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Watch Movies Online Without Downloading Them With Streaming Video

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If you’ve been looking for alternatives to renting movies from Blockbuster and other video stores, you may have heard of streaming video sites.  Streaming video sites are the best way to watch movies online without downloading them.  There are many different ones, some paid and some free (illegal).  These sites let users watch movies and TV shows directly from a video streaming website.  Depending on the streaming speed of the site, you can sometimes click the link and be watching your movie of choice within just a few seconds.

While free sites may be appealing at first glance, they frequently offer pirated and illegal content.  This means you can get in trouble for something called contributory copyright infringement if you watch movies through illegal sites like this.  Sites that pay for content such as Netflix and Hulu are legal because they pay royalty fees to host content.  On top of the copyright issues, free sites also frequently transmit viruses to users’ computers.

The legal way to watch movies online without downloading them is to find a paid video streaming site.  You pay a one time fee for access to videos themselves, and also for the security of virus-free video links and legal content.  This one time fee (usually of about -40) lets you have continual access to all the same movies you’d be able to rent from video stores – and you get instant access to them right from your home computer.  Given that you can permanently save yourself from ever having to pay rental fees again and gas money since you won’t have to travel to the video store, streaming video sites definitely offer an advantage.

If you do choose a paid video streaming site, take into account the streaming speed to make sure you’re getting optimal video quality.  Some sites offer faster streaming speed (1500 kbps+) to ensure premium sound and picture.  Make sure the site gives you fast streaming speed and that you have a DSL/broadband internet connection before making a decision.

Ultimately, streaming video sites offer a great way to save money and get instant access legally to the same movies you could rent.  They’ll save you money in the long run.  And if you still want to watch videos on your TV screen instead of your PC monitor, you can get a cable that hooks your TV directly up to your computer.

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5 Responses to Watch Tv Shows Online For Free Without Downloading

  1. Sarah says:

    Where Can I Watch TV Shows Online Without Downloading.?

    where can i watch tv shows for free online without download it, thanks.

  2. Lily M says:

    How can I watch tv shows online for free without downloading anything?
    I’d like to watch Sex and the City, Bones and The Sopranos, but all the sites that I’ve tried: Siderel, surfthechannel. Either won’t work or lead me to videos that r of 2 poor quality 2 watch.
    I live in canada, so please don’t lead me 2 videos hosted by hulu.

  3. Lisa S says:

    where can i watch tv shows online for free without downloading them?
    i would like to find shows i can watch online without downloading anything shows like buffy the oc full seasons

  4. Paula says:

    what website is the best website to watch tv shows online for free without downloading?
    plz can you help me? for 3 weeks i tried to find a website that i can watch my favourite tv show

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