I Watch Satellite TV Online?
    Is there are any place to watch satellite tv online.I need to know is that legit?

  30. Yuk Ludke says:

    Is it possible to watch satellite tv cable tv online?
    please help. no spammers. best answer gets 10 points!

  31. seven7tres says:

    Best way to watch TV online?
    I got rid of cable recently because of the ridiculous cost. $138 per month for internet and cable TV…. but anyways im left with local channels and its driving me nuts. I have been scouring the web for a decent free online tv source but to no avail. I came across offering several satellite-PC TV services, each one for a one time fee of about $30. I am tempted to try it out but I am also hesitant to throw money at this totally unknown…. any advice???

  32. Tom says:

    Where is a good place to watch TV online that is free or cheap?
    I just needed to know where would be a good place online to watch TV online as i don’t have cable or satellite right now.

  33. Ben Murray says:

    How can I watch Satellite TV on PC?
    I am looking to watch my favorite channels online live. Does anyone know the best way to watch satellite TV on the PC?

  34. Joe R says:

    What would you say about the software you can buy online in order to watch satellite TV in your PC, it works?
    Is it for real that you can watch more than 1000 different channels, no matter where you are as long as you have internet access and just by buying this software and installing it in your computer?

  35. Co-Rogue says:

    how do i watch satellite tv (Dish Network) or direct tv on my computer?
    i want to be able to watch channels that Dish Network provides such as nickelodeon all those children’s channels for my siblings and other channels like SyFy for history channel and more. pretty much like the classic bronze 100 package. i also want to watch international channels from the middle east like dubai, Dream, ART and more. can someone tell me a trusted satellite tv provider so i can watch tv from online. my landlord does not allow satellite dishes on the building. its either i watch satellite tv on my pc and connect it to my tv or i can somehow hang up the dish indoors. any solutions?

  36. arsanywasif says:

    how can i watch free tv channels online e’out tv card knowing that they’re already free on satellite?

  37. Muda Luda says:

    Can i watch satellite cable online from my pc? does satellite tv work for pc? Is there any software needed?
    I want to watch tv from my pc, can I get some more information on this? Do I need any equipment or software? How easy is it to watch tv from pc. TV can be satellite tv right?

  38. Jamila says:

    Is it possible to watch satellite tv or cable tv online?

    If so, where?

  39. Gordon says:

    No you don’t get HBO, showtime, etc. The satellite TV they are referring to is not the Dish Network or Direct TV. It is Free to air satellite TV.
    There is no need to buy the software. All the free to air satellite programming is also streamed over the web. Check out the links below for the free stuff.

  40. femsidhe says:

    What is the best site to watch TV online?
    We just moved into an RV and decided to travel and we have unlimited internet through Millinecom. We can’t afford the $5000 for an inmotion satellite system so I am needing to know if anyone has subscribed to one of those “Watch tv online” services and if they are any good. My husband must have his NFL and I would like Disney channel to keep the kids quiet and still while I’m driving. I’m not looking for free sites, it would be nice but the ones we have found have very limited programming. I want a cable type service that is available through the internet, DVR would be awsome but I don’t think it’s available yet.

  41. wires says:

    Be careful. Many of these TV over the internet offers promise much more than they can deliver. The picture is small and chugs or freezes for brief periods of time as you watch it. They offer many channels but you’ll find that most of them are low-end channels you may not ever watch. The promise of TV over the internet is attractive but so far it still needs work. If you have a particularly high speed internet connection it may work for you but the average high speed connection still doesn’t quite do what you need to watch TV comfortably. I certainly wouldn’t sign any long term contracts.

  42. Art K says:

    Is it possible to connect my laptop to my HDTV so that I can watch my Satellite TV For PC on my TV?
    I have found a great deal online about software that permits users to watch satellite TV (and listen to radio) on their PC. I also have found a great deal about connecting a PC to a TV for viewing photos, DVDs, slideshows, etc. I have found nothing about the ability to watch TV on the TV if I’m accessing the TV broadcasts via my PC.

    • Kakshi342 says:

      I watch satellite TV on my pc all the time, I even have my PC hooked up to my HDTV flatscreen which is an eye candy to look at. I use this site which offers movie downloads and comes with 3,000 channels from around the world. And I am a huge Anime fan and I love kung fu flicks so it has its uses 🙂

  43. Daniel E says:

    How do I connect my laptop to my tv so I can watch online movies and whatnot?
    Don’t know if it matters but I have a Toshiba Satellite A355 laptop and a Toshiba TALEN 65HM167. I wanted to get audio and video from my laptop to my tv. What cable/cables would I need to buy? Thanks!

  44. Luigi Markez says:

    What is the best Online Satellite Television deal and service?
    I am trying to watch international television online, like Argentinian, Brasilian, French, and Mexican television online by using one of the satellite TV online deals. Does anyone know what the best companies or deals are? Has anyone used these services? Please answer!!!!

  45. desi says:

    How to watch cricket on setellite tv for free?
    I am willing to buy a satellite tv receiver but does any one know how to watch it online for free?

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