Watch Tv On Mobile Phone

How To Watch Tv On Mobile Phone

Author: Osita Modozie

You can watch tv on your phone using a software called mobiletvpro. It’s a content tv channel distribution service available for watching for watching tv channels on your phone. Mobiletvpro has up to 200 TV channels from around the world, including top countries like USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, France etc, to name but a few. It requires an internet connection to make it function properly.

How it works
You simply download software called mobiletvpro via your computer or laptop. I recommend you download it first to your computer or laptop before installing it on your phone. Save it to your computer or laptop desktop. After the software has been downloaded, the next step is to send it to your phone. If you saved it to your computer or laptop desktop, the next step is to send the “mobiletvpro setup” to your phone via a USB cable connecting your phone and your laptop or computer. When it has appeared on your phone, right-click the setup icon and click on “Run As”. Leave it for some minutes and mobiletvpro will be installed on your phone. When it has been installed, you can click on mobiletvpro icon, its interface will open and you can see the tv channels to watch. When you click on the tv channel of your choice, it will begin to play.

Mobile Tv Pro is a software which you can download to your phone for watching tv. It contains more than 200 tv channels, including movies, music, sports, documentary, news, fashion etc channels. You can get it by visiting

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7 Responses to Watch Tv On Mobile Phone

  1. Charli Galler says:

    What is the best way to watch live tv on mobile phone?
    I don’t want miss my favorite live TV program when I’m in a move or outside my house, what is the best way to watch live tv on mobile phone? thanks

  2. PrettyPrincess says:

    How can I watch TV on a prepaid T-Mobile cell phone?
    I have a T-Mobile Gravity. I was wondering how can I watch TV on my cell phone, because I think you can watch TV on you phone. Will it waste my minutes? When I go to T-Zones will it waste my minutes or is going to T-Zone free?

  3. Mike CS says:

    How do I watch tv on my mobile phone nokia n95?

  4. kollydogg says:

    I recently bought the sony ericsson mobile phone. I wonder how to watch tv with the phone ?
    How can i watch tv on my phone and how do i get gps?

    • Daryl says:

      Ok, so first the TV:
      to get tv on your phone you need internet access then go to websites that provide live television straight to your phone. The other way is if your service provider gives you tv via internet. The prices will be different (maybe more) but better.
      Next, for the gps:
      To get a gps (if it’s not already on your phone), you can buy a bluetooth gps that connects to your phone. You will then need to install google maps on you phone to use it.
      A similar thing to a GPS on a phone is something called triangulisation. It uses signals from your phone to the closest three phone towers to find your location. It’s standard on google maps mobile (the official one)

  5. Elin Yuan says:

    Any way to watch live tv on mobile phone?
    Any way to watch live tv on mobile phone? thanks

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