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Obtaining some preeminent Xbox 360 skins on the Web

Author: Bhrat

Are you digging out for fashionable accessories for your cell phone or other device? You are absolutely going to be astonished at a number of places onto the Net where you can get specially made DS Lite skins, Nintendo DSi skins, as well as Xbox 360 skins. Now just think that you have purchased a brand-new DS Lite and a couple of days later you have a number of scratches, as well as smudges on the truly fashionable surface. That is absolutely going to you and you may be finding for ways and schemes in which you can protect your DS Lite from other spoilage in the future. That is just what will be done by DS Lite skins. Not simply are they really good protective measures for your DS Lite, but they are also tremendously modish.Consequently once you have bought one DS Lite skin of your choice, you will go onto the Net and search for sites where you can have truly modish Nintendo DSi skins, also the Xbox 360 skins that go with your fashion stylishly. You would be surprised about several of Internet places which will give you your predilection of DS Lite skins, Nintendo DSi skins, and Xbox 360 skins permit you the facilities wanted to make them tailored and specially made.So, if you want something which is completely exclusive and is not like many other DS Lite or Nintendo DSi models out there go to a place where you can obtain tailored skins. You can plan the skins according to your individual preferences and your own terms. In fact, you would wish to plan them on calendared vinyl, because that stuff is not as high priced as cast vinyl. So go onto the Web and find for places where you can buy extremely modish and amazing variety with predilection of DS Lite skins, Nintendo DSi skins, and Xbox 360 skins.Specially made skins can be easily modified and tailor made according to your requirements by you. All you need to go is browse around on Internet and search for pictures of their resolution of 400 dpi. This resolution is entirely perfect for printing on onto the face of a calendared vinyl cell phone skin. And there you are, you have tailor-made Xbox 360 skins, and DS Lite skins which are completely unique.

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9 Responses to Web Tv 360

  1. Rob S says:

    When will the XBOX 360 allow me to surf the web on my TV?
    I would like to be able to surf the web using the 360?

    • OpEnWiDe says:

      You will not be able to surf the web using the 360 because they are still developing that and they might unveil this feature in a couple of months or so. Eventually they’ll have it though so all you have to do is wait.

  2. Jimmy P. says:

    How to hook a xbox 360 directly to the ethernet port?
    Ok folks here it is. My comcast internet connection is up stairs and I set up a pc-to-pc (ad-hoc) network from the desk top computer to my laptop wirelessly.

    My TV and 360 are down stairs and I want to connect my 360 to the new through my laptop.

    I don’t know why but when I try to share the wireless internet connection A. it wont let me at all (it say’s that a internet connection is already being shared [the connection up stairs]), or B. it doesn’t let me connect from the xbox to the computer.

    Basically, I have a pc-to-pc network and I want to connect the 360 through my laptops ethernet port and use the wireless connection to access the net, can someone please tell me how it can be done?

    FYI, I have the media sharing software all set up and I followed the instructions at the 360 web site.

    I know some one out there has done this! I would really appreciate a detailed explanation if possible…


    • Josh says:

      The only way to do it is to have your xbox 360 plugged directly into your modem, or shared through a router/hub. (unless your modem/router can broadcast wirelessly, in which case you can buy an add-on for the 360 for $80 bucks).

      The 360 doesn’t connect through an ad-hoc network, only the normal way.

  3. ☆zZaCc☆ says:

    Funny story. 😛

    If it’s off, no. Unplug it when not in use- simple.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What kind of quality will I get if I use a PC web cam to record Xbox 360 game play?
    I want record matches with just a normal PC web cam. If I do record it from my computer(the web cam will be pretty close to the TV screen), what kind of quality will I get and will I be able to see anything?

  5. Anonymous says:

    surfing the web in the x box 360 is it possible?
    i want to surf the web on my tv i tried connecting my computer but the quality sucks so i was wondering if it is possible to surf the web in the xbox 360 just like a normal regular computer and by that i mean the Arrow and http://www.stuf if this is possible how can do i do this

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