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Author: Chuck White

So what is web TV for the pc and how can it help you out? There are all kinds of programs available online which will let you watch web tv for the pc, both legal and illegal. They use various technologies to deliver the content to your computer screen and depending on where you are in the world, some programs are only available for specific regions (like many things will not let you see stuff outside the United States, some are United Kingdom restricted and there are some that specifically exclude those countries). I’m going to give you a brief run down on the various types of web tv for the pc right here.

The most common kind of web tv for the pc is the short videos popularized by places like Youtube and the like. These basically involve someone deciding to make a video, either using a web cam or sometimes taking clips from TV and even using professional equipment, though that’s pretty rare. Then, the web tv producer can simply upload the video to a website for use or, they can get a little creative. Various software programs exist which will allow them to edit the video and turn it into something else entirely. I saw an example of such a thing on Youtube where a fan had turned a video into a fake trailer for Spiderman 4 (except it looked totally real).

You can also find places that offer professional quality web tv for the pc. These types of sites will offer you television shows that were professionally produced, things like the A-Team or Family Ties and also more recent shows, such as Burn Notice or 30 Rock. These sites will typically let you watch the show either in exchange for a fee or sometimes they will have advertising embedded into the middle of the show. No matter what, it is rare that they will let you download anything and in fact, most have very powerful software programs designed to prevent you from doing exactly that. There are ways to get around them, but they are extremely technical and beyond the scope of this article.

In addition to these, there are also some web sites that will let you see channels for web tv for the pc. There are two types of channels. Some are based on pre-recorded material, but other will actually let you watch live TV channels as they are being broadcast. Most are technically illegal, but if you shop around, there are at least a handful that are done with the full consent of the broadcasters.

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10 Responses to Webtv

  1. Regular Joe says:

    How many of you first accessed the internet using WebTV now known as MSN TV?
    How long did you use your WebTV before you broke down and bought a proper computer. Did you enjoy your WebTV? Does anyone here still use WebTV which is now called MSN TV?

    • WebtvDan says:

      That’s Funny – ‘Will P’ doesn’t know what WebTV is.

      I’ve had WebTV since its beginning – bought a computer about six months later and have used both ever since.

      There is a new box called MSNTV2. MSNTV2 has the latest technology designed primarily for broadband and a home network. Surfing the web on my 65” HDTV is a blast with MSNTV2 connected to cable broadband and my home network.

      WebTV is still a great way to email friends and family without the hassles and expense of a computer (or as in my case) high speed Internet for a high tech home theater.

  2. shylee4 says:

    How to hook up a WebTv to a digital converter box.?
    We have a WebTv that worked fine until the digial switch. I don’t have a convertor box on the tv it is hooked to as I have Dish Network. Do I need one anyway for the WebTv? It is coming up in black and white now and no one at WebTv seems to know why. If so how do I hook it up. Thank you. My husband won’t give up his WebTv and use my computer. Grrrrr!

    • PoohBearPenguin says:

      WebTV is not a TV service, so it does not need a DTV converter. It shouldn’t have been affected by the switchover at all.

      Check the cables going from the WebTV to the TV to make sure nothing got bumped or knocked loose. That can cause all sorts of odd behavior.

      I don’t know why he’d want to use WebTV when even a cheap, used $100 laptop will outperform WebTV with better graphics, resolution, speed, functionality – and doesn’t require a separate monthly fee to WebTV. Best of all, he’d be able to watch TV while surfing the web.

  3. Nibblet says:

    Why do you have to subscribe to MSN for WebTV?
    I just bought a Sony WebTV set up from the old days. I know how to hook it up, but how does it work? Will I have to subscribe to MSN even though I have a dial up connection already?

    • WebtvDan says:

      Microsoft charges a fee because there is an actual computer in Mountain View, CA supporting the set-top box. Microsoft’s computer (actually servers) protects Webtv users with an impressive firewall – shielding them from viruses and spyware.

      Microsoft charges just $9.95 a month when customers provide their own ISP. Webtv is still a bargain for someone not wanting the expense or hassle of a computer or desires the internet on the family TV.

  4. boatsandhoes says:

    Is there anyway to access a webtv email address on the computer?
    We dont have our webtv anymore but i need to get into that account…is there a way i can do that using a computer??

    • WebtvDan says:

      You can try retrieving your WebTV email thru the Hotmail website.

      It’s easy if you setup your WebTV for computer POP email access.

      Unfortunately Microsoft eliminates discontinued users after 6 months.

      If you have further questions modify your question here or contact me.

      Good luck~

  5. tragedyshadow says:

    How can you access your webtv email from your computer if you don’t have webtv anymore?
    i dont have the webtv account anymore and never set it up for pop or whatever it’s called. is there still a way to access it?

    • WebtvDan says:

      You can try retrieving it thru the Hotmail website – unlikely to be successful.

      Even if you had setup your webtv for computer POP email access – Microsoft eliminates discontinued users after 6 months.

      You’re probably out of luck.

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